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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
Sugar DaddyArdele Lister198091531
Summer 86: A Neighbourhood NotebookEdward Hillel19871543d29
SunnybrookLorna Boschman1995217345:00
SunshineMeesoo Lee20032735 b3:58
SupercatMary Cross199824053:00
SuPORNNaturalSacha Fink200729554:00
Support Modeling (installation)Paul Wong197710765:00
supra-national prayer wheelNikola Marin200428092:45
Sure- I'm Fine!Alex Young Hwa Cho2004291916:00
Surfer DickWayne Yung199722303:20
Survival: Still The IssueMelodie Calvert1986136925:00
Suspects (Performance for the Police)Artspeak Gallery2001256426:38
SwallowElisabeth Subrin1995219530:00
Sweet HeatAnthony Chan1998232028:40
Sweetwater Rattlesnake RoundupLaurie McDonald1980109427:00
SwingLaurel Swenson200226074:14
SybarisNina Skogster1987151916:00
Syntax ErrorsArtspeak Gallery20022642-26433:13:
Syntaxerrors 01: Acting out- Play-Doh* and Doubt: a personalized history of performative lecturingArtspeak Gallery20022642-264352:33
Syntaxerrors 02: The honey's not far from the stingArtspeak Gallery20022642-26431:20:00
Syntaxerrors 03: Counter-InterpellationArtspeak Gallery20022642-264350:33
Systeme Des Beaux-ArtsDaniel Dion19811013a9:00
T L CElizabeth Vander Zaag198513064:20
T.V. TartBarbara Hammer1988182110:00
Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship ChillMaureen Bradley1996221928:00
Take Back the Land - Spirit LakeNitanis Desjarlais2002265728:00
Talkin' Bout Droppin' OutTeenvision Posse19891824c46:00
Tba Tv Welcome To Tba Tv: K.k. Klose-upKen Kuramoto19801396a19
Teach MeAkram Zaatari19962262a6:00
Tear-JerkerRick Phillips19932009b4:00
Technology and NatureHank Bull199423878:00
Technology Knows No Sacred CowsCornelia Wyngaarden198412283:30
Tee Hee HeeLing Chiu19942008a4:00
TekhnRemi Lacoste1999247345:00
Tell Me Why: The Epistemology of DiscoJohn Di Stefano1991193223:00
Telling TalesElizabeth Chitty197985726:30
Temple Of My FamiliarPaul Wong1995218720:00
Temporal TransmissionsAlternator Gallery2005285757:00
Ten Dollars or NothingSara Diamond19891680a12:00
Ten Skakel (My Baby)Cease Wyss1995214125:00
TerminalMiriam Needoba20052966a3:00
Terminal CityEarl Moloney (Karen Earl)200730149:00
Terminal City Dance....At WorkMichael Goldberg198190460:00
Terms of Engagement: DocumentationKen Anderlini19957023
TerraCarole Beaulieu199419767:30
Thank You Kate BornsteinMark Kenneth Woods200027423:20
That's It- Forget ItBranda Miller19851825b4:00
ThaumatropeClark Nikolai19912257f8:13
The Agony and the EcstasyJohn Mitchell19760672a8:00
The BellDonna Szoke20062895 c2:45
The Birthday PartyGwen Groening200427909:25
The Buck Stops HereBC Coalition of the Disabled2018202517
The CallingNguyen Tan Hoang20002690x8:00
The Class From 9 to 5Nimi Langer2005285012:50
The Cornman CommethVelveeta Krisp200025054:30
The Evil VillainBrian MacDonald20042767 D2:15
The Fish In The Machine #3Stuart Pound200528688:11
The Hill Dana Claxton200427793:49
The Kiss and Other MovementsNickolaos Stagias2003271116:00
The Language of MosaicLisa G20032721a5:40
The Legend of Buck KellyPeggy Anne Berton2006290272:00
The LoopHo Tam20012621d14:00
The Love That Won't Shut UpIvan E. Coyote2007298521:00
The Man From VenusJames Diamond199924073:40
The Man From Venus/ Mars Womb ManJames Diamond2006290513:40
The Merry Sea-Gentleman and the Cod Fisher's Voyage BelowSam Scott200629486:25
The Moon's PyramidVenus Soberanes200329158:30
The Negotiating TableMona Hatoum1983179220:00
The New Freedom FoundersEmily Vey Duke2004281526:00
The Nukes and Golf CoincidenceAriella Pahlke19952426 c10
The OAC BabyJoyan Saunders19810950c2:30
The PanamaAnthony Chan1995218930
The Pink PimpernelJohn Greyson1989170734:00
The Plywood GirlsDon Gill1999243050:00
The Queen's Cantonese (English version)Wayne Yung1998225133:00
The RaceRobert Hamilton20042826 A2:00
The Red PaperDana Claxton1996246613:30
The Spirit of HumanityVenus Soberanes200129136:00
The StormMeesoo Lee20062888 A3:38
The Strange and Terrible Fate of Sir Robert ScottNicholas Johnson2000256218
The Suicide of Laura C.Marlene Madison2000245622:00
The Tantrum ProjectS. Saii200528435:05
the tea partyAsa Mori200629121:45
The Third MindMark Handley19941983c4:00
The Thoughts of Mary Jane Meesoo Lee20052823 A4:18
The Thoughts of Mary-Jane / Rock n Roll FantasyMeesoo Lee20052823 A-B4:18,
The TypistRodney Werden1976077518:00
The WalkTerry Haines200629033:30
The Wild Woman In The WoodsShani Mootoo1993192614:00
The Wizard of Deaf WayCheryl Winter1999249310:00
The World Is Sick (sic)John Greyson1989170638:00
The Yellow PagesHo Tam199421317:45
Their HandsMichele Waquant198715636:00
Theme Song IITricia Middleton200125703:30
There is Something WrongChristof Migone19972396c2:44
They Dance AloneJuli Saragosa200529695:00
ThinkMeesoo Lee20002483
Thinking of YouWG Burnham200125749:30
Third Avenue: Only The Strong SurviveJon Alpert198092858:00
Third MindMark Handley199419824:00