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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Take Back the Land - Spirit Lake2002Nitanis Desjarlais28:00In Distribution2657
Native Youth Movement (Secwepemc Chapter) Roadblock2002Nitanis Desjarlais29:51In Distribution2658
London Years2002Kim Dawn46In Distribution2659
Pop Songs2002Meesoo Lee38:00In Distribution2660
YotinPimoteoQuartzDevabe2002Frederick Cummings26:29In Distribution2661
Eroticism2001Desiree Lim7:30In Distribution2663
Disposable Lez1999Desiree Lim6:30In Distribution2664
Dyke: Just Be It 1999Desiree Lim1:30In Distribution2665
Kitchen Dances2001Emma Howes6:44In Distribution2666
Having Coffee with No One2002Monique Moumblow4:30In Distribution2667
IMAG Youth 2001 Compilation2001IMAG0:25:00In Distribution2668a,b,c,d,e
Humans2001James Desjarlais6:44In Distribution2668 b
She's Not Alone2001Sondra Cross3:23In Distribution2668 c
Atrocities2001Michelle Oleman3:30In Distribution2668d
Devil Music Screening2002Various41:56In Distribution2669
Monologue Series2001Kim Dawn45:00In Distribution2671
Forced being Forced2001Kim Dawn9:00In Distribution2672
Spaghetti 82002Terra Poirier2:30In Distribution2673
Adventures of A.D.D. Girl2000Terra Poirier4:00In Distribution2674
It's a Slut2002L.O.V.EIn Distribution2676
Allicia Macdonald2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2677
Kalie's Tape2002L.O.V.E15:12In Distribution2678
Help Me the girl Whispered2002Lyla Hunter2:06In Distribution2679
Clown2002Kim Dawn4:30In Distribution2681
Creeper2001Kim Dawn5:00In Distribution2682
Lost in Space2003Tricia Middleton11:15In Distribution2683
Wasted2002Scott Russell20:00In Distribution2684
Unravelled2002Lisa G2:05In Distribution2686
Snow Storm2002Scott RussellIn Distribution2688
Pirated!2000Nguyen Tan Hoang11:00In Distribution2690 U
Crimson2000Gino T.4:00In Distribution2690
Cover Girl: A Gift from God2000Nguyen Tan Hoang18:00In Distribution2690W
The Calling2000Nguyen Tan Hoang8:00In Distribution2690x
Forever Jimmy!1995Nguyen Tan Hoang6:00In Distribution2691V
Love Letters 1&21995Nguyen Tan Hoang4:00In Distribution2691X
Maybe Never (but I'm counting the days)1996Nguyen Tan Hoang15:00In Distribution2691U
Forever Linda!1996Nguyen Tan Hoang12:00In Distribution2691Y
7 Steps to Sticky Heaven1996Nguyen Tan Hoang24:00In Distribution2691Z
Forever Bottom!1996Nguyen Tan Hoang4:00In Distribution2691
K.I.P2002Nguyen Tan Hoang4:00In Distribution2692
Some of the Stories: a Documentary about Trans Youth2001Jacob Simpson33:06In Distribution2693
From Another Time1990Zachery Longboy10:00In Distribution2694
Eating Lunch1992Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2695
Confirmation of My Sins1995Zachery Longboy12:00In Distribution2696
Stone Show1999Zachery Longboy8:53In Distribution2697
Living Tree1993Zachery Longboy0:30In Distribution2698
Water Into Fire1994Zachery Longboy10:30In Distribution2699
Orphan Dyke2002Sheila James15:57In Distribution2700
Worst Thing Ever2003Donna Szoke0:30In Distribution2701
1000 Cumshots2003Wayne Yung0.041In Distribution2702
NO TITLE PLEASE ENTER2008n.aIn Distribution2703
untitled part 3: (as if) beauty never ends...2002Jayce Salloum11:22In Distribution2704
Mother's Son2003Sarah Butterfield25:30In Distribution2705
Getting Organized With the Ladies! Video 1: Bag Folding2002Ladies Afternoon Art Society4:52In Distribution2707
Laundry Room2002Emma Howes2:25In Distribution2708
saltysatedradiant2002Randy Lee CutlerIn Distribution2709 a
Transportation2002Randy Lee Cutler5:30In Distribution2709 b
untitled part 2: beauty and the east1999Jayce Salloum50:15In Distribution2710
The Kiss and Other Movements2003Nickolaos Stagias16:00In Distribution2711
Butch2003Nickolaos Stagias6:30In Distribution2712
Elevator2003Mark Peacock15:50In Distribution2713
Split Screen Test2002Marlene Madison1:33In Distribution2714a -d
Hollywood Story2003Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714b
Star2002Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714c
Chiclette- The Posh Urban Piglet1998Marlene Madison4:30In Distribution2714d
Going (and Coming) to Paris2003Nikola Marin16:50In Distribution2715
Designer Gays2004Mark Kenneth Woods2:45In Distribution2780
Untitled #12002Pierre- Andre Sonolet8:20In Distribution2716
Women Breaking Boundaries2002Desiree Lim1:23:In Distribution2717
102003Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2718
How to Lose a Guy2003Nickolaos Stagias5:36In Distribution2719
China2003Nickolaos Stagias5:15In Distribution2720
The Language of Mosaic2003Lisa G5:40In Distribution2721a
Bush2003Lisa G2:40In Distribution2721b
She Says2003Lisa G3:00In Distribution2721c
Black in the Middle2003Lisa GIn Distribution2721d
I Am A Conjuror 2003Emily Vey Duke8:30In Distribution2722
Curious About Existence 2003Emily Vey Duke11:00In Distribution2723
Passing (KE)2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)6:40In Distribution2724a
Eating Crow2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)5:45In Distribution2724b
Framed2003Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)4:50In Distribution2724c
Natalie Without a Cause2003Shawn Chappelle4:00In Distribution2725
2003 Meesoo Lee Compilation2024Meesoo Lee35:00In Distribution2726
Inside2003Trish Garner5:44In Distribution2727
Unkempt2003Laura Ralph13:54In Distribution2728
Blood2003Debora O7:30In Distribution2729
In Search of Truth from Banana Relationships2003Keith Suriani15:30In Distribution2730
Enter the Mullet2003Donna Lee5:30In Distribution2731
One of Those Nights2003Melinda Johnston7:20In Distribution2732
Trust 12003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734a
Trust 22003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734b
Trust 32003Lisa G2:23In Distribution2734c
You (you you you)2003Meesoo Lee7:21In Distribution2735 a
Sunshine2003Meesoo Lee3:58In Distribution2735 b
My Heart the Dancer2003Meesoo Lee2:40In Distribution2735 c
Noise the politics of digital audio2002Brady Cranfield7:25In Distribution2737
You Fake2003Maureen Bradley6:13In Distribution2738
My Heart the Blood Pump2003Clark Nikolai1:37In Distribution2739 a
My Heart The Cook2001Clark Nikolai2:00In Distribution2739b
White Palace2003Leigh (Jen) Fisher4:00In Distribution2740