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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Class of 2000: Unite Against Racism2000Paul WongIn Distribution2524
Sap Ads2000Marlene Madison2:00In Distribution2450
Sleeping Car2000Monique Moumblow5:30In Distribution2452a
Body of Sound2000Oliver Hockenhull23:00In Distribution2453
Little Miss Mira2000Marlene Madison43:00In Distribution2455
The Suicide of Laura C.2000Marlene Madison22:00In Distribution2456
Field Guide to Western Wildflowers2000Wayne Yung5:30In Distribution2292d
Moderately Paced Video2000Emily Vey Duke17:00In Distribution2461
Generation Loss2000Christine StewartIn Distribution2464
Marking the Mother2000Laurel Swenson25:00In Distribution2465
To Return: The John Walkus Story2000AM Productions Ltd.45:00In Distribution2472
Rancour2000Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)8:00In Distribution2474
prosthetic territories2000Tagny Duff13:00In Distribution2478
All Sales Final2000Tricia Middleton4:17In Library Only2425
Bye Buy World: The Battle of Seattle2000Annahid Dashtgard11:31In Library Only2482
Think2000Meesoo LeeIn Distribution2483
Dream of Donuts2000Meesoo LeeIn Distribution2485
Why I Hate Modern Dance2000Meesoo LeeIn Distribution2486
Incident on Ballantyne Pier2000Elana Herman (Lupis)19:19In Distribution2496
Appropriate behaviors2000In Library Only2497
Atmosphere2000In Library Only2498
Alison Knowles2000Morris And Hellen Belkin Gallery27:00In Distribution2502
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (SC)2000Shawn Chappelle7:00Special2503
The Cornman Commeth2000Velveeta Krisp4:30In Distribution2505
Delivery: Artist Mothers on Tape2000Elizabeth MacKenzie79In Distribution2506
I'm Telling2000Kim A. Hines14:20In Distribution2509
View2000Shani Mootoo6:45In Distribution2507
From Here to LA2000Tony Allard28In Distribution2510
where have all the lesbians gone?2000Meg Torwl7:20In Distribution2517
Queer Things I Hate about You2000Nickolaos Stagias4:36In Distribution2518a
File this... Greatest Hits2000Gloria Orangeena Hole54In Distribution2519
Easy2000Nickolaos Stagias13:51In Distribution2521
Just My Hat2000Sydney Hermant4:00In Distribution2522
7 Works2000Mark CurryIn Distribution2523 a-b
Body Burden2000France Queyras16:00Special2530
100 Greatest Books of All Time2000Maija Martin11:10In Distribution2534
Keeping Her Cool2000Goody B. Wiseman3:41In Distribution2542
Fucked In the Face2000Shawn Durr70:00In Distribution2544
The Strange and Terrible Fate of Sir Robert Scott2000Nicholas Johnson18In Distribution2562
Your High Imperial2000Kenneth Doren17:00In Distribution2579c
For the Love of All at Once- Take me Now2000Kenneth Doren10:00In Distribution2579d
Field Guide to Western Wildflowers (German Subtitles)2000Wayne Yung5:30In Distribution2292e
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (HF)2000Heather Frise7:00Special2503
Spit2000Jeremy Drummond2:27In Library Only2637a
Adventures of A.D.D. Girl2000Terra Poirier4:00In Distribution2674
Pirated!2000Nguyen Tan Hoang11:00In Distribution2690 U
Crimson2000Gino T.4:00In Distribution2690
Cover Girl: A Gift from God2000Nguyen Tan Hoang18:00In Distribution2690W
The Calling2000Nguyen Tan Hoang8:00In Distribution2690x
Toni Latour: Selected Video Work2000Toni Latour30:00In Library Only2706
Thank You Kate Bornstein2000Mark Kenneth Woods3:20In Distribution2742
Vexation Island2000Kiley Fithen6:00In Distribution2768 b
Crimson (NH)2000Nguyen Tan Hoang4:00In Distribution2690V
From the Inside/OUT!2000Persimmon Blackbridge25:00In Library Only2941
Mother/Land2000Ming-Yuen S. Ma25:00In Library Only2979
For All Mankind Remix1999Chris MacKenzie5:00In Distribution2309
Dollhouse Diaries1999Rae Staseson7:11In Distribution2392
New Acquisitions Winter 1998-99 Tape 1199960:00In Library Only2313a
Footprints1999Paul Manly6:00In Distribution2315
Dr. Lorna's Seven Day Poodle Diet1999Lorna Boschman53:00In Distribution2318
Boy Girl1999Lorna Boschman14:00In Distribution2319
Search Engine1999Wayne Yung4:00In Distribution2292b
New Queer Acquisitions 1998199960:00In Library Only2323
Born Under Surveillance1999Paul Wong2:00In Distribution2324
Erased1999Maureen Bradley15:00In Distribution2345
Up From the Ashes1999Jack Micay53:00In Distribution2380
Hempster 001: DARE Remix1999Merry Wanna Man7:00In Distribution2386
Unmapping Desire1999Sheila James6:51In Distribution2397
Building Heaven- Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen Architect1999Oliver Hockenhull104:0In Distribution2398 1
Building Heaven- Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen Architect1999Oliver Hockenhull104In Distribution2398 2
Stop Staring and Listen1999Catherine McCollum13:43In Distribution2399
Condola DC 231999Geoffrey Farmer9:00In Distribution24298
Washington Heights Untitled1999Ho Tam4:00In Distribution2403d
Hair Cuts1999Ho Tam8:00In Distribution2403a
Cop Strings1999Ho Tam6:00In Distribution2403b
Matinee Idol1999Ho Tam16:30In Distribution2403e
Matinee Idol1999Ho Tam16:30In Distribution2403f
dos cartas / two letters1999Ho Tam3:30In Distribution2403c
Maureen Bradley: Selected Works1999Maureen Bradley46:00In Library Only2404
The Man From Venus1999James Diamond3:40In Distribution2407
Welcome to Africville1999Dana Inkster15:00In Distribution2408
Irresistible1999Annthea Whittaker3:30In Distribution2411
Legends Sx̱wex̱wx̱wiy'am' The Story Of Siwash Rock1999Annie Fraziér-Henry24:00In Distribution2412
Exquisite Corpse1999Una Knox7:00In Distribution2413
Box Number1999Ani Kalemkerian15:00In Distribution2414
Aren't You Lucky to Have Brought Your Own Chair1999Margaret Scott16:00In Distribution2415
Voicing the Real1999Kathryn Weiler23:00In Distribution2416
Me First1999Elizabeth MacKenzie7:00In Distribution2418
Oh Beautiful1999Bonita Makuch6:00In Distribution2421
Toilet Mouth1999Velveeta Krisp4In Distribution2420
Holy Dog1999Judith Norris7:00In Distribution2423
Womyn Warriors1999Patrice Leung48:20In Distribution2422
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Haunted Body1999Marusya Bociurkiw45:00Special2479
Davie Street Blues1999Wayne Yung12:47In Distribution2292c
The Plywood Girls1999Don Gill50:00In Distribution2430
WISTA1999RJ Tuna6:00In Distribution2431a
Relentless1999RJ Tuna5:00In Distribution2432
I Hate Housework1999Renee Poisson8:00In Distribution2434
Luv Ain't Tha Onlee Truth...1999Gloria Orangeena Hole9:00In Distribution2435
Smell1999Donna Szoke5:00In Distribution2437