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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
White Dawn1988Lisa Steele9:00In Distribution1554
Birth Of Ludi1974Liz Grumette43In Library Only351
Keeping Time1997Liz Tevaarwerk3:00In Distribution2326
Fantasmagoria: Sexing The Lesbian Imaginary2024Lock Up Your Daughters60In Library Only2001
What Happened In Chile1976Loni Ding28In Library Only0644
Scars1987Lorna Boschman12:00In Distribution1439
Our Normal Childhood1988Lorna Boschman11:25In Distribution1546
Your System Stinks: A Video About Welfare Rights1989Lorna Boschman13In Distribution1693
Doing Time1991Lorna Boschman27:00In Distribution1794
Drawing The Line1992Lorna Boschman7:30In Distribution1828
True Inversions1992Lorna Boschman29:00In Distribution1847
Big Fat Slenderella1993Lorna Boschman15:00In Distribution1965
Fat World1994Lorna Boschman25:00In Distribution2140
Cancer Video1996Lorna Boschman23:00In Distribution2154
Sunnybrook1995Lorna Boschman45:00In Distribution2173
Dr. Lorna's Seven Day Poodle Diet1999Lorna Boschman53:00In Distribution2318
Boy Girl1999Lorna Boschman14:00In Distribution2319
Chris Delaney Interview1997Lorna BoschmanIn Library Only2349
International Women's Day1997Lorna Boschman8In Library Only2374
Video In at 25- Program 1- Social Documentaries1998Lorna BoschmanIn Library Only2393
Before the New Millenium2007Lorna Boschman26:57In Distribution2958
Good Friday1972Lory Harach8In Library Only0143a
Los Angeles Videoletters1975Los Angeles Feminist Video Outlet30In Library Only733
News & Analysis Shorts 19781975Los Angeles Women's Communications Collective60In Library Only0734
Milla De Cruces Sobre El Pavimento1979Lotty Rosenfeld5:00In Distribution1504h
Una Herida Americana1982Lotty Rosenfeld4:00In Distribution1504i
Proposicion Para (entre) Cruzar Espacios Limites1983Lotty Rosenfeld4:00In Distribution1504j
Paz Para Sebastian Acevedo1985Lotty Rosenfeld2:00In Distribution1504k
Ay De Los Vencidos1986Lotty Rosenfeld2:15In Distribution1504l
Palabra De Mujer1986Lotty Rosenfeld10:00In Distribution1507b
Esta Linea Es Mi Arma1987Lotty Rosenfeld35:18In Distribution1587
| - +1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Distribution1588
11987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Library OnlyW0010
+1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Library OnlyW0011
=1987Lotty Rosenfeld20:00In Library OnlyW0012
Landlord And Tenant Act1975Loy Leyland55In Library Only357
Reverse Letter1984Luc Bourdon8:00In Distribution1361a
Distance1984Luc Bourdon4:30In Distribution1361b
Touei1984Luc Bourdon4:00In Distribution1361c
Story Of Feniks And Abdullah1988Luc Bourdon18:00In Distribution1543
Loisir1975Lue Blanchard15In Library Only550
Luis Valdovino 1990-19942024Luis ValdovinoIn Library Only2346
Patagonia1996Luis Valdovino28:30In Library Only2353
Delito Persistente2024Luz Donoso9In Library OnlyW0025
Lone Ranger Lost in the Jungle of Erotic Desire1982Lydia Schouten18:00In Distribution1287a
Split Seconds Of Magnificence1984Lydia Schouten15:30In Distribution1287b
Covered With Cold Sweat1983Lydia Schouten8:00In Distribution1287c
Romeo Is Bleeding1982Lydia Schouten11:00In Distribution1287d
Beauty Becomes the Beast1985Lydia Schouten10:00In Distribution1287e
Echoes Of Death1985Lydia Schouten9:00In Distribution1380
Echoes Of Death/Forever Young1986Lydia Schouten13:00In Distribution1474
Help Me the girl Whispered2002Lyla Hunter2:06In Distribution2679
A Conversation with Emile de Antonio: Film Maker1972Lyle Stern24In Library Only0043
Binge1987Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1561a
Proxemics1985Lynn Hershman5:00In Distribution1561b
Rebecca At 281986Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1562a
Confessions Of A Chameleon1986Lynn Hershman10:00In Distribution1562b
First Personal Plural1988Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1662
Longshot1989Lynn Hershman72:00In Distribution1663
Double Take1989Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1752
Desire Inc.1990Lynn Hershman26:00In Distribution1753
Shadow's Song1990Lynn Hershman33:00In Distribution1754
Conspiracy Of Silence1991Lynn Hershman15:00In Distribution1826
Seeing Is Believing1991Lynn Hershman58:00In Distribution1827
Seeing is Believing1993Lynn Hershman75:00In Distribution1995
Changing Worlds: Women, Art, History & Revolution1993Lynn Hershman57In Distribution2023
Electronic Diary #1- 2- 31985Lynn Hershman Leeson60:00In Library Only2427
Dildo Goes Home2001Lynne Kamm13:38In Distribution2581
Spag1998Lynne R. Kamm26:00In Distribution2288
100 Greatest Books of All Time2000Maija Martin11:10In Distribution2534
Make-up1977Mako Idemitsu12In Library Only812
Shadows1980Mako Idemitsu28:00In Distribution896
Shadows Part 21982Mako Idemitsu42:00In Distribution1059
Hideo, It's Me, Mama1983Mako Idemitsu23:30In Distribution1162a
Great Mother Part 1: Harumi1983Mako Idemitsu13:00In Distribution1162b
Great Mother Part 2: Sachiko1984Mako Idemitsu18:00In Distribution1460
Marriage Of Yasushi1986Mako Idemitsu23:00In Distribution1461
Yoji, What's Wrong With You?1987Mako Idemitsu20:00In Distribution1462
Kiyoko's Situation1990Mako Idemitsu25:00In Distribution1786
Kae- Act Like A Girl!1996Mako Idemitsu47:00In Distribution2197
Dancing For The Gods2004Mandala Arts and Culture51:00In Distribution2816
Object Collection 19741974Mao Komura20In Library Only0486
La Cage1983Marc Paradis20In Distribution1455
Autocriticas1980Marcela Serrano5:00In Distribution1508e
Edited Messages1981Marcella Bienvenue49:00In Distribution1295
Salut2004Marco Dube3:20In Distribution2773
Festivale De Musique Traditionelle1973Marcus Pons31In Library Only0165
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [2/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only553
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [3/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only554
Breath1985Margaret Dragu16:00In Distribution1304
Dance Reading1985Margaret Dragu23In Distribution1671
Yo Soy Eine Kleine Shopkeeper1993Margaret DraguIn Distribution2021
Sleeping Tape1985Margaret Dragu13In Library Only2066
Bardo Gap1994Margaret Dragu18:00In Distribution2148
Deconstructed Dollhouse1996Margaret Dragu20:00In Distribution2151
Living Art2001Margaret Dragu7:00In Distribution2638
Lady of Shallot - A Surveillance Player2002Margaret Dragu3:30In Distribution2639
More Cleaning and Loving It2002Margaret Dragu13:00In Distribution2640
Pearls: Bright- Beautiful- Glorious & Blue1994Margaret Gallagher15:00In Distribution2014
Aren't You Lucky to Have Brought Your Own Chair1999Margaret Scott16:00In Distribution2415