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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
First Things First2002James Diamond2:00In Distribution2617- 2668 a
My Heart The Cook2001Clark Nikolai2:00In Distribution2739b
White(ness)2005Mark Kenneth Woods2:00In Distribution2806
The Race2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 A
Wall of Nails2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 D
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)2007Oliver Hockenhull2:00In Distribution2933
Say It's Ok2006Dana Claxton2:00In Distribution2990
Game of Charades1994Joel Baird2:03In Distribution2438a
My Heart... Drug Addled2002Emily Vey Duke2:03In Distribution2605b
Yah Mon1992Clark Nikolai2:04In Distribution2257c
Unravelled2002Lisa G2:05In Distribution2686
Beginner's Curse for Sluts and Psychopaths2002Goody B. Wiseman2:06In Distribution2619
Help Me the girl Whispered2002Lyla Hunter2:06In Distribution2679
Serenade2001Meesoo Lee2:08In Distribution2726 E
Cake 2002Vanessa Kwan2:09In Distribution2781 a
Shopping Street2004Robert Hamilton2:10In Distribution2826 B
I Forgot1982Julie Harrison2:11In Distribution1040a
Ay De Los Vencidos1986Lotty Rosenfeld2:15In Distribution1504l
Colville1996Jocelyn Robert2:15In Distribution2306c
Stallworks Act 31999Jeremy Drummond2:15In Library Only2441c
The Evil Villain2004Brian MacDonald2:15In Distribution2767 D
English Lessons (SP)2005Stuart Pound2:15In Distribution2865
Running In A Maze2007Paul Wong2:15In Distribution3000
R.E.M.1993Clark Nikolai2:16In Distribution2257b
Stallworks: Act 21999Jeremy Drummond2:16In Library Only2637k
Reverberations in time2007Stuart Pound2:18In Distribution2928 d
dry idea2007Velveeta Krisp2:19In Distribution2940
Stallworks Act 21999Jeremy Drummond2:20In Library Only2441b
Candle1998Joel Baird2:22In Distribution2438d
Trust 12003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734a
Trust 22003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734b
Trust 32003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734c
Laundry Room2002Emma Howes2:25In Distribution2708
Spit2000Jeremy Drummond2:27In Library Only2637a
The OAC Baby1981Joyan Saunders2:30In Distribution0950c
Dig- Dig- Dig1994Melanie Fei-Lin Boyle2:30In Distribution1979
Return of the Real2002Annthea Whittaker2:30In Distribution2603
Sweet as Honey2001Jeremy Drummond2:30In Library Only2637i
Spaghetti 82002Terra Poirier2:30In Distribution2673
Decade Project2004Brian MacDonald2:30In Distribution2767 F
Interview With My Dad2002Vanessa Kwan2:30In Distribution2781 b
Stallworks: Act 31999Jeremy Drummond2:32In Library Only2637L
Eyes of Emma #11981Ed Mowbray2:35In Distribution980
Untitled (MB)2001Maureen Bradley2:37In Distribution2566
Up and Down She Goes1998Elizabeth MacKenzie2:40In Distribution2295
Library2002Lisa G2:40Special2687
Bush2003Lisa G2:40In Distribution2721b
My Heart the Dancer2003Meesoo Lee2:40In Distribution2735 c
There is Something Wrong1997Christof Migone2:44In Distribution2396c
Closure2004Nickolaos Stagias2:44In Distribution2788 C
Scat2004Nickolaos Stagias2:44In Distribution2789
Miracle1995Joel Baird2:45In Distribution2438c
Natalie of Wood2001Shawn Chappelle2:45In Distribution2587
Designer Gays2004Mark Kenneth Woods2:45In Distribution2780
Land of The Khmer2003Kiley Fithen2:45In Distribution2768 d
Elaine Crying2004Brian MacDonald2:45In Distribution2767 C
Gunplay2004Dana Claxton2:45In Distribution2778
supra-national prayer wheel2004Nikola Marin2:45In Distribution2809
The Bell2006Donna Szoke2:45In Distribution2895 c
Blue Tuesday2001Lisa G2:46Special2644
Petrus et Lupa1995Clark Nikolai2:48In Distribution2257e
Storage Room2001Jeremy Drummond2:50In Library Only2637d
I Make Sad Movies - The End2004Brian MacDonald2:50In Distribution2767 G
Cascadia2006Donna Szoke2:50In Distribution2895 d
Building Demolition2023Sheila Smyth3In Library Only0082a
Confirmation By Doing #5: Tearing Paper1971Keigo Yamamoto3In Library Only0201
Lion Dance1975Chinese Media Committee3In Library Only0375b
Danial Buren1976Art/Tapes 22 Production3In Library Only552
Colour One1977Ross Gentleman3In Library Only0636a
Interim1977Don Druick3In Library Only712
Votre Sante1977Groupe Intervention Video3In Library Only722
Work Studies In A Spanish Village1977Darcy Lang3In Library Only0751a
Study Of Three Birmingham Schools1976Darcy Lang3In Library Only0751b
Tv Dinner1979Leigh Edward Harrington3In Library Only780
Punk-a-roonie1979Jim Cummins3In Library Only0799a
Too Bad- Eh!1979Jim Cummins3In Library Only0799b
Visage1985Ken Kuramoto3In Library Only0855b
Don't Tell Me What To Do1980Nomi Kaplan3In Library Only894
Woman & Violin1977Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949c
Survey Of Empathy1978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949e
Disection #11978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949f
Untitled1982Terry Harasym3In Distribution1434c
What!! (fechner's Law)1987Chris Mullingron3In Distribution1472
Learning About Feminine Sexuality1986Wendy Geller3In Distribution1540a
Somewhat True1995Leslie Gering3In Library Only2338
6 Television Uncommercials1996Adbusters3In Library Only2370
On the Romance Tip2001Tricia Middleton3In Distribution2571
Earthmeet 72 W/ Cap' n Fortrack1972Thomas Klien30In Library Only3
Paxton #81972Steve Christiansen30In Library Only15
Music: Maruga's Univeral Light Band1972Rick Seaman30In Library Only22
Spoon Carver: John Zmaeff1974Mike McMann30In Library Only0028
Harrisburg 81972Community Video Centre30In Library Only30
Gargantua1972Walter Wright30In Library Only0038a
Football1972Walter Wright30In Library Only0038b
Hendrix/joplin/cooper1971Walter Wright30In Library Only41
Transient Men1971Diane Lemire30In Library Only0060a
Black Magic Theatre1972Video West30In Library Only0060b
Dan George/Douglas Cardinal Talk1975Metro Media30In Library Only65
Play Therapy With Marion Saltman1972James Frederick Housel30In Library Only74
Skid Row Under The Rug1973Terry Ketler30In Library Only77