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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
Titlesort iconProducerYearAccession NumberDuration
The Final CutBrian Kent Gotro199930361:15
120999041900 (the murder of god and the arrival of the human)Brian Kent Gotro200030373:10
God is a CanadianBrian Kent Gotro200030381:38
Crippled Communication ResolvedBrian Kent Gotro200130394:23
Briefcase on FireBrian Kent Gotro200130402:50
Running Toward ConsequenceBrian Kent Gotro200130412:41
elevenBrian Kent Gotro200330426:40
A 60 Second VideoBrian Kent Gotro200330431:00
ID ErrorBrian Kent Gotro200430443:44
burthBrian Kent Gotro200430456:57
Untitled (2 telephone messages)Brian Kent Gotro200430464:06
absence presence placeBrian Kent Gotro200430473:21
mouth trickBrian Kent Gotro200430482:40
MoodBrian Kent Gotro200530494:41
00:17:06:47 > 00:00:30:00Brian Kent Gotro200630500:30
the notion of self (in 30 seconds)Brian Kent Gotro200730510:30
BEACHBrian Kent Gotro200830523:20
RESONANCE MARKBrian Kent Gotro200830533:41
VIDEOtapeRBGBrian Kent Gotro200830543:15
VIDEOtapeRBGBrian Kent Gotro200830543:15
VIDEOtapeRBG + OwenBrian Kent Gotro200830555:15
WALKBrian Kent Gotro200830561:00
IncidentOliver Hockenhull200830579:16
This Lane Is Our LaneTerry Haines200830586:44
Cybernetic Love TriangleBrendan Baudat200830592:30
Water Squatters (Thinking and Living Outside the Box)Leon Kaplan200730601:15:00
Hey F*** FaceAmber Dawn200830344:15
Intermedia HistoryGlenn Lewis19731 a- b30:00
Brian + VirginieBrian MacDonald200830283:33
ApartmentEric Deis200430271:49
From The Ground Up In Order, EmbraceNick Briz200730261:39
GREYCON4Brandon Blommaert200730256:36
CheckpointAlex Mah2007302412:00
ƒcoute S'il PleutZainub Verjee199319677:30
| - +Lotty Rosenfeld1987158820:00
_X_ (prologue)laura jeanne lefave199924763:00
Zona De Dolor IDiamela Eltit19851504a5:00
Zoe's CarArdele Lister198616056:30
Zero To The PowerBarbara Bourget19891678b80
Zero To The PowerScott Robinson19891714b80
Your System Stinks: A Video About Welfare RightsLorna Boschman1989169313
Your High ImperialKenneth Doren20002579c17:00
Your Cheatin' Heart, Part 3Vanessa Kwan20022781 d25:07
Young and Sexy Meesoo Lee20042818 A9:11
You Must Remember Thismarshalore19790925b27:00
You FakeMaureen Bradley200327386:13
you don't know what love is.Brian MacDonald20012641 B
You (you you you)Meesoo Lee20032735 a7:21
YotinPimoteoQuartzDevabeFrederick Cummings2002266126:29
Yoji, What's Wrong With You?Mako Idemitsu1987146220:00
Yo Soy Eine Kleine ShopkeeperMargaret Dragu19932021
Yo No Le Tengo Miedo A NadaTatiana Gaviola19841505a5:56
YesRodney Werden1981102036:00
Yellow Peril - Silence Into SilenceL Amitie Chinoise de Montreal1989187726
Yellow Peril - Morning ZooDaisy Lee1989188125
Yellow Peril - Displaced ViewMidi Onodera1988188552
Yankee LustClark Nikolai200628873:23
Yamo Guvi DyetClark Nikolai19942257g13:07
Yah MonClark Nikolai19922257c2:04
XXXSpacejunkShawn Chappelle19962238f9:00
Writing On The WallJoe Viszmeg1981099723:00
Writing In WaterStephen Roszell19841746b30
Writing BehaviourStuart Pound200528663:10
Writer's Block Lisa G20042776 b6:50
Wrecked For Life: The Trip And Magic Of Trocadero TransferJohn Goss1993199860:00
Would You Rather Be a Cyborg?Carla Wolf19972471
Would It Move YouShafin Karim200428197:36
Worst Thing EverDonna Szoke200327010:30
World Of Hiroshi HoriMichael Goldberg1984119322
World BriefingOliver Hockenhull20072923insta
Working the Double ShiftLisa Steele1984123718:00
Working PortraitsLeila Sujir1992194440:00
Working PortraitsLeila Sujir1992194540:00
Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross Generational BarriersTJ Cuthand199722733:00
Work-2Haruo Higuma19881677b18
Work-1Haruo Higuma19881677a22
Work Your BodyGay Men's Health Crisis20091750b
Words of WisdomAnnie Fraziér Henry1992191415:00
Word for WordElizabeth MacKenzie199521779:00
WoodRichard Layzell19810999b6:00
Womyn WarriorsPatrice Leung1999242248:20
Women Of The CalabashSkip Blumberg19871768a18:58
Women Down Prospect: Final ReportAriella Pahlke19962426 i9
Women Breaking BoundariesDesiree Lim200227171:23:
Woman's Work is Always DoneJennifer Babcock198815482:00
Wolf LakeMichael V. Smith200629004:15
Wolf LakeMichael V. Smith200629004:15
WohosheniSusan Harman199218327:00
Within Dialogue (Silence)Susan Rynard198714916:00
With the Good WitchJoel Baird19962438g1:40
With Six You Get EggrollWayne Yung2001257299
With Our Own EyesRuby Truly1993197235:40
With ChildCatherine Elwes19841782e18:00
WISTARJ Tuna19992431a6:00
WinonaRobert Hamilton200830195:45
Winning Of The NorthEva Manly1989175110:00
Window/FenêtreNelson Henricks199722173:00
Window Of DecalcomaniaVisual Brains19901985b11
Window (LS) Laurel Swenson20032761a5:49
Willingdon DreamsDonna Lee200528443:30