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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Kathryne Cowie October-november 1983Terry Harasym19831434d7
CoreTerry Harasym19861514a6
Matter Of Life And DeathTerry Harasym19831514b14
Green VideoTerry Harasym19821514c18
Imagination Of The StreetTerry Harasym19841514d15
Blind FaithTerry Harasym19861514e6
Old DressesTess Payne1985150014:42
Hidden HolocaustThird Eye - BBC1984138455
Black BodyThomas Allen Harris199218535:00
Fast Life on a Lazy SusanTien1993191915:00
Colonization: the Second ComingTJ Cuthand199622723:30
Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross Generational BarriersTJ Cuthand199722733:00
UntouchableTJ Cuthand199822744:15
Helpless Maiden Makes an I StatementTJ Cuthand199924516:00
AnhedoniaTJ Cuthand200126029:00
Love and NumbersTJ Cuthand200427878:03
LetterTom Gedalia1995215730:00
Fear Of BlueTom Dean1982170354:00
Spawning Sockeyes - 2 Channel InstallationTomiyo Sasaki1982139960
Spawning Salmon - Channel 2Tomiyo Sasaki1982140060
Holy Cow!Tomiyo Sasaki19871719a12
No Such Animal New Animal WorkToni Latour20032750a +b14:54
New Animal WorkToni LaTour20032750b3:39
From Here to LATony Allard2000251028
Corpse And MirrorTony Allard1996220725:00
Ship of FoolsTony Allard1998229117:50
AttachmentsTricia Middleton2001251413:30
Tricia Middleton and Joel Taylor CompilationTricia Middleton2001256927:00
Theme Song IITricia Middleton200125703:30
On the Romance TipTricia Middleton200125713
Apartment Living & West-Nile ReduxTricia Middleton2004276917:00
Selected Works 2003Tricia Middleton20032770 a-c35:00
Variations on a Polypropylene WrapperTricia Middleton200125395
Lost in SpaceTricia Middleton2003268311:15
Midnight Studio Rambles #1 (shorts and cuts)- 13:00Tricia Middleton20032770 a13:00
Midnight Studio Rambles #2 (one location- one cut)Tricia Middleton20032770 b13:00
FRIENDS (TM)Tricia Middleton20042770 c9:00
InsideTrish Garner200327275:44
My WorldTristan Blackburn199924913:00
Frau...FrauUlrike Rosenbach19761149a20:00
Female Energy ChangeUlrike Rosenbach19771149b15:00
Inner Landscape - Insight ImagesUlrike Rosenbach1984122116:00
Visual GongUlrike Rosenbach1984122215:00
Exquisite CorpseUna Knox199924137:00
El NinoVaerkstedet Vaerst1985131817
All Orientals Look The SameValerie Soe19861494a2:00
Scratch VideoValerie Soe19871494b4:30
New Years- Part I And IIValerie Soe19871494c10:00
Beyond AsiaphiliaValerie Soe1992224514:00
NondocumentVancouver Association for Noncommercial Culture1998232226:00
Cake Vanessa Kwan20022781 a2:09
I don't care who you are...Vanessa Kwan200327824:30
Interview With My DadVanessa Kwan20022781 b2:30
Peking Duck DinnerVanessa Kwan20022781 c7:17
Your Cheatin' Heart, Part 3Vanessa Kwan20022781 d25:07
Vanessa Kwan CompilationVanessa Kwan2017kwan
Phosphorous Diode: Part 2 Of 2Various1985155738
Devil Music ScreeningVarious2002266941:56
Video Out Queer Sampler - Summer 2006Various Artists20062898
Video Out Sampler - Summer 2006Various Artists20062899
Her Lens: Familial DistanceVarious Artists2007296172:10
Her Lens: Gender CurrentsVarious Artists2007296265:04
Her Lens: More Unsettling of the WestVarious Artists2007296387:00
Queer Works Summer 2007Various Artists2007298254:00
The Cornman CommethVelveeta Krisp200025054:30
Toilet MouthVelveeta Krisp199924204
SaraniaVelveeta Krisp200427834:45
Bad BoyVelveeta Krisp200528764:43
dry ideaVelveeta Krisp200729402:19
The Spirit of HumanityVenus Soberanes200129136:00
ImpermanenceVenus Soberanes200229146:00
The Moon's PyramidVenus Soberanes200329158:30
Ancestral ArchetypesVenus Soberanes20062916a17:00
Me and my foreskin- or how I finally got to love my own penisVenus Soberanes20062916b11:11
LoverVenus Soberanes200729178:00
Her Room in ParisVera Frenkel197989060:00
And Now The Truth (a Parenthesis)Vera Frenkel198089130:00
Stories from the Front (and Back) A True Blue RomanceVera Frenkel198199261:00
FictionsVern Hume198918179:00
Luminous SitesVideo In1986142060:00
Video Inn At The C.r.t.c.Video Inn19730091a10
Excerpts From Video Inn At the CRTCVideo Inn19770241b0
CRTC Alternative Hearing- February 23- 1978Video Inn197883530:00
Off the Air Coverage of the Peanut CampaignVincent Trasov1974033620:00
My Five Years In A NutshellVincent Trasov1975036530:00
De-sign Series 1: KunrenVisual Brains19891984a8
De-sign Series 2: 5-7-5 Hi CookVisual Brains19901984b10:00
Hana MatsuriVisual Brains19901985a6
Window Of DecalcomaniaVisual Brains19901985b11
Orange AlertVisual Brains20221985c7
De-sign Series 0: Rec-zoneVisual Brains19882094a7:00
De-sign Series 1: KunrenVisual Brains19892094b8:00
De-sign Series 2: 5-7-5 Hi CookVisual Brains19902094c10:00
De-sign Series 3: Stand:driftVisual Brains19912094d20:00
De-sign Series 4: Cycle:recycleVisual Brains19932094e15:00
De-sign Series 5: Inside:outsideVisual Brains19942094f14:00
Couples Photo AlbumVivan Sundaram1994218820:00
Dead Weight of a Quarrel HangsWalid Ra ad1996218316:54