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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Untitled (AP)1998Andrew Power5:00In Distribution2278
Icarus Landed 1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2281
Re:Vision 1995Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2282
In the Blue Light1993Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2283
Untitled1997Kenneth Sherman5:00In Distribution2284
Star Trek: Generation Spice1998Gordon Wong5:00In Distribution2289
Angel1998Wayne Yung5:00In Distribution2292a
La Salle Primary1998Ho Tam5:00In Distribution2294a
TOXIC (Yellow River)1996Peter Courtemanche5:00In Distribution2297
Sounding Queer Space1998Kris Zalite5:00In Distribution2304
For All Mankind Remix1999Chris MacKenzie5:00In Distribution2309
Slasher1998Frederick Cummings5:00In Distribution2433
Relentless1999RJ Tuna5:00In Distribution2432
Smell1999Donna Szoke5:00In Distribution2437
No One Likes My Ass1999Forrest Smith5:00In Distribution2467
EBA2002Smartbodies5:00In Distribution2648
Creeper2001Kim Dawn5:00In Distribution2682
Shop Until We All Drop2003Mark Kenneth Woods5:00In Distribution2751
Drag On a Fag1994Nickolaos Stagias5:00In Distribution2757
Post-Mortal Ejaculation2003Jeremy Drummond5:00In Library Only2765 D
A Safer America2003Jeremy Drummond5:00In Library Only2765e
Vixen1998Kyath Battie5:00In Library Only2825
Class Clown2005RoseAnne Archibald5:00In Distribution2886B
They Dance Alone2005Juli Saragosa5:00In Distribution2969
Domestic Blitz2007Kyath Battie5:00In Distribution2976
Boyfriend2006Lisa G5:02In Distribution2945
The Tantrum Project2005S. Saii5:05In Distribution2843
Canada's Next Top Showgirl2007Mark Peacock5:09In Distribution3006
imMaterial2007Stephanie Loveless5:10In Distribution2950
Abode2005Portia Priegert5:14In Distribution2859
China2003Nickolaos Stagias5:15In Distribution2720
Peuk Nepi - Meeting Waterwoman2004James Nicholas5:16In Distribution2829
Television Spots1988Stan Douglas5:19Special1702
Measure Of Success1987Cherie Moses5:19In Distribution1991
Death of the Lotus1989Laurie McDonald5:20In Distribution1710
Custom Mambo1992Ruben Torres5:20In Distribution2005
Avalanche2007Clark Nikolai5:20In Distribution2987
Life On Mars2007Stuart Pound5:24In Distribution3011
Bed of Fear 2004Lisa G5:25In Distribution2794
Three Things My Mother Never Told Me2001Lisa G5:27Special2560
Hotel Sevilla2007Stuart Pound5:29In Distribution2928 a
Time To Time1986Rob Milthorp5:30In Distribution1518
Sleeping Car2000Monique Moumblow5:30In Distribution2452a
Field Guide to Western Wildflowers2000Wayne Yung5:30In Distribution2292d
Ciao Ciao2001Michelle Irving5:30In Distribution2547
Field Guide to Western Wildflowers (German Subtitles)2000Wayne Yung5:30In Distribution2292e
Monkey2002Joe Sarahan5:30In Distribution2615
Satellite2002Nelson Henricks5:30In Library Only2662
Transportation2002Randy Lee Cutler5:30In Distribution2709 b
Enter the Mullet2003Donna Lee5:30In Distribution2731
The Director's Cut2003Jeremy Drummond5:30In Library Only2765 G
Get It Together Girl2004Mark Kenneth Woods5:30In Distribution2802
Payuk Sashkeehitowin (One Love)2005RoseAnne Archibald5:30In Distribution2886A
Paper Trails2005Christian Nicolay5:33In Distribution2862
Love/Censored/Truth2005Desiree Lim5:35In Distribution2835
How to Lose a Guy2003Nickolaos Stagias5:36In Distribution2719
Recollect 2004Nickolaos Stagias5:38In Distribution2788 A
The Language of Mosaic2003Lisa G5:40In Distribution2721a
Invitation2007Michael V. Smith5:40In Distribution2957
Inside2003Trish Garner5:44In Distribution2727
Untitled (JD)2001Jeremy Drummond5:45In Library Only2637f
Eating Crow2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)5:45In Distribution2724b
Oysters and Chocolate2006Karin Lee5:45In Distribution2890
Winona2008Robert Hamilton5:45In Distribution3019
Window (LS) 2003Laurel Swenson5:49In Distribution2761a
Brain plus World2001James Diamond5:50In Distribution2623
Skin For Life2005Terry Haines5:55In Distribution2820
Yo No Le Tengo Miedo A Nada1984Tatiana Gaviola5:56In Distribution1505a
How to Make Love in an Earthquake2001Donna Szoke5:57In Distribution2575
Welcome To Ogopogoland2005Randy Grskovic5:57In Distribution2858
Louie1970Brian Levin6In Library Only0009b
Twenty Years1974Sakumi Hagiwara6In Library Only385
Rocket1976Terry McGlade6In Library Only0607b
Stairs1977Ross Gentleman6In Library Only0636b
Hommage A Duchamp2024Rene Bauermeister6In Library Only0706b
Simo Simo1981Charles Keast6In Library Only0918
Knox1981Andrew Krumins6In Library Only0956a
Ballistics1981Gerry Kisil6In Library Only1187
Do Be Do1983Joe Naylor6In Library Only1203a
Schernsteinfeger The Chimney Sweep1982Michael Morris6In Library Only1243a
Installation 19841985Paul Wong6In Library Only1261
Two Works By Andrew Keating1985Western Front Video6In Library Only1263
Patriarchy Takes All1981Clive Robertson6In Library Only1271
Big Wake1984Marilyn Wulff6In Library Only1285a
Renaissance1984Dean Winkler6In Library Only1293
Confused Sexual Views: Jeanie1984Jeanette Reinhardt6In Distribution1336
Core1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514a
Blind Faith1986Terry Harasym6In Distribution1514e
Hana Matsuri1990Visual Brains6In Distribution1985a
Ani Phyo Showreel1997Ani Phyo6In Library Only2369
What Is Technology?1973Video Ring60In Library Only0063
Video Ring Rgtv1973Michael Hayden60In Library Only64
Self Portrait / Homage To Colonel Sanders2016Michael Hayden60In Library Only0106
Cotton: The Industrial Web [1/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only145
Cotton: The Industrial Web [2/2]2016Denys Arcand60In Library Only146
Four More Years1972Top Value TV60In Library Only147
Sandpile1973Tom Burrows60In Library Only149
Stand Up Cop1971Les Levine60In Library Only171
Joel Schatz1973Image Transfer Company60In Library Only197
On Est Au Coton [2/2]1975Videographe60In Library Only218