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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Interview With Kate Millet (part I & Ii)1980Women in Focus60In Library OnlyW0013
That's Not Me They're Talking About!1980Women in Focus30In Library OnlyW0083
It's Not Your Imagination1980Women in Focus21In Library OnlyW0084
May I Speak To The Women Of The House?1980OTC Media Enterprises Inc.28In Library OnlyW0086
Change Of Life (overgang)1980Rosemarie Blank45In Library OnlyW0091
Nowhere To Run: A Media Scram1980High Hopes Media28:00In Library OnlyW0108
Pornography: A Respectable Lie1980Women in Focus30In Library OnlyW0111
"record Date: August 4- 1980- #2"1980Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV02
"record Date: October 5- 1980- #4"1980Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV03
"record Date: November 2-1980- #5"1980Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV04
"record Date: November 30- 1980"1980Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV05
"record Date: December 30- 1980- #7"1980Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV06
"record Date: October 26- 1980"1980Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV59
"record Date: February 3- 1980"1980Gayblevision57In Library OnlyGV78
Memorandum1980Metro Media60In Library OnlyM215
Public Access To N.e.b.1980Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM217a
N.e. B.1980Metro Media30In Library OnlyM249
Pumps Video1980PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP3
"monica Holden-lawrence- Part 1"1980PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP4
"monica Holden-lawrence- Part 2"1980PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP5
Steel And Flesh (version français)1980Eric Metcalfe12:00In Library Only1210a
Trouble With Oil1981SPEC18In Library Only657
Common Assault1981Peg Campbell35:00In Library Only671
Instead of Prisons - Hard Time1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0721
Lesbians Against The Right1981Amelia Productions45In Library Only902
Terminal City Dance....At Work1981Michael Goldberg60:00In Distribution904
Simo Simo1981Charles Keast6In Library Only0918
Clichettes [1/2]1981Jeanette Reinhardt60In Library Only921
Lesbian Mothers1981Ellen Frank26In Library Only934
Wired Into The Future1981Jeanette Reinhardt7In Library Only937
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [1/2]1981Claire Culhane20In Library Only0938a
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [2/2]1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only0938b
Twu Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library Only939
This Line Is Not In Service1981Amelia Productions25In Library Only940
The OAC Baby1981Joyan Saunders2:30In Distribution0950c
Untitled (JS)1981Joyan Saunders6:00In Distribution0950d
States Of Being1981Joyan Saunders4:00In Distribution0950e
Feed (as in Devour)1981Joyan Saunders10:00In Distribution0951a
Message Obscured1981Joyan Saunders8:00In Distribution0951b
Kidcatcher1981A.J. Krumins20In Library Only953
Sunshine Coast Arts Festival 19811981Andrew Krumins22In Library Only954
David Wong - Master Sculptor1981Stokely Seip12In Library Only955
Knox1981Andrew Krumins6In Library Only0956a
Dido1981Andrew Krumins12In Library Only0956b
Our House1981Andrew Krumins14In Library Only957
Four Chapters1981Noel Harding60In Library Only959
Instead of Prisons: Fra Mccann1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only960
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Aboriginal Women1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only961
Out Of Control1981Noel Harding15In Distribution964
Aozora Diskjockey1981Tsuyama Cable Television105In Library Only0966
Crystal Brain1981Jun Okaxaki20In Library Only0968
Instead of Prisons: Coalition Of Native Women Sit-In @Indian Affairs1981Claire Culhane30In Library Only974
Farmers of the Sea1981Andy Harvey29:00In Distribution977
Maraculture: The Promise Of The Sea1981Andy Harvey29:00In Distribution0978
Eyes of Emma #11981Ed Mowbray2:35In Distribution980
Through The Holes1981Elizabeth Vander Zaag3:00In Distribution0981a
Works Of Jon Alpert1981Jon Alpert45In Library Only985
Dutch Light-Textual Action1981marshalore22:35In Distribution987
Stories from the Front (and Back) A True Blue Romance1981Vera Frenkel61:00In Distribution992
Writing On The Wall1981Joe Viszmeg23:00In Distribution0997
Paper Fair 19811981Andrew Krumins28In Library Only998
Musn't Tremble1981Richard Layzell26:00In Distribution0999a
Wood1981Richard Layzell6:00In Distribution0999b
Guide1981Richard Layzell15:00In Distribution1000b
Tatayana Mamonova - Russian Feminist1981Amelia Productions60In Library Only1001
Video Display Terminals1981Amelia Productions30In Library Only1003
Strange Fascinations1981Jorge Lozano26:00In Distribution1007a
Nellies1981Teri Chmilar42:00In Distribution1009
Dezine1981Teri Chmilar31:00In Distribution1010
Systeme Des Beaux-Arts1981Daniel Dion9:00In Distribution1013a
Argentina1981Daniel Dion7:00In Distribution1013c
Ee Part 21981Daniel Dion2:00In Distribution1013d
Garbo System1981Daniel Dion5:00In Distribution1013e
Division de la Nature1981Daniel Dion5:00In Distribution1013f
Spleen De Paris1981Daniel Dion9:00In Distribution1013g
Yes1981Rodney Werden36:00In Distribution1020
Prime Cuts (PW)1981Paul Wong20:00Special1030
Mmmmmm1981Anne Ramsden21:00In Distribution1032a
New Freedom1981Anne Ramsden13:00In Distribution1032b
Alone1981Julie Harrison3:00In Distribution1040b
She Was Reading The Paper At Breakfast One Morning1981Julie Harrison5:00In Distribution1040d
Paradise Lost1981Kim Tomczak22:00In Distribution1054
Je Let L'Him Talk1981Michel Ouellette12:00In Distribution1061
Quackery Part 1: Medication1981Mervyn Brown29In Library Only1062
Building Blocks II1981Hiromu Saiki8In Library Only1070
Prime Time1981Laurie McDonald5:00In Distribution1093b
Biological Cycle Part 51981Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098b
Robert Davidson: "I'm In Awe"1981Michael Brodie27:00In Distribution1100
Angst: A Travellogue1981Scott Mceachern60In Library Only1117
Reflections: Three Black Women Of Greensboro1981Suite Five Video Production Inc.17:00In Distribution1137
Sky Fish1981Doris Chase28:00In Distribution1140
Salem II1981Nora Hutchinson10:00In Distribution1148
Wen Do Womens Self Defence Demo1981Amelia Production17In Library Only1164
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers strike 1981. Mothers' Rights: Union Rights1981Amelia Productions28:00In Library Only1165
Ballistics1981Gerry Kisil6In Library Only1187
Extracts From Different Programmes- 19811981Mark Kaplan30In Library Only1191
Question Of Survival1981High Hopes Media25:00In Distribution1201
Grand Mal1981Tony Oursler23In Library Only1210c
Videage1981Randy & Berenicci34:00In Distribution1235
Breath No.51981Keigo Yamamoto6:00In Distribution1245b