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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
S/HeGina Pei Chi Chen2007295312:00
Sad Story of a Gay SkaterJonathan Wells199621995:00
Safe Sex is Hot SexMaureen Bradley199224014:30
Salem IINora Hutchinson1981114810:00
SalmonGlenn Patterson198514332
Salpuri DanceAlex Young Hwa Cho200729608:00
Salty WetWinston Xin200226538:47
saltysatedradiantRandy Lee Cutler20022709 a
SalutMarco Dube200427733:20
SamsaraGoody B. Wiseman20022618
Sap AdsMarlene Madison200024502:00
SaraniaVelveeta Krisp200427834:45
Savage TimeMohammed Nasri199924697:00
SayRodney Werden19781014e3:00
Say ItCherie Moses198719927:22
Say It's OkDana Claxton200629902:00
ScarsLorna Boschman1987143912:00
ScatNickolaos Stagias200427892:44
Scratch VideoValerie Soe19871494b4:30
Search EngineWayne Yung19992292b4:00
Season of the BoysHo Tam19972294e3:30
See EvilLisa Steele1985128628:00
See SawDavid Clark19882489b8:10
Seeing Is BelievingLynn Hershman1991182758:00
Seeing is BelievingLynn Hershman1993199575:00
Seize In LoveEstate of Art McP1991181013:00
Selected Works 1998-2004 (Duke &Battersby) DVDEmily Vey Duke20042810
Selected Works 2003Tricia Middleton20032770 a-c35:00
Self StorageMaureen Bradley200729723:50
Semiotics Of The KitchenMartha Rosler19750879b6:09
Seoul Brother ReportSkip Blumberg19861771c4
SerenadeMeesoo Lee20012726 E2:08
Servicing The TargetShawn Chappelle19912238B10:00
Seuls les ƒternuements sont ƒternelslaura jeanne lefave199824759:00
Seven Day ActivityPaul Wong1978102313:00
SexJane Wright198414177
Sex + SadnessBrian MacDonald2001264121:00
Sex + Sadness (Part 1)Brian MacDonald20012641 A
Sex + Sadness (Part 2)Brian MacDonald20012641 C
Sex + Sadness (Part 3)Brian MacDonald20012641 E
SFStuart Pound200730098:40
Shadow Of Wall No. 1Keigo Yamamoto19791043a5:00
Shadow Of Wall No. 2Keigo Yamamoto19791043b5
Shadow's SongLynn Hershman1990175433:00
ShadowsMako Idemitsu198089628:00
Shadows Part 2Mako Idemitsu1982105942:00
Shame on YouElana Herman (Lupis)2001255511
Shan Xia Di: Under The MountainWayne Yung2004279738:00
ShardsHank Bull2024
ShatteredKarin Lee2007299422:00
She SaysLisa G20032721c3:00
She Thrills MeMaureen Bradley1993197013:00
She Was Reading The Paper At Breakfast One MorningJulie Harrison19811040d5:00
She's a DivaSheila James199824103:55
She's Not AloneSondra Cross20012668 c3:23
Ship of FoolsTony Allard1998229117:50
ShirtDana Claxton199419946:00
Shop Until We All DropMark Kenneth Woods200327515:00
Shopping StreetRobert Hamilton20042826 B2:10
Short History Of WaterGary Kibbins1989171116:00
Shuet Ying: A Story of My MotherGordon Wong199823124:00
ShuiClark Nikolai200125824:29
Si'Elu'taxwFirst Nations Video Collective1997223525:00
Sick Fun La!Winston Xin200629114:22
Signed- K.K.Ken Kuramoto197988715:00
Signed- Sealed And DeliveredErik Lewis198092740:00
SignificanceKathy March200428748:00
Silent TapesMonty Cantsin19821033a50:00
Simulate/DesireMark Verabioff19841296a2:00
Singing Our StoriesAnnie Fraziér Henry1998238158:52
SisyphusDavid Rimmer1984142622:00
Sisyphus (MB)Maureen Bradley200629731:30
SK8 OnKai Ling Xue2003283410:00
Skin For LifeTerry Haines200528205:55
SkinnedJennifer Abbott199319316:00
SkinsKate Craig197549830:00
Skwelkwekwelt Protection CenterNitanis Desjarlais2002265628:19
Sky FishDoris Chase1981114028:00
SlangRae Staseson199422275:00
Slanted VisionMing-Yuen S. Ma1995214350:00
SlasherFrederick Cummings199824335:00
Sleeping CarMonique Moumblow20002452a5:30
Slices Of My LifePaul Dhillon1993209117:45
SmashPaul Wong2002297455:00
SmellDonna Szoke199924375:00
SniffMing-Yuen S. Ma199721855:00
SnipTerence Anthony19982302a4:30
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria Of AidsBarbara Hammer19881716b8:00
Snow StormScott Russell20022688
SnowmobileJocelyn Robert19962306b2:00
Snuff FlickStokely Seip198210724:40
So Are YouPaul Wong1994207428:00
So Much I Want To SayMona Hatoum198316555:00
So, You Want To Be Popular?Jeanne C. Finley1988164219
Soap And WaterRichard Layzell1983115017:00
SombrioPaul Manly2006289660:00
Some Call It Bad LuckLisa Steele1982123950:00
Some Eyes And Ears OperationsErnest Gusella1978175555
Some of the Stories: a Documentary about Trans YouthJacob Simpson2001269333:06