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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Fucked In the Face2000Shawn Durr70:00In Distribution2544
Chilliwack Conference [1/2]1975B.C. Council of Indian Chiefs70In Library Only535
Chilliwack Conference [2/2]1975B.C. Council of Indian Chiefs70In Library Only536
Green Card: An American Romance1982Bruce and Norman Yonemoto70In Library Only2340
Women's Edit1972Optic Nerve7In Library Only26
Essay On A Lifestyle1972Leni Goldberg7In Library Only0046a
Supermarket Aesthetics1976Mark Gilliland7In Library Only0445b
Scanimate A1976Hakudo Kobayashi7In Library Only0488a
Magic Mushrooms1976Paul Tucker7In Library Only582
Timeis1977Bob Kearney7In Library Only622
Wubbles To Bubbles1975Rod Mabee7In Library Only0631a
Two For The Rainbow1975Rick Amare7In Library Only0631c
News Distortions2024S.F.U. Video Workshop7In Library Only0633a
East Indian Temple Dance2024S.F.U. Video Workshop7In Library Only0633b
High Fidelity2024Rene Bauermeister7In Library Only0706c
999 Live At Nashville Rooms1976Fantasy Factory7In Library Only0718a
Press Gang Publishers2024Pat Feindel7In Library Only833
Wired Into The Future1981Jeanette Reinhardt7In Library Only937
Sunglasses1976Teri Chmilar7In Library Only0949a
Organizing Community Action: "Using The Media"1984Fred Faulkes7In Library Only1163
Die In A Nightclub1985Joe Naylor7In Library Only1259a
Los Popularos Compilation1982Paul Wong7In Library Only1265
Act III1983Dean Winkler7In Library Only1283a
Luminare1985John Sanborn7In Library Only1308
Persons Unknown1980Jan Koot7In Distribution1396b
Sex1984Jane Wright7In Distribution1417
Infraduction1982Monty Cantsin7In Distribution1432
Kathryne Cowie October-november 19831983Terry Harasym7In Distribution1434d
Orange Alert2024Visual Brains7In Distribution1985c
Record Date: ? Aids - Allan Hicox #12024Gayblevision7In Library OnlyGV51
Unmapping Desire1999Sheila James6:51In Distribution2397
Writer's Block 2004Lisa G6:50In Distribution2776 b
View2000Shani Mootoo6:45In Distribution2507
Kitchen Dances2001Emma Howes6:44In Distribution2666
Humans2001James Desjarlais6:44In Distribution2668 b
Passing (KE)2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)6:40In Distribution2724a
More Than I Can Say2004Meesoo Lee6:40In Distribution2764
Betty Has A Bad Hair Day2007Terry Haines6:40In Distribution2988
May You Prosper In The Golden Land2005Karen Tam6:38In Distribution2861
Hot Chicks on TV1986Elizabeth Vander Zaag6:30In Distribution1363
True Life Romance1985Marty St. James6:30In Distribution1414c
Dream Voices, Day Voices1986John Galloway6:30In Distribution1447
Zoe's Car1986Ardele Lister6:30In Distribution1605
Raven Mad1990Randy and Berenicci6:30In Distribution1715
Dangerous Bliss1994Carla Wolf6:30In Distribution2001a
Beyond these Walls1999Gordon Wong6:30In Distribution2439
Disposable Lez1999Desiree Lim6:30In Distribution2664
Butch2003Nickolaos Stagias6:30In Distribution2712
A Cure for Being Ordinary2005Emily Vey Duke6:30In Distribution2854
PNN2006Donna Szoke6:30In Distribution2895 e
Outsiders2005Juli Saragosa6:30In Distribution2970
Ray Gun and Dream of Staircases1980Jorge Lozano6:25In Distribution1007c
The Merry Sea-Gentleman and the Cod Fisher's Voyage Below2006Sam Scott6:25In Distribution2948
Suburban Discipline2002Jeremy Drummond6:24In Library Only2637c
Dog Of Luis And Salvador1984Agent Orange Inc.6:20In Distribution1223e
Miss Popularity2006Wayne Yung6:20In Distribution2893
Confidencias1985Solidad Farina6:16In Distribution1508c
Defiance1993Maureen Bradley6:15In Distribution2013
You Fake2003Maureen Bradley6:13In Distribution2738
Listless2002Laurel Swenson6:11In Distribution2606
Semiotics Of The Kitchen1975Martha Rosler6:09In Distribution0879b
Mothers Are Working People1973National Film Board6:00In Library Only0193
Window1974Meryl Blackman6:00In Library Only0645a
Untitled (JS)1981Joyan Saunders6:00In Distribution0950d
Wood1981Richard Layzell6:00In Distribution0999b
May I/Can I1978Rodney Werden6:00In Distribution1014d
Breath No.51981Keigo Yamamoto6:00In Distribution1245b
Within Dialogue (Silence)1987Susan Rynard6:00In Distribution1491
Visual Race1987Scott Robinson6:00In Distribution1529a
Their Hands1987Michele Waquant6:00In Distribution1563
Extremities1983John C. Goss6:00In Distribution1568
Give it to Him1988Paula Levine6:00In Distribution1601
No More Rebels1989Elizabeth Vander Zaag6:00In Distribution1632
Waiting For Ben1989Jennifer Babcock6:00In Distribution1696
Furburger1991Mark Verabioff6:00In Distribution1774
Gunfighters1985Catherine Elwes6:00In Distribution1782c
Torch1990Dean Haglund6:00In Distribution1816
Bangkok (Fighting Aids)1992John Goss6:00In Distribution1835
Moment I Spoke1989Melodie Calvert6:00In Distribution1841b
Skinned1993Jennifer Abbott6:00In Distribution1931
Shirt1994Dana Claxton6:00In Distribution1994
One Night In Heaven1995Wayne Yung6:00In Distribution2133
Fistfull1996Laurel Swenson6:00Special2193
What I Remember1998Maureen Bradley6:00In Distribution2287
Teach Me1996Akram Zaatari6:00In Distribution2262a
1-800 Yer Mama1998Terra Poirier6:00In Distribution2296
Footprints1999Paul Manly6:00In Distribution2315
Phoenix is a Cunning Cunt1998Roisin Mongey6:00In Distribution2325
Discover Oral Hygiene1997Tagny Duff6:00In Distribution2382
In the Age of Latex Sex1991Judy Cheung6:00In Distribution
Cop Strings1999Ho Tam6:00In Distribution2403b
Oh Beautiful1999Bonita Makuch6:00In Distribution2421
WISTA1999RJ Tuna6:00In Distribution2431a
Helpless Maiden Makes an I Statement1999TJ Cuthand6:00In Distribution2451
Fluoxitine1999Frederick Cummings6:00In Distribution2477
Crusading2001Kenneth Doren6:00In Distribution2579a
Forever Jimmy!1995Nguyen Tan Hoang6:00In Distribution2691V
Vexation Island2000Kiley Fithen6:00In Distribution2768 b
Prevention Tank2003Jeremy Drummond6:00In Library Only2765f