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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Activities At Vehicule1974Andree Duchaine28In Library Only161
Ada1983Teri Chmilar23In Library Only1276
Ads Epidemic1987John Greyson4:00In Distribution1709
Adventures of A.D.D. Girl2000Terra Poirier4:00In Distribution2674
Adventures Of The Amazing X1974Dana Atchley29In Library Only324
Aeonsroom2007Juli Saragosa30:00In Distribution2968
Aerial Theater2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM006
Airline Safety Film #4a1991Damaged Californians3:30In Distribution1778
Akumu1984Fumiko Kiyooka5In Library Only1185
Al Neil - Piano Antics1973June Boe48In Library Only0018b
Alas- "We Have Not Come A Long Way- Babies"1971Reel Feelings Media0In Library Only0883b
Albert's Diner1997David Clark10:00In Distribution2487
Albion Free State1976Fantasy Factory60In Library Only0718b
Album2006Donna Szoke4:52In Distribution2895b
Alchemy2024In Library Only2495
Aldergrove Motocross1972Byron Black9In Library Only0004c
Alice, Who Did That To Your Face?1978University of Windsor55:00In Library Only676
Alison Knowles2000Morris And Hellen Belkin Gallery27:00In Distribution2502
All Good Medicine: Kon-a-wai Kloshe La-mes-tin1993Cease Wyss28:00In Distribution1975
All is Well on the Borderfront1997Akram Zaatari43:00In Distribution2264
All Night Till Next Morning1996Kenneth Doren7:00In Distribution2231
All Orientals Look The Same1986Valerie Soe2:00In Distribution1494a
All Our Lives2024Cinema GuildIn Library OnlyW0003
All Sales Final2000Tricia Middleton4:17In Library Only2425
All The World's A Stage2024Bev Caron4:00In Library Only2343
Alley of Alley1984Akira Matsumoto15:00In Distribution1531
Allicia Macdonald2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2677
Allied Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM009
Allied Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM010
Alma House Anthropology Museum1977Jean Irwin [Twin Rainbows]28:00In Distribution1823
Alone1976Terry McGlade17:00In Library Only0609a
Alone1981Julie Harrison3:00In Distribution1040b
Alpha To Omega1980Delta (TV Moi) Japan18In Library Only0970
Alternate Education2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM120
Alternate Education Systems/fraserview Area Coun.2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM124
Alternative Occupied Spaces (alternative Squatting1984Penelope Buitenhuis13In Library OnlyW0017
Am I Happy?1979Shawn Preus31:00In Distribution882
Amass (installation)1976Paul Wong30:00In Distribution1120
Amass (part 2 Of 4 - Wall)1976Paul Wong30In Library Only1121
Amass (part 3 Of 4 - Cliff)1976Paul Wong30In Library Only1122
Amass (part 4 Of 4 - Roof )1976Paul Wong30:00In Library Only1123
Amass/composite 19761976Paul Wong18:00In Distribution616
Amazing Powers #41982Rod Mabee28In Library Only1087
Amazing Powers #71982Rod Mabee25In Library Only1085
Amazing Powers #81982Rod Mabee26In Library Only1086
Amazing Powers Series: Best Of1982Rod Mabee30In Library Only1116
Ambiguously Gay Duo #1-82024In Library Only2525a
Ambling Through Green1989Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811e
American Nurse1992Anthony Chan28:45In Distribution1840
Amongst The Rain1983Fred Piller0In Library Only1260c
An Alternative1974Mike McMann25:00In Library Only0298
An Atlas of the Moon2001Wayne Yung4:38In Distribution2572
An der Nordseekuste2003Clark Nikolai3:40In Distribution2762
Ancestral Archetypes2006Venus Soberanes17:00In Distribution2916a
Ancient Mariner And My Sister Sailorbait1984Rhonda Abrams13In Library Only1177a
and Are You Not Willing- Then I'll Use Force1977Medienpedagogik-Zentrum28In Library Only726
And Now The Truth (a Parenthesis)1980Vera Frenkel30:00In Distribution891
And Yet We Survived1995Kangja Hwangbo40:00In Library Only2576
Andy1996Steve Reinke8:30In Distribution2308c
Angel1998Wayne Yung5:00In Distribution2292a
Angela Davis - UCLA Lecture1973Leni Goldberg48In Library Only53
Angst: A Travellogue1981Scott Mceachern60In Library Only1117
Anhedonia2001TJ Cuthand9:00In Distribution2602
Ani Phyo Showreel1997Ani Phyo6In Library Only2369
Animaker1982Kou Nakajima20:00In Distribution1084
Animals2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM027
Animation Compilation 20072017Daniel Barrow, et alIn Distribution2984
Aniputer Demo #11985George A. Lessard22In Library Only1316d
Ann Kinney: Artist2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM228
Anna And The Boys1974Allan Moyle10In Library Only159
Another Day In America1989Anthony Chan29In Distribution1698
Another Day in America1989Tony Chan28:52In Library Only2333
Antarctica2001Meesoo Lee47:00In Distribution2533
Anwolek - Regatta City2005Dana Claxton4:22In Distribution2841
Aozora Diskjockey1981Tsuyama Cable Television105In Library Only0966
Apartment Living & West-Nile Redux2004Tricia Middleton17:00In Distribution2769
Appropriate behaviors2000In Library Only2497
April Video Conference1972Howie Arfin30In Library Only150
Archival Moments In An Ongoing Story Of Power Relations1992Leila Sujir10In Distribution1938
Aren't You Lucky to Have Brought Your Own Chair1999Margaret Scott16:00In Distribution2415
Argentina1981Daniel Dion7:00In Distribution1013c
Ariella Pahlke Compilation199660:00In Library Only2428
Ars Gratis Artis1979Randy and Berenicci46In Library Only863
Art Education1972Nova Scotia College of Art27In Library Only13
Art vs. Art1983Hummer TV60:00In Distribution1147
Art With A Plug2024David Brown0In Library Only0781b
Artifacts1986Woody Vasulka21In Library Only1302
Artifacts of Touch2024Thecla Schiphorst10In Library Only2364
Artist's Documentation1994Ken GregoryIn Library Only
Artists of the Kootenays - Alex Kowalski: Batik1974Mike McMann21In Library Only0285
Artists' Probe2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM028
Artists' Union Exhibition 19761976Gann Matsushita30In Library Only0667
Arts Access2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM095
Arttape 22024In Library Only2376
As a Wife Has a Cow1985Cornelia Wyngaarden40:00In Distribution1382
As The Family Falls Apart1975Dyan DunsmuirIn Library OnlyW0102
As The Petals Fall1983Terry Ewasiuk30:00In Distribution1119
Ascension1996John BoehmeIn Distribution2499
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 31986Jayce Salloum18:30In Distribution1520
Asian Boyfriend2006Wayne Yung1:00In Distribution2995