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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only146
On Est Au Coton1975Denys Arcand60:00In Library Only217
Band Capital Planning1972Department of Indian Affairs20In Library Only1145
Erect Systems1983Derek Graham0In Library Only1260b
Chilkat Blanket1973Derrick Harvey59In Library Only294
Desiree Lim DVD Compilation2004Desiree Lim40:00In Distribution2796
Some Real Fangs2005Desiree Lim34:00In Distribution2799
Out For Bubble Tea2003Desiree Lim director16:00Special2763
Women Breaking Boundaries2002Desiree Lim1:23:In Distribution2717
Love/Censored/Truth2005Desiree Lim5:35In Distribution2835
Quebecoise Rient1977Diane Heffernon45In Library Only613
Transient Men1971Diane Lemire30In Library Only0060a
Mother Makes Father Cuts A Simple Thread1983Dimitrije Martinovic12In Library Only1260e
Diva TV1998Diva Research Team39:00In Distribution2409
C Major Response Time Sheet1974Don Druick46In Library Only176
Rume1974Don Druick22:00In Library Only0177
Spanish Tragedy1975Don Druick20In Library Only364
Interim1977Don Druick3In Library Only712
Towards Location Markings (moyetsukita Chizu)1978Don Druick20In Library Only808
The Plywood Girls1999Don Gill50:00In Distribution2430
Nokara1984Don Xaliman5In Library Only1133
Each And Every One of You How To Make Contemporary Art (1)1996Donald Goodes32In Library Only2329
Each And Every One of You How To Make Contemporary Art (B)1996Donald Goodes32In Library Only2329
Smell1999Donna Szoke5:00In Distribution2437
Bad Person2005Donna Szoke1:45In Distribution2849
Enter the Mullet2003Donna Lee5:30In Distribution2731
Willingdon Dreams2005Donna Lee3:30In Distribution2844
Broken Family2007Donna Lee8:22In Distribution2986
Rated F ... (DL)2005Donna Lee & Terra Poirier8:13Special2879
How to Make Love in an Earthquake2001Donna Szoke5:57In Distribution2575
Famous Formula2002Donna Szoke0:15In Distribution2650
Worst Thing Ever2003Donna Szoke0:30In Distribution2701
Buried Treasure2004Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2808
like2005Donna Szoke4:30In Distribution2848
Cat and Mouse2006Donna Szoke3:25In Distribution2895 a
Album2006Donna Szoke4:52In Distribution2895b
The Bell2006Donna Szoke2:45In Distribution2895 c
Cascadia2006Donna Szoke2:50In Distribution2895 d
PNN2006Donna Szoke6:30In Distribution2895 e
Donna Szoke New Works2006Donna Szoke17:30In Distribution2895 a-e
Mary (DS)2007Donna Szoke7:00In Distribution2942
Donna Szoke Selected Works 2007 BETA2007Donna SzokeIn Distribution2946
Voices by the Rivers1983Dora Fitzgerald28In Library Only1215
Part-time Mercenary Episodes 1-31983Dorothy Kaminski28In Library Only1109
Summer Festival1983Dream Beam Productions29In Library Only1092
Rancour2000Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)8:00In Distribution2474
Fall2001Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)3:00In Distribution2580
Passing (KE)2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)6:40In Distribution2724a
Eating Crow2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)5:45In Distribution2724b
Framed2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:50In Distribution2724c
Dredger2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3012
Replicate2005Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:00In Distribution3013
Terminal City2007Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)9:00In Distribution3014
Vancouver New Music 1978-801980Ed Mowbray22:00In Distribution0944
Eyes of Emma #11981Ed Mowbray2:35In Distribution980
Excerpts And Euphoria1983Ed Mowbray10:00In Distribution1097
Big World1984Ed Mowbray18:00In Distribution1220
Not Dead Yet1984Ed Mowbray56:00In Distribution1247
W1983Ed Mowbray9:00In Distribution1248
Phoenix Observed1971Educational Television Ontario20In Library Only826
Bread- Bible And Bullets1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only827
Unuru! Merdeka! Libertad!1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only828
Cake Of Custom1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only829
Evolution Or Revolution1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only830
Other Two Worlds1971Educational Television Ontario30In Library Only831
Summer 86: A Neighbourhood Notebook1987Edward Hillel29In Distribution1543d
Incident on Ballantyne Pier2000Elana Herman (Lupis)19:19In Distribution2496
Shame on You2001Elana Herman (Lupis)11In Distribution2555
Me First1999Elizabeth MacKenzie7:00In Distribution2418
Delivery: Artist Mothers on Tape2000Elizabeth MacKenzie79In Distribution2506
Telling Tales1979Elizabeth Chitty26:30In Distribution857
Desire Control1981Elizabeth Chitty12:00In Distribution1297
Dogmachine1981Elizabeth Chitty22:00In Distribution1565
Word for Word1995Elizabeth MacKenzie9:00In Distribution2177
Radiant Monster1998Elizabeth MacKenzie4:00In Distribution2290
Up and Down She Goes1998Elizabeth MacKenzie2:40In Distribution2295
D/A Converter1980Elizabeth Vander Zaag30:00In Distribution979
Through The Holes1981Elizabeth Vander Zaag3:00In Distribution0981a
Potatoes1982Elizabeth Vander Zaag11:00In Distribution0981b
Baby Eyes1983Elizabeth Vander Zaag3:00In Distribution1118
Hearts Beat1984Elizabeth Vander Zaag10:00In Distribution1269a
Red Notion1985Elizabeth Vander Zaag4:00In Distribution1269b
T L C1985Elizabeth Vander Zaag4:20In Distribution1306
Hot Chicks on TV1986Elizabeth Vander Zaag6:30In Distribution1363
No More Rebels1989Elizabeth Vander Zaag6:00In Distribution1632
Farm Fantasy1988Elizabeth Vander Zaag5:00In Distribution1646
Kids In China1990Elizabeth Vander Zaag15:00In Distribution1738
Mount Pleasant: A Changing Neighborhood1973Elizabeth Walker15In Library Only0027
Dick's Music #21972Elizabeth Walker26In Library Only258
The Sea's Children1974Elizabeth Walker22:00In Library Only0259
Lesbian Mothers1981Ellen Frank26In Library Only934
Queer Sisters In The Brotherhood2004Ellen Pond9:27In Distribution2817
Bust Of Timothy Leary1971Elridge Cleaver32In Library Only139
Bad Ideas for Paradise2002Emily Vey Duke19:34In Distribution2590
Rapt and Happy1998Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2317
Moderately Paced Video2000Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2461
Being Fucked Up2001Emily Vey Duke11:30In Distribution2515
Strange Animals2001Emily Vey Duke10:00In Library Only2588
Fine Arts2002Emily Vey Duke3:38In Distribution2591
My Heart... The Lumberjack2002Emily Vey Duke0:13In Distribution2605a