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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Reel To Reality1973Video Access Centre20In Library Only129
Lets Eat2016Randy Gledhill20In Library Only0137a
Mierda Los Patrones [1/3]1972Alain Ambrost20In Library Only0153
Pour Une Civilisation Creditiste1973Marie Chamberland20In Library Only156
Topesthesia1970Les Levine20In Library Only173
Sur Les Pas De Baudelaire1974Richard Garrido20In Library Only0184a
Les p'tits nègres de la Great Lakes [2/2]1974Pierre Joyal20In Library Only0237
See How We Are1972Raven Society of B.C.20In Library Only0270
Stonecarver And His Craft1974Maureen Sager20In Library Only316
Petit Prince [2/2]2024Yves Trepanier20In Library Only319
Spanish Tragedy1975Don Druick20In Library Only364
Why Build An Organization?1974Gwen Bassen20In Library Only0416
Save The Island Homes [3/3]1973Bill George20In Library Only436
Mime1975Peter Bertani20In Library Only463
Object Collection 19741974Mao Komura20In Library Only0486
Lapse Communication1976Hakudo Kobayashi20In Library Only0488b
Natural Right1976Diamond Light Productions20In Library Only512
Perser House1976Debbie Littman20In Library Only519
Press Gang1974The Media Mothers20In Library Only527
Magnetic Storm1975B. McCrimmon20In Library Only547
Native Land Claims In Bc - An Introduction1976Target Canada20In Library Only551
Degenerations Of Atlanta1973Jill Kroesen20In Library Only578
Films Of June Boe/sarahglow2024June Boe20In Library Only621
Ethnocide [3/3]1976Cine Difusion Sep20In Library Only625
B.c. Bowl Busters 19771978Sharon Lovett20In Library Only674
"narc- Narc- Who's There? [2/2]"1975n/a20In Library Only685
Reindeer Werk October 19771977Video Vehicule Productions20In Library Only695
Day In The Life1974Urban Planning Aid (Boston)20In Library Only699
Correction Of A Catachresis1975Cardena Warming-Up20In Library Only711
Stop The Extradition2012Jan Darger20In Library Only730
Martha Shelley: Whittler/painter1978Pia Luppino Perniciaro20In Library Only745
Ray Drognensen: Horse Farmer1978Pia Luppino Perniciaro20In Library Only746
Speakeasy1978Judith Marcuse20In Library Only0770
Rosalie/codex/spacelab/metropolis1978Susan Kaija20In Library Only0777a
Towards Location Markings (moyetsukita Chizu)1978Don Druick20In Library Only808
Drawing - Line2024Kurashige Mibunori20In Library Only819
Phoenix Observed1971Educational Television Ontario20In Library Only826
Camera1974Michael de Courcey20In Library Only843
Soft Pallet1979Woodland Video20In Library Only869
Conversation With Dr. Death1980Nelson Channel 1020In Library Only910
Instead of Prisons: Irish P.O.W. [1/2]1981Claire Culhane20In Library Only0938a
Textual Strategies1980Daniel Guimond20In Library Only946
Kidcatcher1981A.J. Krumins20In Library Only953
Crystal Brain1981Jun Okaxaki20In Library Only0968
Ephemereality1979David Enblom20In Library Only975
Disarmament Video Survey1982Video Inn20In Library Only1041
Band Capital Planning1972Department of Indian Affairs20In Library Only1145
Frelimo 761976Per Bratt20In Library Only1171
Ben Metcalf1978Metro Media20In Library Only1198
Dextron Solution1982Scott MacEachern20In Library Only1212
Marquee Masterworks Of Bangkok1985Byron Black20In Library Only1257
Untitled1977Ken Kuramoto20In Library Only1301
Videobrief1985Gerd Conradt20In Library Only1314
Confused Sexual Views: Bev1984Jeanette Reinhardt20In Distribution1325
Video Animation Workshop1982Kou Nakajima20In Distribution1407
La Cage1983Marc Paradis20In Distribution1455
Yellow Peril - Chinese Characters1986Richard Fung20In Library Only1879
Family Service2024Metro Media20In Library OnlyM230
Maureen Bradley Compilation1995Maureen Bradley20In Library Only2256
Ava's Mountain Adventure2001Robert Linsley20In Distribution2593
Papaver Somniferum: The Opium Poppy1996Robert Linsley20In Library Only2594
Vancouver Co-op Radio C.R.T.C. Application1974Palladin Portapacks20:00In Distribution0182
Take Her She's Mad1970Marta Segovia Ashley20:00In Library Only0234
Off the Air Coverage of the Peanut Campaign1974Vincent Trasov20:00In Distribution0336
His Holiness, The Gyalwa Karmapa1974Byron Black20:00In Library Only0567
Leonard Peltier Trial1978American Indian Students in Comm.20:00In Library Only719
C'Žtait un Jeu de MŽmoire1977Nora Hutchinson20:00In Distribution884
TV Translate Waiting1982Norbert Brunner20:00In Distribution1025
I'm With You True Blue1980Neil R. Armstrong20:00In Distribution1026
In Praise of Non Representation1982Neil R. Armstrong20:00In Distribution1027
Prime Cuts (PW)1981Paul Wong20:00Special1030
Boundary1980Julie Harrison20:00In Library Only1039
Frau...Frau1976Ulrike Rosenbach20:00In Distribution1149a
Holly Near - Feminist Folksinger1980Amelia Productions20:00In Library Only1166
Is Your Mother Living?1984Paula Levine20:00In Distribution1242
Videosehen1983Michael Morris20:00In Distribution1262d
Split1981Ardele Lister20:00In Distribution1273
Manufactured Romance Part 2: Beauty- Passion- and Power1983Anne Ramsden20:00In Distribution1312b
Unbashed Heroics1982Randy & Berenicci20:00In Distribution1378
Milk on the Diningroom Floor1984Cornelia Wyngaarden20:00In Distribution1381
Lost City Found1979Randy & Berenicci20:00In Distribution1385
Heroics II: A Shining Example1984Sara Diamond20:00In Distribution1390
Yoji, What's Wrong With You?1987Mako Idemitsu20:00In Distribution1462
| - +1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Distribution1588
Middle Child: Confessions of a Family's Home Video1989Mark Sawers20:00In Distribution1745
The Negotiating Table1983Mona Hatoum20:00In Distribution1792
Threnody: A Wailing Song For Carl1991Ken Anderlini20:00In Distribution1809
Dead Man Was a Woman1992Cornelia Wyngaarden20:00In Distribution1851
Double Visions1996Jean Lamarr20:00In Distribution1863
It Wasn't Love1992Sadie Benning20:00In Distribution1875
Dirty Little Story1994Melodie Calvert20:00In Distribution1986
Pink In Public1993Andrew James Paterson20:00In Distribution2004
11987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Library OnlyW0010
+1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Library OnlyW0011
=1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Library OnlyW0012
Gendertroublemakers1993Jeanne B. (aka Mihra-Soleil Ross)20:00In Distribution2027
De-sign Series 3: Stand:drift1991Visual Brains20:00In Distribution2094d
Toc Storee1992Ming Yuen S. Ma20:00In Distribution2136
Deconstructed Dollhouse1996Margaret Dragu20:00In Distribution2151
Guerita And Prietita1995Shani Mootoo20:00In Distribution2153