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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
OzoneShawn Chappelle19942238C27:00
ProbeShawn Chappelle19942238d7:00
Trans Shawn Chappelle19952238E5:00
Natalie of WoodShawn Chappelle200125872:45
California, MEXICOShawn Chappelle200226527:30
Natalie Without a CauseShawn Chappelle200327254:00
Meat FuckerShawn Durr1999254328
Fucked In the FaceShawn Durr2000254470:00
Contact LensShawn Preus19780450a3:00
Pesticides: The Hidden AssassinsShawn Preus197984529:00
Am I Happy?Shawn Preus197988231:00
Kathleen's ClosetSheila Jordan2005283613:09
Unmapping DesireSheila James199923976:51
She's a DivaSheila James199824103:55
Lakme Takes FlightSheila James2001252012:00
Orphan DykeSheila James2002270015:57
Me, Myself, ISheila Urbanoski199521814:30
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate IconSheila Urbanoski199221823:30
Once This Land Was OursShikha Jhingan1991183418:30
Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch ShowSkip Blumberg1981162328:00
Twenty-First World Eskimo-Indian OlympicsSkip Blumberg1983162428:00
Chinese Noodlemaking: Backwards And ForwardsSkip Blumberg199017625:00
New Music America #1Skip Blumberg1980176426:00
Dancing HandsSkip Blumberg1988176527:00
New DanceSkip Blumberg2017176625
For A Moment You Fly: The Big Apple CircusSkip Blumberg1978176729
Women Of The CalabashSkip Blumberg19871768a18:58
Nine Person Precision Ball PassingSkip Blumberg19861768b8
JGLNG/WhistlingSkip Blumberg1982176928:00
When I Was A Worker Like LaverneSkip Blumberg1975177029
Get Wet: The Synchro Swim Scratch VideoSkip Blumberg19881771a5
Flying Morning Glory (on fire)Skip Blumberg19851771b4:00
Seoul Brother ReportSkip Blumberg19861771c4
Earle Murphy's Winter OlympicsSkip Blumberg1980177229
Contests USASkip Blumberg1980177338
Elephant GamesSkip Blumberg1985177734
ConfidenciasSolidad Farina19851508c6:16
BootsinSolomon Tzeggai-Teferi19941983b3:00
She's Not AloneSondra Cross20012668 c3:23
Community Economic Development In B.C.SPARC of B.C.1987151227:00
Fight Back: Transition HouseSpeak Out Productions1984122430
Travelogue 4: Coming From The Wrong SideStefaan Decostere1992192556:00
LinesStephanie Loveless200629189:30
movementsStephanie Loveless200729493:20
imMaterialStephanie Loveless200729505:10
Hybrid VigourStephen Arthur199420484
Other PrisonersStephen Roszell19871746a59
Writing In WaterStephen Roszell19841746b30
Bondage TelevisionStev nn Hall20242436
Echo ValleySteve Reinke19982308a7:15
Cabaret VoltaireSteve McCaffery & Co.1978125560
AsteroidSteve Paxton197869319:00
Everybody Loves Nothing (Empathic Exercises)Steve Reinke1996217911:00
Spiritual Animal KingdomSteve Reinke1998230728:00
How Photographs are Stored in the BrainSteve Reinke19982308b7:30
AndySteve Reinke19962308c8:30
Snuff FlickStokely Seip198210724:40
Der DoppelgängerStuart Pound200528648:50
The Fish In The Machine #3Stuart Pound200528688:11
Ventura- CaliforniaStuart Pound2005286910:05
Robert MarshallStuart Marshall1991183810:00
Neil Bartlett: PedagogueStuart Marshall1988185011:00
English Lessons (SP)Stuart Pound200528652:15
Writing BehaviourStuart Pound200528663:10
Dark BaroqueStuart Pound200528678:04
Stuart Pound Compilation DVDStuart Pound20052864-286940:35
Stuart Pound 2006-7Stuart Pound20072928 a-f
Bus StopStuart Pound20072928 c4:43
Hotel SevillaStuart Pound20072928 a5:29
Kissing in HatsStuart Pound20072928 e1:30
Montparnasse 001Stuart Pound20072928 b3:14
Reverberations in timeStuart Pound20072928 d2:18
A day in the life of Gilbert & GeorgeStuart Pound20072928 f9:30
SFStuart Pound200730098:40
Dominant CultureStuart Pound2007301014:54
Life On MarsStuart Pound200730115:24
AbsenceSu Rynard198613645:00
Reflections: Three Black Women Of GreensboroSuite Five Video Production Inc.1981113717:00
Childhood GhostsSusan Harman19911813a5:00
PassingSusan Harman1992182938:00
JawsSusan Harman199218309:00
Subject In ProgressSusan Harman199218314:00
WohosheniSusan Harman199218327:00
Living With ElephantsSusan Harman1992185616:00
Broken NightSusan Harman199318765:00
Coming Out Of The ClosetSusan Harman199319124:00
Despite The EndlessnessSusan Harman19911813b10:00
Untitled - A Tape About MemorySusan Rynard198513654
PhasesSusan Rynard198413664
Within Dialogue (Silence)Susan Rynard198714916:00
1932Susan Rynard198816549:00
1932Susan Rynard1988W00078
La ComidaSybil Brintrup19831508a12:00
Just My HatSydney Hermant200025224:00
Audio Performance ToursTagny Duff2001258316:00
Discover Oral HygieneTagny Duff199723826:00
prosthetic territoriesTagny Duff2000247813:00
Elephantiasis Ears: Performance DocumentationTagny Duff1998250415:00
Love HotelTaki Bluesinger197419610:00