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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Ooi & Environs2024Katsuhiro Yamagichi10In Library Only822
Chute1979Woodland Video10In Library Only0868
Life Of A Squatter1980Stokely Seip10In Library Only916
Conspiracy - The Performance1980Daniel Guimond10In Library Only0983a
It Was A Small Suicide1979Daniel Guimond10In Library Only0983b
Character Generator Sampler1982Andrew Krumins10In Library Only1008
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko10In Distribution1190c
2x Tim Ray1984Tim Ray10In Library Only1205
Crossing The 49th1985Mark Verabioff10In Distribution1296c
Confused Sexual Views: Anna1984Jeanette Reinhardt10In Distribution1324
Confused Sexual Views: Bruce- Liz And Anya1984Jeanette Reinhardt10In Distribution1327
Confused Sexual Views: Michael1984Jeanette Reinhardt10In Distribution1342
Confused Sexual Views: Tim1984Jeanette Reinhardt10In Distribution1345
Day In Glass City1987Laura Lamb10In Distribution1481
Lake Huron Birds1982Jane Wright10In Distribution1557f
Virtual Cockpits Of Tomorrow1986John C. Goss10In Distribution1567
Ken Kuramoto Interview About Video Art1979Ken Kuramoto10In Distribution1598
Lucy & Harriet1991Jonathan Wells10In Distribution1910
Archival Moments In An Ongoing Story Of Power Relations1992Leila Sujir10In Distribution1938
Gathering Evidence 1/71996Sarah Butterfield10In Distribution2212
2 bits a Ride1997Gerry Kisil10In Library Only2356
Artifacts of Touch2024Thecla Schiphorst10In Library Only2364
The Nukes and Golf Coincidence1995Ariella Pahlke10In Distribution2426 c
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy1In Library Only1969
Welfare Rights Commercial2024Metro Media1In Library OnlyM177
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy0:30In Distribution2698
Worst Thing Ever2003Donna Szoke0:30In Distribution2701
IMAG Youth 2001 Compilation2001IMAG0:25:00In Distribution2668a,b,c,d,e
Famous Formula2002Donna Szoke0:15In Distribution2650
My Heart... The Lumberjack2002Emily Vey Duke0:13In Distribution2605a
1000 Cumshots2003Wayne Yung0.041In Distribution2702
Excerpts From Video Inn At the CRTC1977Video Inn0In Distribution0241b
Excerpts From Space Circus1977Video Inn0In Library Only0241c
Fraser Valley Folk Festival1976Jim Lipkovits0In Library Only601
Art With A Plug2024David Brown0In Library Only0781b
Kimmel/nogushi2024David Brown0In Library Only0781c
Alas- "We Have Not Come A Long Way- Babies"1971Reel Feelings Media0In Library Only0883b
Gayblevision - Coronation Ball '821982Barry Sallman0In Library Only1160
Videotape Tape: Suite For Mood1982Nick Hall0In Library Only1172
Three Towers Of Osaka1984Marlin Oliveros0In Library Only1253
Rubdown Downtown1985Joe Naylor0In Library Only1259b
Node1983Fillo Rankin0In Library Only1260a
Erect Systems1983Derek Graham0In Library Only1260b
Amongst The Rain1983Fred Piller0In Library Only1260c
Icarus1983Danielle Depeyre0In Library Only1260d
Byron Black'n'blue-blind1985Byron Black0In Library Only1291
Medellin1985William Fearn0In Library Only1313
Two Stills...1985George A. Lessard0In Library Only1316
Still Frame Copyright Notice Over Feedback2024George A. Lessard0In Library Only1316a
Cbs - Action1981Videoladen0In Library Only1322b
Schwimm-video2024Videoladen0In Library Only1322c
Lovesong1981Videoladen0In Library Only1322d
Bright Eyes Part 12024Stuart Marshall0In Library Only1617
Birthday2018Chris Mullington0In Distribution1630a
Granperes Greatest Hits1984Chris Mullington0In Distribution1630c
Dry Kisses Only (continued)2024Kaucyila Brooks0In Library Only1791b
Carnegie Centre Opening1980A. KruminsIn Library Only0049
Food Co-op [2/2]1974Metro MediaIn Library Only220
Let It Be1971Woody VasulkasIn Library Only0223a
Instant Death1974Ace Space CompanyIn Library Only278
Swampwater1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663a
Daddy- Are We Alive Or On Videotape?1977Penny JoyIn Library Only0663b
Work Your Body2009Gay Men's Health CrisisIn Distribution1750b
Pumps Special Collection1979PumpsIn Library Only.01SC
All Our Lives2024Cinema GuildIn Library OnlyW0003
Robin Morgan: Ubc Lecture2024In Library OnlyW0014
Crtc Task Force Hearings1977In Library OnlyW0023
Seven Sisters Show2024In Library OnlyW0024
Transition (caroline)2024In Library OnlyW0026
Outward Bound2024In Library OnlyW0027
Gap Transfer1987In Library OnlyW0028
Dorothy Todd Henaut Speaks1987In Library OnlyW0029
Women's Rally2017Women in FocusIn Library OnlyW0038
Women In Focus #72024In Library OnlyW0050
Folkets Bio2024In Library OnlyW0055
Women In Bc: Program #22024In Library OnlyW0057
"take Her- She's Mad"2024In Library OnlyW0068
Kelowna Foster Parents Association: Bill Mussel2024In Library OnlyW0078
West End Reference Group2024In Library OnlyW0080
Planetarium - Levi - Vrb (tape 1 & 2)2024In Library OnlyW0081
Roots2024In Library OnlyW0082
Family Support Workers (prince George)2024In Library OnlyW0088
Oaths2024In Library OnlyW0089
Images - Stereotypes2024In Library OnlyW0092
Images - D.t. Outside2024In Library OnlyW0093
Images - Kids And Comics2024In Library OnlyW0094
Porn 22024In Library OnlyW0095
Wcfvs Promotional Tape2024In Library OnlyW0100
Strathcona Open House1973Gas ProductionIn Library OnlyW0101
As The Family Falls Apart1975Dyan DunsmuirIn Library OnlyW0102
Falaise Park2024In Library OnlyW0103
Rosemary Sunquist: Child Abuse1977In Library OnlyW0104
Lynd Drescher: Child Abuse1975In Library OnlyW0105
Dinner Speech2024In Library OnlyW0106
Music2024In Library OnlyW0107
Maintenance Tape2024In Library OnlyW0109
Images - Voice2024In Library OnlyW0112
Feminist Perspective On Pornography: Strategies...2024Kingston Pornography CollectiveIn Library OnlyW0113
Feminist Perspective On Pornography: Cultural Lies2024Kingston Pornography CollectiveIn Library OnlyW0116
Guiditta Tornetta: Limits And Limitations1982In Library OnlyW0118