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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Hybred2007Christine Kirouac9:40In Distribution3007
Introduction2007Christine Kirouac4:00In Distribution3008
SF2007Stuart Pound8:40In Distribution3009
Dominant Culture2007Stuart Pound14:54In Distribution3010
Life On Mars2007Stuart Pound5:24In Distribution3011
Dredger2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3012
Replicate2005Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:00In Distribution3013
Terminal City2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3014
Pink Comb2007lamathilde3:56In Distribution3015
Sexnoys2006lamathilde1:29In Distribution3016
Dildances2006lamathilde1:22In Distribution3017
Triple Axxxel2003lamathilde3:30In Distribution3018
Winona2008Robert Hamilton5:45In Distribution3019
Language Is Culture1988Coqualeetza Cultural Edu. Centre11In Library1604
Yoga1972Byron Black14In Library Only0004b
Aldergrove Motocross1972Byron Black9In Library Only0004c
Image Manipulation1973Stan Fox10In Library Only0005
Children Learn What They Live1973Shawn Preus19:00In Library Only7
Wired World Insanity1972Waterloo Community Media32In Library Only8
Television Generation1970Brian Levin28In Library Only0009a
Louie1970Brian Levin6In Library Only0009b
Video Art1971Nova Scotia College of Art32In Library Only10
Fairview Killarney Area Council1972Becky Munsie17In Library Only0011b
Art Education1972Nova Scotia College of Art27In Library Only13
Earthworms1973Lisa Steele26In Library Only14
Profiles Of Women1972June Boe15:00In Library Only0018a
Al Neil - Piano Antics1973June Boe48In Library Only0018b
Reveil De Peuple (notre Dame)1972Charles Picot21In Library Only19
Mount Pleasant: A Changing Neighborhood1973Elizabeth Walker15In Library Only0027
Spoon Carver: John Zmaeff1974Mike McMann30In Library Only0028
Ballet Horizons In Rehearsal*1973Michael Goldberg27In Library Only33
No- Non- Nein1979Jean Brisson28In Library Only36
Problèmes d'argent1972Jean-Paul Morisset31In Library Only0037a
A Conversation with Emile de Antonio: Film Maker1972Lyle Stern24In Library Only0043
Mae Brussel Conspiracy1972Sue Fox25In Library Only0044
Glacier Project1972Gan Matsushita20In Library Only0047
Carnegie Centre Opening1980A. KruminsIn Library Only0049
Peanut Drive1972Patrick Drake19In Library Only0050
Quebec Ke Ce Ca #61974Videographe29In Library Only0052
Abortion1973Francie Wyland Women s Involvement Program24In Library Only0055a
Birth Control1973Francie Wyland33In Library Only0055b
Sour Grapes: Patriarchal Heritage1972Women s Involvement Program16In Library Only0056a
Liberation Media1972Women's Involvement Program27In Library Only0056b
God Save The Houses1973York University31In Library Only0057a
Junk Sculpture1972Matthew Speier21In Library Only0057b
The Opening of The Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre1972Linda Johnson22In Library Only0059
Transient Men1971Diane Lemire30In Library Only0060a
Black Magic Theatre1972Video West30In Library Only0060b
Télé-faroun1973Rosemary Sullivan50In Library Only0061
Tele-pharoun1973Rosemary Sullivan50In Library Only62
Interviews2023Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062a
Street Scenes2023Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062b
What Is Technology?1973Video Ring60In Library Only0063
Video Ring Rgtv1973Michael Hayden60In Library Only64
Dan George/Douglas Cardinal Talk1975Metro Media30In Library Only65
Trades1972Fifties Room Video24In Library Only66
Matrix Tape1973Leni Goldberg23In Library Only69
Regina Fields1973Matthew Speier31In Library Only70
Tournesol1974Terry Mcglade17In Library Only71
Homemade Baby1974Connexions24In Library Only72
Play Therapy With Marion Saltman1972James Frederick Housel30In Library Only74
Lotus Eaters1973Matthew Speier33In Library Only76
Skid Row Under The Rug1973Terry Ketler30In Library Only77
Punjabi Tape1974Becky Munsie30In Library Only78
Building Demolition2023Sheila Smyth3In Library Only0082a
Evelyn Roth2023Sheila Smyth20In Library Only0082b
Lip-info-lip1972Videographe33In Library Only86
Space Circus - Homemade Baby1973Michael Goldberg19:00In Library Only0091b
Where Do The Children Play?1972Mike Coyle33In Library Only93
Video Freex Sampler [1/2]1971Video Freex30In Library Only94
Nihilist Spasm Band At The York Hotel1971Ian Galloway33In Library Only96
Life Craft Earth1972Fitch Cady50In Library Only105
Homage To Colonel Sanders2016Michael Hayden60In Library Only106
Lausanne- Switzerland1972Werner Aellen26In Library Only110
Trans-sexual Lifestyle1971Roberta Kalargirou60:00In Library Only0116
Renaissance1974Irene Halikas15In Library Only117
Mudflats1973June Boe14In Library Only119
Japanese Gardens1973June Boe10In Library Only120
Mentally Handicapped1973Mo Simpson17In Library Only123
Know Your Turtle1973Lisa Steele20In Library Only125
Video Art1973June Boe15In Library Only130
Continuons Le Combat1974Pierre Falardeau31In Library Only132
L'Ecole Aux Mains Des Etudiants1973Daniel Poirier56In Library Only0133
Defaite En Defaite Jusqu'a La Victoire1974Jo Laforce62In Library Only134
Lets Eat2016Randy Gledhill20In Library Only0137a
Video Inn Feedback1974Video Inn12In Library Only0137b
Sculpture in Movement1974Evelyn Roth26:00In Library Only0138
Bust Of Timothy Leary1971Elridge Cleaver32In Library Only139
Women's Clinic2016Mo Simpson15In Library Only140
I Wanna Work1972Connexions26:00In Library Only0142
Good Friday1972Lory Harach8In Library Only0143a
Merchants Of Death1972Richard Ward16In Library Only0143b
The Day Sex Ended1973Richard Ward13In Library Only0144
Cotton: The Industrial Web [1/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only145
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only146
Peace Tv2016Nelson Becker16In Library Only148
Sandpile1973Tom Burrows60In Library Only149
Le temps d'une priere1973Jacques Benoit32In Library Only0152
Pour Une Civilisation Creditiste1973Marie Chamberland20In Library Only156
Babel 781974Michel Latraverse32In Library Only157