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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Friends1981Michael Morris8:00In Distribution1262b
FRIENDS (TM)2004Tricia Middleton9:00In Distribution2770 c
Frivolous1974Terry McGlade4In Library Only0607c
From Another Time1990Zachery Longboy10:00In Distribution2694
From Here to LA2000Tony Allard28In Distribution2510
From the Inside/OUT!2000Persimmon Blackbridge25:00In Library Only2941
From Time To Timbuktu: Kurt Vonnegut - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM099
From Time To Timbuktu: Kurt Vonnegut - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM100
front1995Andrew Power20:00In Distribution2166
Fucked In the Face2000Shawn Durr70:00In Distribution2544
Fun With A Sausage2019Ingrid Wilhite15:00In Library1469a
Funny Money1974Richard Ward27In Library Only0283
Furburger1991Mark Verabioff6:00In Distribution1774
Futurist Sound1979Anna Banana42:00In Distribution1372
G1998Terence Anthony4:35In Distribution2302b
Gaching2006Miriam Needoba6:00In Distribution2966b
Game of Charades1994Joel Baird2:03In Distribution2438a
Gang of Souls1989Maria Beatty58:00In Distribution1690
Ganser Syndrome2024Clive Robertson46:15In Library Only2339
Gap Transfer1987In Library OnlyW0028
Garbo System1981Daniel Dion5:00In Distribution1013e
Gargantua1972Walter Wright30In Library Only0038a
Gathering Evidence 1/71996Sarah Butterfield10In Distribution2212
Gay Activists Alliance: Transsexual Lifestyle1971Metro Media60:00In Library OnlyM108
Gay Alliance2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM109
Gay Alliance Meeting1974Metro Media60In Library Only262
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go Extinct1994Aaron Pollard8:00In Distribution2073
Gay Symposium1974Metro Media29In Library OnlyM188
Gayblevision - Coronation Ball '821982Barry Sallman0In Library Only1160
Gayblevision: Celebration Of Two Years On Air1982Barry Spillman62In Library Only1159
Geisel (the Hostage)1983Gabor Body22In Library Only1230
Gender Line2001WG Burnham13:13In Distribution2568
Gender Line Extended2002WG Burnham60:28Special2635
Gender- Lace And Glass1992David Findley3:00In Distribution2020
Gendertroublemakers1993Jeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)20:00In Distribution2027
General Delivery1983Patti Poskitt2In Library Only1278
Generation Loss2000Christine StewartIn Distribution2464
Generic Video Art1982Laurie McDonald12:00In Distribution1093a
Geography Is Destiny1983Rhonda Abrams15In Library Only1177b
Geovid1985Scott Robinson3:00In Distribution1529b
Germany & Sweden1972Werner Aellen31In Library Only112
Get It Together Girl2004Mark Kenneth Woods5:30In Distribution2802
Get Wet: The Synchro Swim Scratch Video1988Skip Blumberg5In Distribution1771a
Getting Better Publicity1974Gwen Bassen28In Library Only425
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag Folding2002Ladies Afternoon Art Society4:52In Distribution2707
Getting To Know The Man2003Jen Weih19:47In Distribution2774
Ghent1972Walter Wright10In Library Only0011a
Gift1995Akram Zaatari4:00In Distribution2262c
Gilbert And George1973Les Levine4In Library Only0167a
Gina Show #131979John Anderson28In Distribution0901b
Girl at the Bar1982Michael Morris10:00In Distribution1243c
Girl On Girl 2004Miss Nomer Collective16:43In Distribution2794b
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds1987Cathy Busby11In Distribution1718
Give it to Him1988Paula Levine6:00In Distribution1601
Glacier Project1972Gan Matsushita20In Library Only0047
Gladys- A Queen In Exile [1/2]1975N.Bethune Levine37:00In Library Only320
Gladys- A Queen In Exile [2/2]1975N.Bethune Levine37:10In Library Only321
Glass Curtain1983Doris Chase30:00In Distribution1115
Glass Hut1976Richard Ward18In Library Only493
Glass In Emmaboda1979Ted Weisberg32In Library Only792
Glenn Branca - Concert1983Stokely Seip55In Library Only1134
Glider2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM088
Glider2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM089
Global Village Gazette #31977Global Village28In Library Only612
Gloria Galiano - Under The Rug Series2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM035
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM232
Gloria K. Galiano - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM233
Glorious People2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM235
Glorious People Television2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM206
Go Away Heart1978Nora Hutchinson16:00In Distribution885
Go Dyke! Go 1998Maureen Bradley10:00In Distribution2300
God Save The Houses1973York University31In Library Only0057a
Godspeed1987Pia Massie9In Library Only2096
Going (and Coming) to Paris2003Nikola Marin16:50In Distribution2715
Golden Mountain Of The Silver Screen2016KQED-TV29In Library Only345
Good Friday1972Lory Harach8In Library Only0143a
Good Luck Greta2012Reel Feelings Media12In Library Only0784a
Goose Creek Symphony2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM229
Goose Creek Symphony1974Metro Media28In Library OnlyM238
Goose Creek Symphony - Part 12024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM064
Goose Creek Symphony - Part 22024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM065
Grand Mal1981Tony Oursler23In Library Only1210c
Grandview Crackerjacks2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM141
Granny and Me1982Nora Hutchinson15:00In Distribution1051
Granperes Greatest Hits1984Chris Mullington0In Distribution1630c
Grape Boycott [1/2]1974Trinity Square Video30In Library Only428
Grape Boycott [2/2]1974Trinity Square Video30In Library Only429
Grass Reflected In The Eye Of A Child2024Koich Tamano45In Library Only967
Grease: Car Repair For Women1976Sharon Lovett15In Library Only0505
Great Artists1975Cable 1027In Library OnlyW0067
Great Divide1990Daniel Dion16:00In Distribution1741
Great Divide - Channel 21990Daniel Dion16In Library Only1742
Great Expectations1982Amelia Productions29In Distribution1386
Great Mother Part 1: Harumi1983Mako Idemitsu13:00In Distribution1162b
Great Mother Part 2: Sachiko1984Mako Idemitsu18:00In Distribution1460
Greater Vancouver Regional District Conference2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM176
Green Card: An American Romance1982Bruce and Norman Yonemoto70In Library Only2340
Green Video1982Terry Harasym18In Distribution1514c
Gretchen1974Shawn Preus25In Library Only222
Greydon Gibson: 12 String Guitar/balbir Singh1974Metro Media30In Library OnlyM155