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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearsort iconProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Colville1996Jocelyn Robert2:15In Distribution2306c
Andy1996Steve Reinke8:30In Distribution2308c
Each And Every One of You How To Make Contemporary Art (1)1996Donald Goodes32In Library Only2329
Each And Every One of You How To Make Contemporary Art (B)1996Donald Goodes32In Library Only2329
Hundred Videos (1)1996Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
Hundred Videos (3)1996Steve ReinkeIn Library Only2358
6 Television Uncommercials1996Adbusters3In Library Only2370
Video Verite compilation for 1996 IFVA AGM199660:00In Library Only2384
Next Question1996Ariella Pahlke11In Library Only2426 b
Black Shiny Shoes Opera1996Marlene Madison8:00In Distribution
Joan and Stephen1996Monique Moumblow12:00In Distribution2452b
The Red Paper1996Dana Claxton13:30In Distribution2466
Ascension1996John BoehmeIn Distribution2499
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light1996Oliver Hockenhull78:31In Distribution2516ab
Women Down Prospect: Final Report1996Ariella Pahlke9In Distribution2426 i
Papaver Somniferum: The Opium Poppy1996Robert Linsley20In Library Only2594
Railroad Grade Moraine Trail1996Robert Linsley12:00In Library Only2596-2601
Dreams of the Night Cleaners1995Leila Sujir46:30In Distribution2145
Ten Skakel (My Baby)1995Cease Wyss25:00In Distribution2141
Slanted Vision1995Ming-Yuen S. Ma50:00In Distribution2143
Blackout1995Terence Anthony14:00In Distribution2142
Fit To Be Tied1995Sara Diamond24:30In Distribution2152
Guerita And Prietita1995Shani Mootoo20:00In Distribution2153
Ladies of the Inlet1995Annie Fraziér Henry27:00In Distribution2158
Motherfuckers1995Laurel Swenson4:00Special2159
Losing It1995Maureen Bradley3:00In Distribution2160
Sovereign1995Philip Napier12:00In Distribution2162
Mom- I Think I'm...1995Anna Malkin10:00In Distribution2164
Static1995Nikki Forrest7:00In Distribution2165
front1995Andrew Power20:00In Distribution2166
Cassandra: An Opera In Four Acts1995Freda GuttmanIn Distribution2171
Sunnybrook1995Lorna Boschman45:00In Distribution2173
Word for Word1995Elizabeth MacKenzie9:00In Distribution2177
Me, Myself, I1995Sheila Urbanoski4:30In Distribution2181
Temple Of My Familiar1995Paul Wong20:00In Distribution2187
One Night In Heaven1995Wayne Yung6:00In Distribution2133
Whitewash1995Kira Wu10:00In Distribution2213
Raven1995Kenneth Doren14:00In Distribution2232
Trans 1995Shawn Chappelle5:00In Distribution2238E
Mind Fuck1995Kagan Goh25:00In Distribution2244
Laurel Swenson Compilation 1995Laurel Swenson28In Library Only2255
Maureen Bradley Compilation1995Maureen Bradley20In Library Only2256
Re:Vision 1995Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2282
Letter1995Tom Gedalia30:00In Distribution2157
Petrus et Lupa1995Clark Nikolai2:48In Distribution2257e
Scholarship Portfolio -19951995Kenneth Sherman7:00In Library Only2334
There's a Dog in the Field1995Gerry Kisil15In Library Only2357
Terms of Engagement: Documentation1995Ken AnderliniIn Distribution7023
Reframing the Montreal Massacre1995Maureen Bradley27:00In Distribution2391
The Nukes and Golf Coincidence1995Ariella Pahlke10In Distribution2426 c
Kiss My Swollen Theory1995Jonathan Wells11:00In Distribution2535
Confirmation of My Sins1995Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2696
Hogan's Alley1994Cornelia Wyngaarden32:00Special1933
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:00In Library Only1974
Tree of Consumption1994Dana Claxton12:00In Distribution1973
Terra1994Carole Beaulieu7:30In Distribution1976
Des Bouches et le rose et le brun1994Martine Crispo5:00In Distribution1977
Dig- Dig- Dig1994Melanie Fei-Lin Boyle2:30In Distribution1979
Mekaron1994Tiure5:00In Distribution1980
Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1982
Mekaron Compilation1994Tiure5In Library Only1983
Dirty Little Story1994Melodie Calvert20:00In Distribution1986
Mubarakah1994Cherie Moses24:00In Distribution1987
I Want To Know Why1994Dana Claxton6:30In Distribution1993
Shirt1994Dana Claxton6:00In Distribution1994
West Coast Homo Love Story1994Joe Sarahan45:00In Distribution1997
Tee Hee Hee1994Ling Chiu4:00In Distribution2008a
Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter1994Wayne Yung5:00In Distribution2010
Her Sweetness Lingers1994Shani Mootoo12:00In Distribution2011
Not Like That: Diary of a Butch-a-phobe1994Maureen Bradley13:15In Distribution2012
Pearls: Bright- Beautiful- Glorious & Blue1994Margaret Gallagher15:00In Distribution2014
Hybrid Vigour1994Stephen Arthur4In Distribution2048
Dangerous Bliss1994Carla Wolf6:30In Distribution2001a
Weight of Women's Eyes1994Maureen Bradley10:00In Distribution2001b
Fat Chance (AG)1994Anne Golden10:00In Distribution2001c
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go Extinct1994Aaron Pollard8:00In Distribution2073
So Are You1994Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2074
Flying High In The Sun1994Byron Black12:27In Distribution2088
Bootsin1994Solomon Tzeggai-Teferi3:00In Distribution1983b
Dog and Fish1994Sabrina Mathews4:00In Distribution1983f
The Yellow Pages1994Ho Tam7:45In Distribution2131
Fat World1994Lorna Boschman25:00In Distribution2140
Bardo Gap1994Margaret Dragu18:00In Distribution2148
Aberrant Motion #11994Cathy Sisler11:00In Distribution2167
Aberrant Motion #4: Face Story- Stagger Stories1994Cathy Sisler14:30In Distribution2168
Occidental Tourist1994Kira Wu7:00In Distribution2170
Couples Photo Album1994Vivan Sundaram20:00In Distribution2188
Stain1994Rae Staseson4:00In Distribution2226
Slang1994Rae Staseson5:00In Distribution2227
Ozone1994Shawn Chappelle27:00In Distribution2238C
Probe1994Shawn Chappelle7:00In Distribution2238d
Seeing. Believing. Compilation1994Sarah Butterfield57:00In Library Only2241
Dana Claxton Compilation1994Dana Claxton40:00In Library Only2261
Yamo Guvi Dyet1994Clark Nikolai13:07In Distribution2257g
Controlled Environments1994Andrew James Paterson33:45In Library Only2337
Barby Nai Live Street Improv1994Marie Humber Clements25:10In Library Only2352
Technology and Nature1994Hank Bull8:00In Distribution2387
Pizza 2221994Jonathan Wells15:00In Distribution2536
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:30In Distribution2699
Drag On a Fag1994Nickolaos Stagias5:00In Distribution2757