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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
Wrecked For Life: The Trip And Magic Of Trocadero TransferJohn Goss1993199860:00
Hair Today Gone TomorrowEva Manly199320004:00
Land UseCleo Reece1993200221:00
New View- New EyesKaspar Saxena1993200350:00
Pink In PublicAndrew James Paterson1993200420:00
Evil ClericJoel Baird19932009a4:20
Tear-JerkerRick Phillips19932009b4:00
DefianceMaureen Bradley199320136:15
Curse Of The HomoJoe Sarahan1993201524
Yo Soy Eine Kleine ShopkeeperMargaret Dragu19932021
Changing Worlds: Women, Art, History & RevolutionLynn Hershman1993202357
GendertroublemakersJeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)1993202720:00
Clayoquot SoundsBrenda Mary1993202828
Slices Of My LifePaul Dhillon1993209117:45
De-sign Series 4: Cycle:recycleVisual Brains19932094e15:00
Homecoming '92 - Before The UprootingRuby Truly1993210047:00
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #1Ruby Truly1993210145:00
Homecoming '92 - Intermarriage #2Ruby Truly1993210240
Homecoming '92 - Children Of Two CulturesRuby Truly1993210346
Homecoming '92 - Exiled To JapanRuby Truly1993210435
Homecoming '92 - Redress: The Community In ProcessRuby Truly1993210545
Mz. FrankensteinTanya Mars1993215615:30
Icarus Landed Kenneth Sherman199322815:00
In the Blue LightKenneth Sherman199322835:00
R.E.M.Clark Nikolai19932257b2:16
Liabilities: The First Ten MinutesMonique Moumblow1993245410:00
My New RoommateAriella Pahlke19932426 e13
Living TreeZachery Longboy199326980:30
Tree of ConsumptionDana Claxton1994197312:00
TerraCarole Beaulieu199419767:30
Des Bouches et le rose et le brunMartine Crispo199419775:00
Dig- Dig- DigMelanie Fei-Lin Boyle199419792:30
Third MindMark Handley199419824:00
Dirty Little StoryMelodie Calvert1994198620:00
MubarakahCherie Moses1994198724:00
ShirtDana Claxton199419946:00
West Coast Homo Love StoryJoe Sarahan1994199745:00
This Is Not Beirut: There Was And There Was NotJayce Salloum1994200748:00
Tee Hee HeeLing Chiu19942008a4:00
Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking PeterWayne Yung199420105:00
Her Sweetness LingersShani Mootoo1994201112:00
Not Like That: Diary of a Butch-a-phobeMaureen Bradley1994201213:15
Pearls: Bright- Beautiful- Glorious & BlueMargaret Gallagher1994201415:00
Hybrid VigourStephen Arthur199420484
Dangerous BlissCarla Wolf19942001a6:30
Weight of Women's EyesMaureen Bradley19942001b10:00
Fat Chance (AG)Anne Golden19942001c10:00
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go ExtinctAaron Pollard199420738:00
So Are YouPaul Wong1994207428:00
Flying High In The SunByron Black1994208812:27
De-sign Series 5: Inside:outsideVisual Brains19942094f14:00
BootsinSolomon Tzeggai-Teferi19941983b3:00
The Third MindMark Handley19941983c4:00
Dog and FishSabrina Mathews19941983f4:00
The Yellow PagesHo Tam199421317:45
Video Letters #1- 2- 3Yau Ching (a)1994213912:00
Fat WorldLorna Boschman1994214025:00
Ideal/na(rra)tionYau Ching (a)199421384:00
Bardo GapMargaret Dragu1994214818:00
Aberrant Motion #1Cathy Sisler1994216711:00
Aberrant Motion #4: Face Story - Stagger StoriesCathy Sisler1994216814:30
Occidental TouristKira Wu199421707:00
One Year Of MourningPaula Levine1994218611:00
Couples Photo AlbumVivan Sundaram1994218820:00
Coyote CowPaula Levine199422104:00
StainRae Staseson199422264:00
SlangRae Staseson199422275:00
OzoneShawn Chappelle19942238C27:00
ProbeShawn Chappelle19942238d7:00
Yamo Guvi DyetClark Nikolai19942257g13:07
Technology and NatureHank Bull199423878:00
Game of CharadesJoel Baird19942438a2:03
Voice of GodJoel Baird19942438e1:34
HistoryJoel Baird19942438j1:30
Not Tough EnoughAriella Pahlke19942426 d5
Pizza 222Jonathan Wells1994253615:00
Water Into FireZachery Longboy1994269910:30
Drag On a FagNickolaos Stagias199427575:00
Dreams of the Night CleanersLeila Sujir1995214546:30
Ten Skakel (My Baby)Cease Wyss1995214125:00
Slanted VisionMing-Yuen S. Ma1995214350:00
BlackoutTerence Anthony1995214214:00
Fit To Be TiedSara Diamond1995215224:30
Guerita And PrietitaShani Mootoo1995215320:00
Ladies of the InletAnnie Fraziér Henry1995215827:00
Losing ItMaureen Bradley199521603:00
SovereignPhilip Napier1995216212:00
Mom- I Think I'm...Anna Malkin1995216410:00
StaticNikki Forrest199521657:00
frontAndrew Power1995216620:00
Cassandra: An Opera In Four ActsFreda Guttman19952171
SunnybrookLorna Boschman1995217345:00
Word for WordElizabeth MacKenzie199521779:00
Me, Myself, ISheila Urbanoski199521814:30
Temple Of My FamiliarPaul Wong1995218720:00
The PanamaAnthony Chan1995218930
One Night In HeavenWayne Yung199521336:00
SwallowElisabeth Subrin1995219530:00
WhitewashKira Wu1995221310:00