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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
No- Non- Nein1979Jean Brisson28In Library Only36
In the Absence of Heroes1984Jayce Salloum43:00In Distribution1208
Ascent Of Man: Parts 1, 2 & 31986Jayce Salloum18:30In Distribution1520
Once You've Shot The Gun You Can't Stop The Bullet1988Jayce Salloum8In Distribution1661a
Untitled Part 1: Everything and Nothing2001Jayce Salloum40:40In Distribution2622
untitled part 2: beauty and the east1999Jayce Salloum50:15In Distribution2710
untitled installation tapes (1999 - 2004)2004Jayce Salloum1:18:00Special2938
untitled part 4 terra incognita2005Jayce Salloum37:30In Distribution2863
New State Tv1984Jay Samwald24In Library Only958
Rage1988Jay Hirabayashi23:00In Distribution1625
Painting2004Jason Lowe14:00In Distribution2791
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko28:00In Distribution1190
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190a
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190b
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko10In Distribution1190c
Introduction To Dental Acupuncture1977Janet Miller12In Library Only664
Issues In Child Abuse1977Janet Miller28In Library Only665
Mountain Dance Company [1/3]1979Janet Miller30In Library Only789
Mountain Dance Company [2/3]1979Janet Miller9In Library Only790
Mountain Dance Company [3/3]1979Janet Miller12In Library Only791
Inn Counter 19771977Janet Miller29:00In Distribution839
Mountain Dance Company1979Janet Miller43In Library Only931
Music And Sunset1976Jane Wright30In Library Only501
Street: Winter1977Jane Wright18In Library Only0936a
Music 11975Jane Wright13In Library Only0936b
Maneuvers1980Jane Wright24In Library Only1047
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 1 And 21983Jane Wright60In Library Only1130
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 3 And 41983Jane Wright60In Library Only1131
Mississippi Tapes - Episodes 5 And 61983Jane Wright60In Library Only1132
This Is What1984Jane Wright26In Distribution1418
Lake Huron Birds1982Jane Wright10In Distribution1557f
Electronic Sunsets1975Jane Wright20:00In Distribution935
Mary Jo Fulmer- Dancer (29 Min.)1984Jancie Starko29In Library Only1189
Wallace & Theresa1985Jan Peacock9:00In Distribution1371a
Pie y Cafe1984Jan Peacock5:00In Distribution1421
Whitewash (JP)1990Jan Peacock14:00In Distribution1781
Persons Unknown1980Jan Koot7In Distribution1396b
Preschool Years: An Alternative .01976Jan Abbey17In Library Only563
Play Therapy With Marion Saltman1972James Frederick Housel30In Library Only74
The Man From Venus1999James Diamond3:40In Distribution2407
Brain plus World2001James Diamond5:50In Distribution2623
Mars Womb Man2006James Diamond10:00In Distribution2894
The Man From Venus/ Mars Womb Man2006James Diamond13:40In Distribution2905
Private Property2007James Diamond6:00In Distribution2959
Humans2001James Desjarlais6:44In Distribution2668 b
Peuk Nepi - Meeting Waterwoman2004James Nicholas5:16In Distribution2829
to the living, the dead, and those yet unborn2004James Nicholas10:45In Distribution2830
First Things First2002James Diamond2:00In Distribution2617- 2668 a
Le temps d'une priere1973Jacques Benoit32In Library Only0152
Some of the Stories: a Documentary about Trans Youth2001Jacob Simpson33:06In Distribution2693
Up From the Ashes1999Jack Micay53:00In Distribution2380
Videoheads: Retrospective Clips 1968-19761977Jack Henry Moore69In Library Only1153
Moonwalk Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0407
Sherlock Holmes Colour Synthesized1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0409
Chinese Buddha Sutras #11974Jack Buchans60In Library Only410
Chinese Buddha Sutra #21974Jack Buchans60In Library Only411
Ewe Ensemble - African Drums / Dance1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0412
White Orpheus1984Ivo Zanatta8:00In Library Only1266
Road To Tlalocan- I Want To Have Fun Now- and To Live on Your Knees1986Ivo Zanatta15In Distribution1352
Transmission1998Ivan E. Coyote8:00In Distribution2279
Pee America2001Ivan E. Coyote17:10In Distribution2924
The Love That Won't Shut Up2007Ivan E. Coyote21:00In Distribution2985
Black Flag1998Istvan Kantor9:00In Distribution2316
Light as a feather / heavy as lead2006Irene Loughlin4:45In Distribution2892
Renaissance1974Irene Halikas15In Library Only117
IMAG Youth 2001 Compilation2001IMAG0:25:00In Distribution2668a,b,c,d,e
autoscopy2005Igor Santizo12:00In Distribution2921
Music Therapy1984Ian Woodson19In Library Only1226
Nihilist Spasm Band At The York Hotel1971Ian Galloway33In Library Only96
Art vs. Art1983Hummer TV60:00In Distribution1147
Hormone Warzone1984Hummer TV11:00In Distribution1217
Power Play1984Hummer TV28:00In Distribution1218
Tory- Tory- Tory1984Hummer TV35:00In Distribution1219
Sunshine Coast Stream Restoration -Employment Project1997Human Resources33In Library Only2354
I Am One Of Them: Mothers Speak Out About Incest1989Hollie Levine30In Library OnlyW0004
The Yellow Pages1994Ho Tam7:45In Distribution2131
Discopedia2007Ho Tam8:15In Distribution2977
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.1976Helen May28In Library Only573
Tu Suhudinh2003Helen Haig-Brown12:00In Library Only2736
This Isn't Wonderland1981Helen Doyle57In Library OnlyW0117
Waglisla Artists (bella Bella B.c.)1982Heiltsuk Community TV24In Library Only1067
Trauma Queens2004Heidi Slat10:06In Distribution2800
Facing Fasd2007Heidi Slat4:00In Distribution2939
Road Stops Here: The Walbran Valley1991Heather Frise28:00In Distribution1842
Heaven1999Heather Frise2:00In Distribution2459
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (HF)2000Heather Frise7:00Special2503
Fag2005Heather DiPinto7:00In Distribution2877
Feminism & Toronto's New Music...1984Harris Taylor16In Library Only1241
More Than A Paycheque: Health And Poverty In East Vancouver1985Harris Taylor29:00In Distribution1415
Deccadance Exhibit1974Hank Bull27:00In Library Only195
Mondo Arte Cabaret1979Hank Bull30In Library Only862
Middleclass Marriage1979Hank Bull16In Library Only873
C'est La Video1982Hank Bull11:00In Distribution1102
Technology and Nature1994Hank Bull8:00In Distribution2387
easy rollin'2004Hadas Levy17:15In Distribution2804
Why Build An Organization?1974Gwen Bassen20In Library Only0416
Getting Better Publicity1974Gwen Bassen28In Library Only425
Making Your Own Publicity1975Gwen Bassen15In Library Only427
Pointe Equal Rights Movement vs Samuel Cohen Realtor1973Gwen Bassen25In Library Only0448
The Birthday Party2004Gwen Groening9:25In Distribution2790