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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Experimental Works Summer 20072007Sam Scott, et alIn Distribution2981
Experimental Video Art #31974Ron Lazlock15In Library Only0266
Experimental Video Art #21974Ron Lazlock25In Library Only265
Experimental Video Art #11974Ron Lazlock25In Library Only0264
Excerpts From Video Inn At the CRTC1977Video Inn0In Distribution0241b
Excerpts From Solide salade Tour1984Michel Lemeiux21In Library Only1244
Excerpts And Euphoria1983Ed Mowbray10:00In Distribution1097
Excerpts2022Videographe33In Library Only230
Ewe Ensemble - African Drums / Dance1973Jack Buchans30In Library Only0412
Evolution Or Revolution1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only830
Everything Is Illusion Except Power1978Kim Tomczak4In Distribution0989c
Everybody Loves Nothing (Empathic Exercises)1996Steve Reinke11:00In Distribution2179
Evelyn Roth Moving Sculpture Co.1976Helen May28In Library Only573
Evelyn Roth2022Sheila Smyth20In Library Only0082b
Evel Knieval Spoof1974Gary Greenspoon22In Library Only301
Espace2005Pierre Andre Sonolet56:00In Distribution2840
Eric2022Reel Feelings Media8In Library Only0784b
Erect Systems1983Derek Graham0In Library Only1260b
Erased1999Maureen Bradley15:00In Distribution2345
Equal Time1982Terry Harasym4In Distribution1434b
Ephemereality1979David Enblom20In Library Only975
Enter the Mullet2003Donna Lee5:30In Distribution2731
English Lesson1991Shani Mootoo3:00In Distribution1845
Empty Orchestra1997Kira Wu13:30In Distribution2200
Emile D'antonio1972Lyle Stern24In Library Only43
Elevator2003Mark Peacock15:50In Distribution2713
Elevator2003Nickolaos Stagias15:50In Distribution2713
Elephants1983Noel Harding4In Library Only1223a
Elephantiasis Ears: Performance Documentation1998Tagny Duff15:00In Distribution2504
Elementary Parts2004Oliver Hockenhull17:00In Distribution2754
Elegy2006Meesoo Lee4:58In Distribution2888 B
Electronic Sunsets1975Jane Wright20:00In Distribution935
Electing Community Resources Boards1974Dave Morgan29In Library Only284
Elaine Crying2004Brian MacDonald2:45In Distribution2767 C
El Nino1985Vaerkstedet Vaerst17In Distribution1318
Ee Part 21981Daniel Dion2:00In Distribution1013d
Educate Your Attitude1993Teresa Marshall30:00In Distribution1915
Edited Messages1981Marcella Bienvenue49:00In Distribution1295
Edge Of Sleep1977Taki Bluesinger60In Library Only648
Echoes Of Death1985Lydia Schouten9:00In Distribution1380
Echo Valley1998Steve Reinke7:15In Distribution2308a
EBA2002Smartbodies5:00In Distribution2648
Eating Lunch1992Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2695
Eating Crow2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)5:45In Distribution2724b
Eat2003Paul Wong3:45In Distribution3002
easy rollin'2004Hadas Levy17:15In Distribution2804
Easy2000Nickolaos Stagias13:51In Distribution2521
East Indian Temple Dance2022S.F.U. Video Workshop7In Library Only0633b
Earthworms1973Lisa Steele26In Library Only14
Earthworks In Harmony1974Paul Wong32:00In Distribution287
Each And Every One of You How To Make Contemporary Art (B)1996Donald Goodes32In Library Only2329
Each And Every One of You How To Make Contemporary Art (1)1996Donald Goodes32In Library Only2329
E-12 Native Students Demonstration And Protest1988Monitor North23In Distribution1626
E V O (Installation Version 16:9) DVD2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655c
E V O (Anamorphic Version 16:9)2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655b
E V O (Letterbox)2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:Special2655d
E V O2002Oliver Hockenhull1:17:In Distribution2655
Dutch Light-Textual Action1981marshalore22:35In Distribution987
Duster1992Eric Metcalfe37:00In Distribution1857
dry idea2007Velveeta Krisp2:19In Distribution2940
Droits Des Indiens1972Videographe28In Library Only247
Dress2002Mark Peacock15:00In Distribution2645
Dredger2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3012
Dreams of the Night Cleaners1995Leila Sujir46:30In Distribution2145
Dream Voices, Day Voices1986John Galloway6:30In Distribution1447
Dream of Donuts2000Meesoo LeeIn Distribution2485
Drawing The Lines1982Andy Harvey40:00In Distribution1022
Drawing The Line1992Lorna Boschman7:30In Distribution1828
Dragonfly2006Terry Haines4:07In Distribution2920
Drag On a Fag1994Nickolaos Stagias5:00In Distribution2757
Dr. Thomas Szasz1978Claire Culhane60In Library Only912
Dr. Morgentaler Speaks1974Woman Alive30In Library Only348
Dr. Lorna's Seven Day Poodle Diet1999Lorna Boschman53:00In Distribution2318
Dr. Dorothy Smith: An Interview1976Women in Focus28In Library OnlyW0090
Downtown East: Beauty Or Beast?1980Leslie Dyson44In Library Only876
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETA2007Donna SzokeIn Distribution2946
Donna Szoke New Works2006Donna Szoke17:30In Distribution2895 a-e
Don't Tell Me What To Do1980Nomi Kaplan3In Library Only894
Dominatrix Interview1985Blair Stapleton12:00In Distribution1292
Dominant Culture2007Stuart Pound14:54In Distribution3010
Domestic Blitz2007Kyath Battie5:00In Distribution2976
Dollhouse Diaries1999Rae Staseson7:11In Distribution2392
doktor Ovakozminsky1991Clark Nikolai14:20In Distribution2257h
Doing Time1991Lorna Boschman27:00In Distribution1794
Dogmachine1981Elizabeth Chitty22:00In Distribution1565
Dog Of Luis And Salvador1984Agent Orange Inc.6:20In Distribution1223e
Dog and Fish1994Sabrina Mathews4:00In Distribution1983f
Do You Really Love Me?1979Actors Workshop30In Library Only779
Do Be Do1983Joe Naylor6In Library Only1203a
Division de la Nature1981Daniel Dion5:00In Distribution1013f
Divinity Of Sex: Sex Issues On Trial1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only441
Diviate Unit1979Daniel Dion9In Library Only0870a
Diva TV1998Diva Research Team39:00In Distribution2409
Distance1984Luc Bourdon4:30In Distribution1361b
Disection #11978Teri Chmilar3In Library Only0949f
Discussion [2/2]2022Sheila Smyth30In Library Only459
Discussion [1/2]2022Sheila Smyth30In Library Only458
Discover Oral Hygiene1997Tagny Duff6:00In Distribution2382
Discopedia2007Ho Tam8:15In Distribution2977
Disarmament Video Survey1982Video Inn20In Library Only1041