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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
"record Date: December 16- 1983- Pacific Wave #2"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV45
"record Date: November 11/83- Dr. Kevin Cahill # 1"1983Gayblevision19In Library OnlyGV49
"record Date: November 11/83- Dr. Kevin Cahill #2"1983GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV50
"record Date: April 10- 1983"1983Gayblevision33In Library OnlyGV72
"record Date: October 23- 1983- Solidarity March"1983Gayblevision27In Library OnlyGV76
"record Date: February 5- 1983- No Strings"1983Gayblevision40In Library OnlyGV87
"record Date: August 10- 1983"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV89
"record Date: July 23- 1983"1983Gayblevision41In Library OnlyGV90
"record Date: July 28- 1983"1983Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV91
"record Date: August 21- 1983"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV93
Possibly in Michigan1983Cecelia Condit12:00In Library Only1867
Spanghew Decorum1983Clark Nikolai7:00In Distribution2257a
Mary Manic's Decorum1983Clark Nikolai1:36In Distribution2257d
New State Tv1984Jay Samwald24In Library Only958
Nokara1984Don Xaliman5In Library Only1133
Southall On Trail1984Southall Campaige Committee30In Library Only1146
You Can't Take My Secret Away1984Stokely Seip5In Library Only1156
Confused: The Controversy1984Robert Harvey45:00In Distribution1157
Sax Island (EM)1984Eric Metcalfe12:00Special1161
Organizing Community Action: "Using The Media"1984Fred Faulkes7In Library Only1163
Ancient Mariner And My Sister Sailorbait1984Rhonda Abrams13In Library Only1177a
Out of the Glass Backwards1984Jumpstart Productions25:00In Distribution1178
Akumu1984Fumiko Kiyooka5In Library Only1185
Mary Jo Fulmer- Dancer (29 Min.)1984Jancie Starko29In Library Only1189
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko28:00In Distribution1190
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190a
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190b
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko10In Distribution1190c
World Of Hiroshi Hori1984Michael Goldberg22In Distribution1193
Rubdown Downtown: Thin Edge Of The Wedge1984Joe Naylor4In Library Only1203c
2x Tim Ray1984Tim Ray10In Library Only1205
In the Absence of Heroes1984Jayce Salloum43:00In Distribution1208
D-day + 40 Years1984Maury Peterson28In Library Only1209b
Written In The Stars1984Rosie Kovexdi21In Library Only1211
Perils Of Pedagogy1984John Greyson5:00Special1216
Hormone Warzone1984Hummer TV11:00In Distribution1217
Power Play1984Hummer TV28:00In Distribution1218
Tory- Tory- Tory1984Hummer TV35:00In Distribution1219
Big World1984Ed Mowbray18:00In Distribution1220
Inner Landscape - Insight Images1984Ulrike Rosenbach16:00In Distribution1221
Visual Gong1984Ulrike Rosenbach15:00In Distribution1222
Best Of Under 51984Video In50In Library Only1223
Because I Know...and You Don't1984Paul Landon5In Library Only1223c
Dog Of Luis And Salvador1984Agent Orange Inc.6:20In Distribution1223e
I Want A New Drug1984Stephen Sabyon5In Library Only1223h
Spaghetti: Une Obsession1984Martin L Abbe5In Library Only1223i
Fight Back: Transition House1984Speak Out Productions30In Distribution1224
Radio Void1984Mina Shum2In Library Only1225
Music Therapy1984Ian Woodson19In Library Only1226
Technology Knows No Sacred Cows1984Cornelia Wyngaarden3:30In Distribution1228
Videopionier1984Gerd Conradt60In Library Only1229
Westen Im Osten - Der Osten Im Westen1984Hartmut Jahn12In Library Only1233
Working the Double Shift1984Lisa Steele18:00In Distribution1237
Here in the Southwest1984Joyan Saunders22:30In Distribution1238a
Prospect Place1984Joyan Saunders29:00In Distribution1240
Feminism & Toronto's New Music...1984Harris Taylor16In Library Only1241
Is Your Mother Living?1984Paula Levine20:00In Distribution1242
Excerpts From Solide salade Tour1984Michel Lemeiux21In Library Only1244
Human Body Energy No. 31984Keigo Yamamoto5:00In Distribution1245a
Our Noblest Aspirations1984Andreas Nieman13In Library Only1246
Not Dead Yet1984Ed Mowbray56:00In Distribution1247
Scratching The Sixties1984Michael Morris5:00In Library Only1249
Video Wannsee1984Michael Morris17:00In Distribution1250
Three Towers Of Osaka1984Marlin Oliveros0In Library Only1253
White Orpheus1984Ivo Zanatta8:00In Library Only1266
Heroics: Definitions1984Sara Diamond36:00In Distribution1268
Hearts Beat1984Elizabeth Vander Zaag10:00In Distribution1269a
Our Choice: A Tape About Teenage Mothers1984Women s Media Allinace37In Library Only1275
L'actualite1984Saralee James12In Library Only1277
Human Scope1984Francois Girard9In Library Only1279
CR's On Strike1984Yvonne Dignard56In Library Only1281
Sharkey's Day1984Dean Winkler4In Library Only1283d
Big Wake1984Marilyn Wulff6In Library Only1285a
Strings And Vectors1984Marilyn Wulff15In Library Only1285f
Lake Placid 19841984Nam June Paik3:00In Library Only1285i
Split Seconds Of Magnificence1984Lydia Schouten15:30In Distribution1287b
Either/Or in Chinatown1984Gabor Body37:00In Distribution1289
Come Fly With Sonny Day1984Fraser Finlayson10:00In Distribution1290
Renaissance1984Dean Winkler6In Library Only1293
Confused1984Paul Wong52:00In Distribution1294
Simulate/Desire1984Mark Verabioff2:00In Distribution1296a
Hell1984Ardele Lister18In Distribution1305
U-Beast1984Todd Sturn15In Library Only1310
Trio1984Andrew James Paterson24In Distribution1311
Deutsche Geclichte-zeitgemai Vorgetragen1984Gerd Conradt8In Library Only1315
Confused Sexual Views: Andy1984Jeanette Reinhardt12In Distribution1323
Confused Sexual Views: Anna1984Jeanette Reinhardt10In Distribution1324
Confused Sexual Views: Bev1984Jeanette Reinhardt20In Distribution1325
Confused Sexual Views: Brad1984Jeanette Reinhardt19In Distribution1326
Confused Sexual Views: Bruce- Liz And Anya1984Jeanette Reinhardt10In Distribution1327
Confused Sexual Views: Chick1984Jeanette Reinhardt15In Distribution1328
Confused Sexual Views: Colin1984Jeanette Reinhardt21In Distribution1329
Confused Sexual Views: Corry1984Jeanette Reinhardt26In Distribution1330
Confused Sexual Views: Doug1984Jeanette Reinhardt14In Distribution1331
Confused Sexual Views: Gary1984Jeanette Reinhardt25In Distribution1332
Confused Sexual Views: Gary And Gina1984Jeanette Reinhardt30In Distribution1333
Confused Sexual Views: Gina1984Jeanette Reinhardt16In Distribution1334
Confused Sexual Views: Jeanette1984Jeanette Reinhardt25In Distribution1335
Confused Sexual Views: Jeanie1984Jeanette Reinhardt6In Distribution1336
Confused Sexual Views: Jocelyn1984Jeanette Reinhardt25In Distribution1337