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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
XXXSpacejunk1996Shawn Chappelle9:00In Distribution2238f
Shawn Chappelle Compilation1990Shawn Chappelle52In Library Only2238
Red, Blue...1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238A
Servicing The Target1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238B
Ozone1994Shawn Chappelle27:00In Distribution2238C
Probe1994Shawn Chappelle7:00In Distribution2238d
Trans 1995Shawn Chappelle5:00In Distribution2238E
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (SC)2000Shawn Chappelle7:00Special2503
Natalie of Wood2001Shawn Chappelle2:45In Distribution2587
California, MEXICO2002Shawn Chappelle7:30In Distribution2652
Natalie Without a Cause2003Shawn Chappelle4:00In Distribution2725
Meat Fucker1999Shawn Durr28In Distribution2543
Fucked In the Face2000Shawn Durr70:00In Distribution2544
Children Learn What They Live1973Shawn Preus19:00In Library Only7
Gretchen1974Shawn Preus25In Library Only222
Contact Lens1978Shawn Preus3:00In Distribution0450a
Belly Dance-ymca1975Shawn Preus23In Library Only568
Ferron At Co-op Radio1976Shawn Preus30In Library Only0592
The First Step1977Shawn Preus11In Library Only0593
Pesticides: The Hidden Assassins1979Shawn Preus29:00In Distribution845
For the Unpersuaded: An Interview With Marge Piercy1980Shawn Preus40:45In Library Only846
Am I Happy?1979Shawn Preus31:00In Distribution882
To Smoke Or Not To Smoke - Is This Your Question?1980Shawn Preus9:00In Library Only893
Letter To My Goddaughter1983Shawn Preus19:53In Library Only1158
Recycle Your Garbage1977Shawn Preus8:13In Library Only0836a
Kathleen's Closet2005Sheila Jordan13:09In Distribution2836
Unmapping Desire1999Sheila James6:51In Distribution2397
She's a Diva1998Sheila James3:55In Distribution2410
Lakme Takes Flight2001Sheila James12:00In Distribution2520
Orphan Dyke2002Sheila James15:57In Distribution2700
Signed By A Woman: A Perspective On California...1976Sheila Ruth60In Library OnlyW0001
Interviews2024Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062a
Street Scenes2024Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062b
Building Demolition2024Sheila Smyth3In Library Only0082a
Evelyn Roth2024Sheila Smyth20In Library Only0082b
Whales: Dr. Paul Spong1974Sheila Smyth13In Library Only260
Discussion [1/2]2024Sheila Smyth30In Library Only458
Discussion [2/2]2024Sheila Smyth30In Library Only459
Me, Myself, I1995Sheila Urbanoski4:30In Distribution2181
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate Icon1992Sheila Urbanoski3:30In Distribution2182
Irene - 591982Shereen Maloney12In Library Only1136
Once This Land Was Ours1991Shikha Jhingan18:30In Distribution1834
Shoichi Shimotsugu: The Seattle Sculpture Show1979Shoichi Shimotsugu10In Library Only787
Straight Flush1974Shoko Matsushita13In Library Only0487
Colour Schemes1989Shu Lea Cheang28In Library OnlyW0018
Form Function Fashion1975Sid Morozoff60In Library Only0370
Access To Communications1972Simon Nicholson8In Library Only121
Tribal Vision1974Simon Riley15In Library Only189
Yours For Abundant Health [1/3]1978Sister Theresa28In Library Only0993
Yours For Abundent Health [2/3]1978Sister Theresa29In Library Only994
Yours For Abundent Health [3/3]1978Sister Theresa29In Library Only995
Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show1981Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1623
Twenty-First World Eskimo-Indian Olympics1983Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1624
Chinese Noodlemaking: Backwards And Forwards1990Skip Blumberg5:00In Distribution1762
New Music America #11980Skip Blumberg26:00In Distribution1764
Dancing Hands1988Skip Blumberg27:00In Distribution1765
New Dance2017Skip Blumberg25In Distribution1766
For A Moment You Fly: The Big Apple Circus1978Skip Blumberg29In Distribution1767
Women Of The Calabash1987Skip Blumberg18:58In Distribution1768a
Nine Person Precision Ball Passing1986Skip Blumberg8In Distribution1768b
JGLNG/Whistling1982Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1769
When I Was A Worker Like Laverne1975Skip Blumberg29In Distribution1770
Get Wet: The Synchro Swim Scratch Video1988Skip Blumberg5In Distribution1771a
Flying Morning Glory (on fire)1985Skip Blumberg4:00In Distribution1771b
Seoul Brother Report1986Skip Blumberg4In Distribution1771c
Earle Murphy's Winter Olympics1980Skip Blumberg29In Distribution1772
Contests USA1980Skip Blumberg38In Distribution1773
Elephant Games1985Skip Blumberg34In Distribution1777
Red Mountain1974Sky Kahli32In Library Only384
Ac Dc Food Circus1975Sky Kahli32In Library Only394
EBA2002Smartbodies5:00In Distribution2648
Confidencias1985Solidad Farina6:16In Distribution1508c
Bootsin1994Solomon Tzeggai-Teferi3:00In Distribution1983b
She's Not Alone2001Sondra Cross3:23In Distribution2668 c
Southall On Trail1984Southall Campaige Committee30In Library Only1146
Community Economic Development In B.C.1987SPARC of B.C.27:00In Distribution1512
Fight Back: Transition House1984Speak Out Productions30In Distribution1224
Trouble With Oil1981SPEC18In Library Only657
Food Dilemma1975Spokane Community Video33In Library Only626
Television Spots (w/sample ads)1988Stan Douglas11:00Special1701
Television Spots1988Stan Douglas5:19Special1702
Monodramas1991Stan Douglas10:00Special2092
Monodramas: Eye On You1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092b
Monodramas: I'm Not Gary1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092c
Monodramas: Encampment1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Monodramas: Guilty 1 (hiro)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092e
Monodramas: Up1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092f
Monodramas: Guilty 2 (jennifer)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092g
Monodramas: Disagree1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092h
Monodramas: Guilty 3 (billy)1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092i
Monodramas: Stadium1991Stan DouglasSpecial2092j
Image Manipulation1973Stan Fox10In Library Only0005
Two Families1975Starla Anderson30In Library Only0414
Travelogue 4: Coming From The Wrong Side1992Stefaan Decostere56:00In Distribution1925
Vasulkas Early Experiments [1/2]1971Steina Vasulkas30In Library Only100
Cantaloup1980Steina Vasulkas28In Library Only1303
Lines2006Stephanie Loveless9:30In Distribution2918
movements2007Stephanie Loveless3:20In Distribution2949
imMaterial2007Stephanie Loveless5:10In Distribution2950
Hybrid Vigour1994Stephen Arthur4In Distribution2048