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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Four Imposters1983Maury Peterman21In Library Only1209a
Voices by the Rivers1983Dora Fitzgerald28In Library Only1215
Elephants1983Noel Harding4In Library Only1223a
Boob Tube1983Eva Everything4In Library Only1223b
K-137-201983Anthony Cordi4In Library Only1223d
Geisel (the Hostage)1983Gabor Body22In Library Only1230
W1983Ed Mowbray9:00In Distribution1248
War In Flowerland1983Byron Black56:00In Distribution1252
Node1983Fillo Rankin0In Library Only1260a
Erect Systems1983Derek Graham0In Library Only1260b
Amongst The Rain1983Fred Piller0In Library Only1260c
Icarus1983Danielle Depeyre0In Library Only1260d
Mother Makes Father Cuts A Simple Thread1983Dimitrije Martinovic12In Library Only1260e
Videosehen1983Michael Morris20:00In Distribution1262d
Ada1983Teri Chmilar23In Library Only1276
General Delivery1983Patti Poskitt2In Library Only1278
Act III1983Dean Winkler7In Library Only1283a
This Is The Picture1983Dean Winkler4In Library Only1283c
Covered With Cold Sweat1983Lydia Schouten8:00In Distribution1287c
Manufactured Romance Part 2: Beauty- Passion- and Power1983Anne Ramsden20:00In Distribution1312b
Revealed Silence1983Rick Amis10:00In Distribution1359b
Marie Antoinette1983Rick Amis10:00In Distribution1362
Video Sketchbook: Pregnancy1983Laurie McDonald23:00In Library Only1376
Kathryne Cowie October-november 19831983Terry Harasym7In Distribution1434d
Blue Moon1983Rodney Werden14:00In Distribution1443
La Cage1983Marc Paradis20In Distribution1455
Proposicion Para (entre) Cruzar Espacios Limites1983Lotty Rosenfeld4:00In Distribution1504j
La Comida1983Sybil Brintrup12:00In Distribution1508a
Matter Of Life And Death1983Terry Harasym14In Distribution1514b
Dating And Mate Selection1983Gerry Kisil7:00In Distribution1533
Extremities1983John C. Goss6:00In Distribution1568
Twenty-First World Eskimo-Indian Olympics1983Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1624
So Much I Want To Say1983Mona Hatoum5:00In Distribution1655
The Negotiating Table1983Mona Hatoum20:00In Distribution1792
L.A. Nickel1983Branda Miller8:00In Distribution1825c
We Don't Want To Own It: We Just Want To Live Here1983Penelope Buitenhuis29In Library OnlyW0019
Squamish Five1983.12In Distribution2076
"record Date: January 2- 1983"1983Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV28
"record Date: February 5-1983- #32"1983Gayblevision34In Library OnlyGV29
"record Date: March 6- 1983- #33"1983Gayblevision28In Library OnlyGV30
"record Date: April 2- 1983- #34- Aids Special"1983Gayblevision42In Library OnlyGV31
"record Date: May 14- 1983- #35b- Walk For Peace"1983Gayblevision24In Library OnlyGV32
"record Date: May 1- 1983- #35a- Walk For Peace"1983Gayblevision44In Library OnlyGV33
"record Date: July 2- 1983- #37"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV34
"record Date: July 1- 1983- #38 The Sleep Of Reason"1983Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV35
Record Date: ? Gay Pride 83 Van Coronation Ball 821983Gayblevision60In Library OnlyGV36
"record Date: August 31- 1983- #39"1983Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV37
"record Date: October 1- 1983- #40"1983Gayblevision32In Library OnlyGV38
"record Date: November 6- 1983- #41"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV39
Record Date: ? Fight For Your Rights1983Gayblevision59In Library OnlyGV40
"record Date: December 16- 1983- Pacific Wave #2"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV45
"record Date: November 11/83- Dr. Kevin Cahill # 1"1983Gayblevision19In Library OnlyGV49
"record Date: November 11/83- Dr. Kevin Cahill #2"1983GayblevisionIn Library OnlyGV50
"record Date: April 10- 1983"1983Gayblevision33In Library OnlyGV72
"record Date: October 23- 1983- Solidarity March"1983Gayblevision27In Library OnlyGV76
"record Date: February 5- 1983- No Strings"1983Gayblevision40In Library OnlyGV87
"record Date: August 10- 1983"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV89
"record Date: July 23- 1983"1983Gayblevision41In Library OnlyGV90
"record Date: July 28- 1983"1983Gayblevision30In Library OnlyGV91
"record Date: August 21- 1983"1983Gayblevision29In Library OnlyGV93
Possibly in Michigan1983Cecelia Condit12:00In Library Only1867
Spanghew Decorum1983Clark Nikolai7:00In Distribution2257a
Mary Manic's Decorum1983Clark Nikolai1:36In Distribution2257d
New State Tv1984Jay Samwald24In Library Only958
Nokara1984Don Xaliman5In Library Only1133
Southall On Trail1984Southall Campaige Committee30In Library Only1146
You Can't Take My Secret Away1984Stokely Seip5In Library Only1156
Confused: The Controversy1984Robert Harvey45:00In Distribution1157
Sax Island (EM)1984Eric Metcalfe12:00Special1161
Organizing Community Action: "Using The Media"1984Fred Faulkes7In Library Only1163
Ancient Mariner And My Sister Sailorbait1984Rhonda Abrams13In Library Only1177a
Out of the Glass Backwards1984Jumpstart Productions25:00In Distribution1178
Akumu1984Fumiko Kiyooka5In Library Only1185
Mary Jo Fulmer- Dancer (29 Min.)1984Jancie Starko29In Library Only1189
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko28:00In Distribution1190
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190a
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190b
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko10In Distribution1190c
World Of Hiroshi Hori1984Michael Goldberg22In Distribution1193
Rubdown Downtown: Thin Edge Of The Wedge1984Joe Naylor4In Library Only1203c
2x Tim Ray1984Tim Ray10In Library Only1205
In the Absence of Heroes1984Jayce Salloum43:00In Distribution1208
D-day + 40 Years1984Maury Peterson28In Library Only1209b
Written In The Stars1984Rosie Kovexdi21In Library Only1211
Perils Of Pedagogy1984John Greyson5:00Special1216
Hormone Warzone1984Hummer TV11:00In Distribution1217
Power Play1984Hummer TV28:00In Distribution1218
Tory- Tory- Tory1984Hummer TV35:00In Distribution1219
Big World1984Ed Mowbray18:00In Distribution1220
Inner Landscape - Insight Images1984Ulrike Rosenbach16:00In Distribution1221
Visual Gong1984Ulrike Rosenbach15:00In Distribution1222
Best Of Under 51984Video In50In Library Only1223
Because I Know...and You Don't1984Paul Landon5In Library Only1223c
Dog Of Luis And Salvador1984Agent Orange Inc.6:20In Distribution1223e
I Want A New Drug1984Stephen Sabyon5In Library Only1223h
Spaghetti: Une Obsession1984Martin L Abbe5In Library Only1223i
Fight Back: Transition House1984Speak Out Productions30In Distribution1224
Radio Void1984Mina Shum2In Library Only1225
Music Therapy1984Ian Woodson19In Library Only1226
Technology Knows No Sacred Cows1984Cornelia Wyngaarden3:30In Distribution1228