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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Exquisite CorpseUna Knox199924137:00
ExtremitiesJohn C. Goss198315686:00
Eyes of Emma #1Ed Mowbray19819802:35
F.L.V.: Feature Length VideoPaul Wong1989170460
Facing FasdHeidi Slat200729394:00
FagHeather DiPinto200528777:00
FallEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200125803:00
Family PortraitAkram Zaatari19952262e10:00
Famous FormulaDonna Szoke200226500:15
Far ReachesShawn Chappelle199822858:00
Farm FantasyElizabeth Vander Zaag198816465:00
Farmers of the SeaAndy Harvey198197729:00
Fast Foods & TokyoMichael Goldberg1983118814:00
Fast Life on a Lazy SusanTien1993191915:00
Fat Chance (AG)Anne Golden19942001c10:00
Fat WorldLorna Boschman1994214025:00
Fear Of BlueTom Dean1982170354:00
Feed (as in Devour)Joyan Saunders19810951a10:00
Female Energy ChangeUlrike Rosenbach19771149b15:00
Feminine ProtectionAnne Ramsden19821032c17:00
FemmeNickolaos Stagias200125634:30
Femme (CR)Candida Royalle1984205175
Few QuestionsEva Manly19881607a33:00
FictionsVern Hume198918179:00
Field Guide to Western WildflowersWayne Yung20002292d5:30
Field Guide to Western Wildflowers (German Subtitles)Wayne Yung20002292e5:30
FietsRobert Hamilton20042826 C3:28
Fight Back: Transition HouseSpeak Out Productions1984122430
File this... Greatest HitsGloria Orangeena Hole2000251954
Filling The Boxes Of Joseph CornellLaurie McDonald19851375a9:00
Fine ArtsEmily Vey Duke200225913:38
FireWaterWoodKathy March2004287515:31
First Personal PluralLynn Hershman1988166228:00
First Things FirstJames Diamond20022617- 2668 a2:00
Fish BowlWG Burnham200226349:54
Fit To Be TiedSara Diamond1995215224:30
Five Minutes Or So In The Life...Andy Harvey19780897a3:00
Five Thousand Years Of Good AdviceMary Ann Liu1987149612:00
Five Visits to the DoctorMarlene Madison199724489:00
FloorRichard Layzell19801000a15:00
FlowYau Ching (a)1993198838:00
Flowing Hearts: Thailand Fights AidsJohn Goss19921835a32:00
Fluid From MotionClark Nikolai20052813b4:11
FluoxitineFrederick Cummings199924776:00
Flying High In The SunByron Black1994208812:27
Flying Morning Glory (on fire)Skip Blumberg19851771b4:00
Foot No. 3Keigo Yamamoto19776915:00
Foot No. 4Keigo Yamamoto19788038:00
Foot No. 6Keigo Yamamoto19788048
FootprintsPaul Manly199923156:00
For A Moment You Fly: The Big Apple CircusSkip Blumberg1978176729
For All Mankind RemixChris MacKenzie199923095:00
For the Love of All at Once- Take me NowKenneth Doren20002579d10:00
Forbidden FearKevin Ettinger199924637:00
Forced being ForcedKim Dawn200126729:00
ForeverMaureen Bradley199621841:30
Forever Bottom!Nguyen Tan Hoang199626914:00
Forever Jimmy!Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691V6:00
Forever Linda!Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691Y12:00
Forgotten FictionsDavid Finch1986147119
FramedEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)20032724c4:50
Frau...FrauUlrike Rosenbach19761149a20:00
Frederick Cummings CompilationFrederick Cummings20022616
Fresh Blood: A Consideration of Belongingb.h. Yael1996226555:00
FriendsMichael Morris19811262b8:00
FRIENDS (TM)Tricia Middleton20042770 c9:00
From Another TimeZachery Longboy1990269410:00
From Here to LATony Allard2000251028
frontAndrew Power1995216620:00
Fucked In the FaceShawn Durr2000254470:00
FurburgerMark Verabioff199117746:00
Futurist SoundAnna Banana1979137242:00
GTerence Anthony19982302b4:35
GachingMiriam Needoba20062966b6:00
Game of CharadesJoel Baird19942438a2:03
Gang of SoulsMaria Beatty1989169058:00
Garbo SystemDaniel Dion19811013e5:00
Gathering Evidence 1/7Sarah Butterfield1996221210
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go ExtinctAaron Pollard199420738:00
Gender LineWG Burnham2001256813:13
Gender- Lace And GlassDavid Findley199220203:00
GendertroublemakersJeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)1993202720:00
Generation LossChristine Stewart20002464
Generic Video ArtLaurie McDonald19821093a12:00
GeovidScott Robinson19851529b3:00
Get It Together GirlMark Kenneth Woods200428025:30
Get Wet: The Synchro Swim Scratch VideoSkip Blumberg19881771a5
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag FoldingLadies Afternoon Art Society200227074:52
Getting To Know The ManJen Weih2003277419:47
GiftAkram Zaatari19952262c4:00
Gina Show #13John Anderson19790901b28
Girl at the BarMichael Morris19821243c10:00
Girl On Girl Miss Nomer Collective20042794b16:43
Girls Just Wanna Have FundsCathy Busby1987171811
Give it to HimPaula Levine198816016:00
Glass CurtainDoris Chase1983111530:00
Go Away HeartNora Hutchinson197888516:00
Go Dyke! Go Maureen Bradley1998230010:00
Going (and Coming) to ParisNikola Marin2003271516:50
Granny and MeNora Hutchinson1982105115:00