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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Sail On Festival Habitat1976Gerry Gilbert30In Library Only522
This Street1978Gerry Gilbert23In Library Only715
Ballistics1981Gerry Kisil6In Library Only1187
Home Street1986Gerry Kisil8:00In Distribution1490
Dating And Mate Selection1983Gerry Kisil7:00In Distribution1533
Swan River Round-up1997Gerry Kisil27In Library Only2355
2 bits a Ride1997Gerry Kisil10In Library Only2356
There's a Dog in the Field1995Gerry Kisil15In Library Only2357
Lookout Show1975Gerry Pethick25In Library Only496
Somewhere In Between2005Gina Pei Chi Chen3:00In Distribution2951
A Fleeting Moment2006Gina Pei Chi Chen6:00In Distribution2952
S/He2007Gina Pei Chi Chen12:00In Distribution2953
Recent Acquisitions Summer 20072007Gina Pei Chi Chen, et alIn Distribution2983
Crimson2000Gino T.4:00In Distribution2690
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution0001b
Intermedia History1973Glenn Lewis30:00In Distribution1 a- b
Salmon1985Glenn Patterson2In Distribution1433
Global Village Gazette #31977Global Village28In Library Only612
Popsicles1984Gloria Camiruaga5:00In Distribution1506a
Diamela Eltit1986Gloria Camiruaga5:00In Distribution1506b
El Pan Nuestro De Cada Dia1987Gloria Camiruaga7:00In Distribution1506c
Birth1975Gloria Lemay30In Library Only650
Luv Ain't Tha Onlee Truth...1999Gloria Orangeena Hole9:00In Distribution2435
File this... Greatest Hits2000Gloria Orangeena Hole54In Distribution2519
Seconds1973Goddamatch30In Library Only276
Timeless/toussaint Overture1977Goddamatch15In Library Only632
Keeping Her Cool2000Goody B. Wiseman3:41In Distribution2542
Samsara2002Goody B. WisemanIn Distribution2618
Beginner's Curse for Sluts and Psychopaths2002Goody B. Wiseman2:06In Distribution2619
Tooth Deafaery2002Gordon P. Hoeppner12:30In Distribution2629
Star Trek: Disco Generation1997Gordon Wong5:00In Distribution2260
Star Trek: Generation Spice1998Gordon Wong5:00In Distribution2289
Shuet Ying: A Story of My Mother1998Gordon Wong4:00In Distribution2312
Beyond these Walls1999Gordon Wong6:30In Distribution2439
Environmental Education1972Grade 7 Boys- Llewellyn School16In Library Only0017
Grid1974Graham Metson23In Library Only0481a
Maritime Variation1974Graham Metson26In Library Only0481b
Lovejoy's Nuclear War1978Green Mountain Post60In Library Only756
The Rites Of Everything1974Gregg Simpson60In Library Only0842
Votre Sante1977Groupe Intervention Video3In Library Only722
Night Lessons1997Guillermo Cifuentes35:00In Distribution2310
The Birthday Party2004Gwen Groening9:25In Distribution2790
Why Build An Organization?1974Gwen Bassen20In Library Only0416
Getting Better Publicity1974Gwen Bassen28In Library Only425
Making Your Own Publicity1975Gwen Bassen15In Library Only427
Pointe Equal Rights Movement vs Samuel Cohen Realtor1973Gwen Bassen25In Library Only0448
easy rollin'2004Hadas Levy17:15In Distribution2804
Scanimate A1976Hakudo Kobayashi7In Library Only0488a
Lapse Communication1976Hakudo Kobayashi20In Library Only0488b
Video Flame2023Hakudo Kobayashi15In Library Only821
Deccadance Exhibit1974Hank Bull27:00In Library Only195
Mondo Arte Cabaret1979Hank Bull30In Library Only862
Middleclass Marriage1979Hank Bull16In Library Only873
C'est La Video1982Hank Bull11:00In Distribution1102
Technology and Nature1994Hank Bull8:00In Distribution2387
Shards2023Hank BullIn Distribution
Puyallup Tribe1978Hans Jorg Heinrich50In Library Only731
Feminism & Toronto's New Music...1984Harris Taylor16In Library Only1241
More Than A Paycheque: Health And Poverty In East Vancouver1985Harris Taylor29:00In Distribution1415
Westen Im Osten - Der Osten Im Westen1984Hartmut Jahn12In Library Only1233
Kaleidoscope-21987Haruo Higuma18In Distribution1675b
Kaleidoscope-11987Haruo Higuma16In Distribution1676a
Water Picture 水絵1988Haruo Higuma16In Distribution1676b
Work-11988Haruo Higuma22In Distribution1677a
Work-21988Haruo Higuma18In Distribution1677b
Kaleidescope-31987Haruo Higuma15In Distribution1677c
Fag2005Heather DiPinto7:00In Distribution2877
Road Stops Here: The Walbran Valley1991Heather Frise28:00In Distribution1842
Heaven1999Heather Frise2:00In Distribution2459
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (HF)2000Heather Frise7:00Special2503
Trauma Queens2004Heidi Slat10:06In Distribution2800
Facing Fasd2007Heidi Slat4:00In Distribution2939
Waglisla Artists (bella Bella B.c.)1982Heiltsuk Community TV24In Library Only1067
Wordswound Of Silence1985Helen Doyle55In Library Only1267
This Isn't Wonderland1981Helen Doyle57In Library OnlyW0117
Tu Suhudinh2003Helen Haig-Brown12:00In Library Only2736
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.1976Helen May28In Library Only573
Être enfant à Paris 12º arrondissement1973Henrie Dumolie28In Library Only256
Birth of a Candybar1988Henry St. Settlement35:00In Distribution1825a
El Mensajero1987Hernan Littin45:00In Distribution1507a
Question Of Survival1981High Hopes Media25:00In Distribution1201
Nowhere To Run1980High Hopes Media28:00In Distribution1202a
Women And Power In The Nuclear Age1980High Hopes Media30In Library Only1202b
Nowhere To Run: A Media Scram1980High Hopes Media28:00In Library OnlyW0108
Hold The Baloney - Live Without Trident1978High Hopes Productions28In Library Only747
Satsop Reclamation1978High Hopes Productions47In Library Only749
Building Blocks II1981Hiromu Saiki8In Library Only1070
Hiroshima - The Atomic Affects2017Hiroshima Bomb Committee30In Library Only932
Rape-blossoms/devil-fish/irony1975Hitoshi Momura23In Library Only818
The Yellow Pages1994Ho Tam7:45In Distribution2131
La Salle Primary1998Ho Tam5:00In Distribution2294a
Pocahontas: Transworld Remix1998Ho Tam4:20In Distribution2294b
99 Men1998Ho Tam3:00In Distribution2294c
Dear Sis1998Ho Tam4:20In Distribution2294d
Season of the Boys1997Ho Tam3:30In Distribution2294e
Washington Heights Untitled1999Ho Tam4:00In Distribution2403d
Hair Cuts1999Ho Tam8:00In Distribution2403a
Cop Strings1999Ho Tam6:00In Distribution2403b
Matinee Idol1999Ho Tam16:30In Distribution2403e