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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Mon Coeur la Pompe de Sang2005Clark Nikolai1:35In Distribution2813 A
Fluid From Motion2005Clark Nikolai4:11In Distribution2813b
Le Fluide du Mouvement2005Clark Nikolai4:11In Distribution2813 C
Attention Public2005Emily Vey Duke9:40In Distribution2814
The New Freedom Founders2004Emily Vey Duke26:00In Distribution2815
Dancing For The Gods2004Mandala Arts and Culture51:00In Distribution2816
Queer Sisters In The Brotherhood2004Ellen Pond9:27In Distribution2817
Young and Sexy 2004Meesoo Lee9:11In Distribution2818 A
Automatic Music re-edit2003Meesoo Lee3:36In Distribution2818 B
The Thoughts of Mary-Jane / Rock n Roll Fantasy2005Meesoo Lee4:18,In Distribution2823 A-B
Would It Move You2004Shafin Karim7:36In Distribution2819
Skin For Life2005Terry Haines5:55In Distribution2820
Behind the Billboard on Prior Street2005Michael Lithgow18:23In Distribution2821
Queer DNA2004Randy Lee Cutler3:00In Distribution2822
The Thoughts of Mary Jane 2005Meesoo Lee4:18In Distribution2823 A
Rock n Roll Fantasy2005Meesoo Lee4:06In Distribution2823 B
Under My Pillow2003Kyath Battie7:00In Distribution2824
Robert Hamilton - 4 Videos / DVD2004Robert Hamilton9:38In Distribution2826 A - D
The Race2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 A
Shopping Street2004Robert Hamilton2:10In Distribution2826 B
Fiets2004Robert Hamilton3:28In Distribution2826 C
Wall of Nails2004Robert Hamilton2:00In Distribution2826 D
Painted Positive2005Terry Haines12:34In Distribution2828
Peuk Nepi - Meeting Waterwoman2004James Nicholas5:16In Distribution2829
to the living, the dead, and those yet unborn2004James Nicholas10:45In Distribution2830
Her (KLX)2003Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2831
Tilted2003Kai Ling Xue3:23In Distribution2832
Kitore2001Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2833
SK8 On2003Kai Ling Xue10:00In Distribution2834
Love/Censored/Truth2005Desiree Lim5:35In Distribution2835
Kathleen's Closet2005Sheila Jordan13:09In Distribution2836
Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy Hills2005Mark Kenneth Woods10:00In Distribution2837
One's Own Snore2005Oliver Hockenhull21:00In Distribution2838
Espace2005Pierre Andre Sonolet56:00In Distribution2840
Anwolek - Regatta City2005Dana Claxton4:22In Distribution2841
Chick On Chick2005S. Saii3:07In Distribution2842
The Tantrum Project2005S. Saii5:05In Distribution2843
Willingdon Dreams2005Donna Lee3:30In Distribution2844
Murder and UFOs2005Brian MacDonald20:00In Distribution2845
A Girl Named Kai2004Kai Ling Xue8:30In Distribution2846
8 Loops2005Oliver Hockenhull30:00In Distribution2847
like2005Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2848
Bad Person2005Donna Szoke1:45In Distribution2849
The Class From 9 to 52005Nimi Langer12:50In Distribution2850
Pleasure Zone2005Dayna McLeod18:00In Distribution2851
A Horse- A Filipino- Two Women- A Soldier and Two Officers2005Nguyen Tan Hoang7:20In Distribution2852
Pimp & Ho: Sissy Sins2005Mark Kenneth Woods10:00In Distribution2853
A Cure for Being Ordinary2005Emily Vey Duke6:30In Distribution2854
Attraction To Older Men2005Clark Nikolai10:00In Distribution2855
Vanessa Kwan Compilation2017Vanessa KwanIn Distributionkwan
Meesoo Lee Compilation2024meesoo leeIn Distribution2735
Temporal Transmissions2005Alternator Gallery57:00In Distribution2857
Welcome To Ogopogoland2005Randy Grskovic5:57In Distribution2858
Abode2005Portia Priegert5:14In Distribution2859
Klwn Cntnl Clbrtn2005Patrick Connelly3:43In Distribution2860
May You Prosper In The Golden Land2005Karen Tam6:38In Distribution2861
Paper Trails2005Christian Nicolay5:33In Distribution2862
untitled part 4 terra incognita2005Jayce Salloum37:30In Distribution2863
Der Doppelgänger2005Stuart Pound8:50In Distribution2864
English Lessons (SP)2005Stuart Pound2:15In Distribution2865
Writing Behaviour2005Stuart Pound3:10In Distribution2866
Dark Baroque2005Stuart Pound8:04In Distribution2867
The Fish In The Machine #32005Stuart Pound8:11In Distribution2868
Ventura- California2005Stuart Pound10:05In Distribution2869
Raven Heart2005Terry Haines12:30In Distribution2872
usagi2004asa mori3:50In Distribution2873
Significance2004Kathy March8:00In Distribution2874
FireWaterWood2004Kathy March15:31In Distribution2875
Bad Boy2005Velveeta Krisp4:43In Distribution2876
Fag2005Heather DiPinto7:00In Distribution2877
My Heart Belongs To Data2005Mark Kenneth Woods3:45In Distribution2878
Degrassi B Girlz High2005Mark Peacock4:35In Distribution2881
What Remains Human2005Maureen Bradley24:00In Distribution2882
My First Cigarette2006Nimi Langer16In Distribution2883
Video Out Queer Sampler 20062006Randy Lee Cutler, et alIn Distribution2885
Payuk Sashkeehitowin (One Love)2005RoseAnne Archibald5:30In Distribution2886A
Class Clown2005RoseAnne Archibald5:00In Distribution2886B
Lashout1992Mark Verabioff7:15In Distribution1775
Yankee Lust2006Clark Nikolai3:23In Distribution2887
Stuart Pound Compilation DVD2005Stuart Pound40:35In Distribution2864-2869
The Storm2006Meesoo Lee3:38In Distribution2888 A
Elegy2006Meesoo Lee4:58In Distribution2888 B
Lisa G. Barbie Compilation2006Lisa GIn Distribution2889
Oysters and Chocolate2006Karin Lee5:45In Distribution2890
Plum Sauce2001Karen Tam9:00In Distribution2891
Mars Womb Man2006James Diamond10:00In Distribution2894
Cat and Mouse2006Donna Szoke3:25In Distribution2895 a
Album2006Donna Szoke4:52In Distribution2895b
The Bell2006Donna Szoke2:45In Distribution2895 c
Cascadia2006Donna Szoke2:50In Distribution2895 d
PNN2006Donna Szoke6:30In Distribution2895 e
Donna Szoke New Works2006Donna Szoke17:30In Distribution2895 a-e
Light as a feather / heavy as lead2006Irene Loughlin4:45In Distribution2892
Miss Popularity2006Wayne Yung6:20In Distribution2893
Sombrio2006Paul Manly60:00In Distribution2896
Journey Women - Reflections On The Survival Sex Trade2006Leigh (Jen) Fisher45:00In Distribution2897
Video Out Queer Sampler - Summer 20062006Various ArtistsIn Distribution2898
Video Out Sampler - Summer 20062006Various ArtistsIn Distribution2899
Wolf Lake2006Michael V. Smith4:15In Distribution2900
Hidden Hunger2005Deborah O12:30In Distribution2901