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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
FIRESTORM2023Shawn Chappelle6:51In Distribution7215
Untitled US2023Jingtong Mai15:06In Distribution7214
Radius2022Kent Tate6:28In Distribution7213
Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet 2023Aryo Khakpour7:44In Distribution7212
Mud2023Aryo Khakpour 10:00In Distribution7213
i see me watching2022Sidney Gordon7:52In Distribution7211
privacy-GrDN.info2021Sandra Araújo8:00In Distribution7210
Dispatch from Deep Time2022Julianne ChappleIn Distribution7209
My Fantasies Keep Me Up At Nite2022Celina de Leon4:56In Distribution7208
Venus Envy: The House of Venus Story2023Michael Venus1:19:00In Distribution7207
Remembering the Struggle for the Legitimacy of Same-sex Desire in the 1970s2023Clark Nikolai12:30In Distribution7206
murmur2023Shawn Chappelle8:48In Distribution7205
Persistence & Loss2021Joseph Clark2:42In Distribution7200
Moonclock: 4 Phases 2 Optimize U2016Rachel Stuckey1:11In Distribution7199
Convalescing Camcorder and Two Cats2021Rachel Stuckey4:28In Distribution7198
Magical Car Track2021Tamara Bilankov1:00In Distribution7197
A Dream of Naming1991Penelope Buitenhuis6:30In Library Only7197
The Restless Acts2022Shawn Chappelle36:50In Distribution7196
Barge Cult2022Clark Nikolai1:30In Distribution7195
Cockleidoscope2022Clark Nikolai12:00In Distribution7194
Relatively Speaking1990Harris Taylor14:00In Distribution7193
Fall2022Brian Kent Gotro5:41In Distribution7192
Happy2017Brian Kent Gotro3:47In Distribution7191
This Is for You (An Elegy for My Father)2020Emilie Crewe9:10In Distribution7190
Kootenay Valley Folk Festival 19721972Jim Lipkovitz62:00In Distribution7189
Doukhobour History1970Jim Lipkovitz22:18In Distribution0199
Sküt2022Pablo Griff14:38In Distribution7188
digital dreamscapes2021Brian Kent Gotro11:01In Distribution7187
untitled (lamentation)2022Pablo Griff5:06In Distribution7186
Blue Plastic Bag2021Bijan Karim25:52In Distribution7185
(Tending) (to) (Ta): Beginnings2021April Lin 林森27:14In Distribution7184
Painted Gold2021Ethan Rhodes4:33In Distribution7183
Llibertat2020Laura Gines5:00In Distribution7182
Swimming Lessons2021Liam Mullen9:00In Distribution7181
Teardown2021Jason Lei4:00In Distribution7180
Z0202021Sahba Sadeghian3:00In Distribution7179
Stay Home2020Arnaud Laffond4:09In Distribution7178
The Main Event2021Peter Sandmark2:58In Distribution7177
They2017Catherine Dong30:10In Distribution7176
Three Distinct Impressions2021Bijan Karim12:00In Distribution7175
Rudiments for Hexadrome2021John Brennan38:30In Distribution7174
Hello, Ocean?2019Sara Gold16:42In Distribution7173
Ofenheizung: Portrait of a Stove2020Juli Saragosa22:00In Distribution7172
Painted Gold2021Ethan Rhodes4:33In Distribution7171
Meltwater2021Tracy Peters2:22In Distribution7170
It Took Forever to Fall Asleep2021Robert Hamilton01:44:03In Distribution7169
Eye of the Storm2021Constantine Katsiris18:24In Distribution7168
Woodington Place2021Brian MacDonald69:42In Distribution7167
Eye of the Storm2015Constantine Katsiris18:24In Distribution7167
You Will Have a Future2021Steve Hubert6:00In Distribution7166
Cold Cold Nevers Evers2021Émilie Payeur2:50In Distribution7165
Swaayattate2020Vishal Kumaraswamy16:14In Distribution7164
Digital Traces2019April Lin18:15In Distribution7163
Migratory2021Siri Stensberg2:09In Distribution7162
Mascing2021Elian Mikkola10:09In Distribution7161
Answering Machine Tape Travels2016Rajee P. Jejishergill 5:16In Distribution7160
None Sticky Rice2021Jae Woo Kang7:11In Distribution7159
your dataset must die2021Vishal Kumaraswamy2:09In Distribution7158
your dataset won't let me thrive2021Vishal Kumaraswamy1:55In Distribution7157
Cone Worms near Burrard Inlet2021sunny nestler1:52In Distribution7156
Tricky Eyes2021VIVO42:30In Distribution7155
New Vancouver Works + New Toronto Works Artist Talk2021VIVO31:29In Distribution7155
An Evening with Pia Massie2020VIVO1:05:00In Library Only7144
La Parte de Atrás de la Arpillera (The Back of the Arpillera)2020Soledad Fátima Muñoz23:14In Distribution7143
Galo Preto Coletivo2021Sarah Shamash15:38In Distribution7142
A Safe Distance2020Gloria Mercer7:37In Distribution7141
Hand Job2019Kara Hornland15:39In Distribution7140
Earth Flesh1998TJ Cuthand1:30In Distribution7139
untitled part 9: this time2020Jayce Salloum6:13In Distribution7138
Terror Fervor2019Phoebe Parsons6:00In Distribution7137
Think Before You Think: A Portrait of Rick Raxlen2020Alex MacKenzie31:00In Distribution7136
The Smell of the Green2020Clark Nikolai6:00In Distribution7135
Yarlung2020Kunsang Kyirong5:24In Distribution7134
Escape2020Julianne Chapple3:52In Distribution7133
Traitor2020Matthew Williamson4:03In Distribution7132
Tell The Dogs2020Lindsay Lorraine3:16In Distribution7131
Not your panda2019Tigris Sakda5:27In Distribution7130
BOOKANIMA: Martial Arts2019Shon Kim10:52In Distribution7129
An Event So Fast2020Kara Ditte Hansen37:05In Distribution7128
A Shot is a Stanza: 23 Video Poems for Phones2020AgonyKlub23:51In Distribution7127
This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen.2019Khanhthuan Tran44:07In Distribution7126
Winter2014Lisa G6:50In Distribution7125
Glen and Longwood2020Robert Hamilton1:00In Distribution7124
Pandemia2021Robert Hamilton4:10In Distribution7123
Summer Femme Winter Butch2020Lisa G1:17In Distribution7122
Tidal Phenomena2020Lisa G9:36In Distribution7121
Disconnected2019Lisa G4:53In Distribution7120
A Private View2018Lisa G3:20In Distribution7119
581 Bloor Street West2017Lisa G2:45In Distribution7118
86 SE Marine2016Lisa G3:55In Distribution7117
Harbeck Homage2016Lisa G3:01In Distribution7116
Like a CANNON2016Lisa G3:22In Distribution7115
We Are Here2015Lisa G3:10In Distribution7114
lil' bunny2014Lisa G3:36In Distribution7113
Not Just Black & White2013Lisa G6:36In Distribution7112
Coco Means Ghost2019Gabi Dao25:24In Distribution7111
Stockhausen Syndrome2020Clark Nikolai1:00In Distribution7110
Forgive Us Our Debts2020Howard Mitchell15:00In Distribution7109
Confirmation by Doing № 4A - Digging in Sand № 11972Keigo YamamotoIn Library Only0204
Refuge in the Rockies2018Kaio Kathriner12:19In Distribution7108