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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
Towards the day... we are all free (textless version)2007Meg Torwl90:00In Distribution2947B
Magnesium: A Dance by Steve Paxton1972Steve Christiansen9In Library Only0004a
Aldergrove Motocross1972Byron Black9In Library Only0004c
Confession of an Adolescent Murderer1972Jan Zimmerman9In Library Only0118a
Video Journal1974Sue Hall9In Library Only0558b
Mountain Dance Company [2/3]1979Janet Miller9In Library Only790
Diviate Unit1979Daniel Dion9In Library Only0870a
Urgence1979Daniel Guimond9In Library Only0870b
Twu Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library Only939
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190a
Visual Artists Series1984Janice Starko9In Library Only1190b
Thalamus: Baby Bottle And Baby Doll1982Daav MacNab9In Library Only1227
Human Scope1984Francois Girard9In Library Only1279
State Of The Arts1985Gary Marcuse9In Library Only1351
Lake Huron Birds Take 31982Jane Wright9In Distribution1416
Oscissles Topic1988Moreen Meriden9In Distribution1627
Cow Tipping-the Militant Indian Waiter1991Randy Redroad9In Distribution1862
T.w.u. Tel1981Amelia Productions9In Library OnlyW0022
Delito Persistente2024Luz Donoso9In Library OnlyW0025
Godspeed1987Pia Massie9In Library Only2096
Women Down Prospect: Final Report1996Ariella Pahlke9In Distribution2426 i
Kevin2002Monique Moumblow8:55In Distribution2651
Stone Show1999Zachery Longboy8:53In Distribution2697
Der Doppelgänger2005Stuart Pound8:50In Distribution2864
Subtle Architectures2007Emma Howes8:50In Distribution2964
Salty Wet2002Winston Xin8:47In Distribution2653
SF2007Stuart Pound8:40In Distribution3009
How Many Fingers1981Andrew James Paterson8:30In Distribution1300
Iron Heart...An Industrial Romance1986Marty St. James8:30In Distribution1414a
Ati-Ati-Han1986Marlin Oliveros8:30In Distribution1489
Andy1996Steve Reinke8:30In Distribution2308c
Heirs to a Felt Fortune1998Michael Turner8:30In Distribution2327
I Am A Conjuror 2003Emily Vey Duke8:30In Distribution2722
Mom On the Skytrain2004Nimi Langer8:30In Distribution2795
A Girl Named Kai2004Kai Ling Xue8:30In Distribution2846
The Moon's Pyramid2003Venus Soberanes8:30In Distribution2915
Life is Like a Flow of Water2002Esther Shinkawa8:24In Distribution2633
Broken Family2007Donna Lee8:22In Distribution2986
Untitled #12002Pierre- Andre Sonolet8:20In Distribution2716
La Gallinita Ciega1987Patricia Navarro8:19In Distribution1505b
Discopedia2007Ho Tam8:15In Distribution2977
Recycle Your Garbage1977Shawn Preus8:13In Library Only0836a
Thaumatrope1991Clark Nikolai8:13In Distribution2257f
Rated F ... (DL)2005Donna Lee & Terra Poirier8:13Special2879
Rated F... (TP)2005Terra Poirier & Donna Lee8:13Special2880
The Fish In The Machine #32005Stuart Pound8:11In Distribution2868
See Saw1988David Clark8:10In Distribution2489b
Men On Fur On Men2003Clark Nikolai8:08In Distribution2748
Dark Baroque2005Stuart Pound8:04In Distribution2867
Love and Numbers2004TJ Cuthand8:03In Distribution2787
The Agony and the Ecstasy1976John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672a
Born Again1978John Mitchell8:00In Distribution0672b
Gutter1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773a
Rotunda1976Paul Wong8:00In Distribution0773b
Foot No. 41978Keigo Yamamoto8:00In Distribution803
Message Obscured1981Joyan Saunders8:00In Distribution0951b
Horizon1980Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098a
Biological Cycle Part 51981Kou Nakajima8:00In Distribution1098b
Starling Man1982Cornelia Wyngaarden8:00In Distribution1099
Friends1981Michael Morris8:00In Distribution1262b
White Orpheus1984Ivo Zanatta8:00In Library Only1266
Covered With Cold Sweat1983Lydia Schouten8:00In Distribution1287c
Reverse Letter1984Luc Bourdon8:00In Distribution1361a
Home Street1986Gerry Kisil8:00In Distribution1490
Out of Air1987Rob Milthorp8:00In Distribution1517
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria Of Aids1988Barbara Hammer8:00In Distribution1716b
Spring1988Catherine Elwes8:00In Distribution1782b
L.A. Nickel1983Branda Miller8:00In Distribution1825c
How To Read Macho Mouse (Para Leer al Macho Mouse)1991Aaron Anish8:00In Distribution1859
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go Extinct1994Aaron Pollard8:00In Distribution2073
Barbara- Juan And Viet1992Baruch Rafic8:00In Distribution2085
De-sign Series 1: Kunren1989Visual Brains8:00In Distribution2094b
Transmission1998Ivan E. Coyote8:00In Distribution2279
Far Reaches1998Shawn Chappelle8:00In Distribution2285
Technology and Nature1994Hank Bull8:00In Distribution2387
Hair Cuts1999Ho Tam8:00In Distribution2403a
V.L.T.1997k.g. Guttman8:00In Distribution2429
I Hate Housework1999Renee Poisson8:00In Distribution2434
Black Shiny Shoes Opera1996Marlene Madison8:00In Distribution
Rancour2000Earl Moloney (Karen Earl)8:00In Distribution2474
Untitled (DC)2001Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2545
The Calling2000Nguyen Tan Hoang8:00In Distribution2690x
102003Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2718
Significance2004Kathy March8:00In Distribution2874
Hiding In Plain Site2006Emma Howes8:00In Distribution2904
Lover2007Venus Soberanes8:00In Distribution2917
Salpuri Dance2007Alex Young Hwa Cho8:00In Distribution2960
Patient Storm2006Dana Claxton8:00In Distribution2989
Diasporama (Part I): Dead Air1997Yau Ching (a)87:00In Distribution2250
A Zen Life - D.T. Suzuki2005Michael Goldberg87:00In Library Only2956
Her Lens: More Unsettling of the West2007Various Artists87:00In Distribution2963
Chilliwack Impressions - Louise Roberts & Tilly Gataris1975B.C. Association of Non-Status Indians85In Library Only0635
Dear Guy2007Jeremy Todd83:00In Distribution2997
Deb and Sisi2007Mark Kenneth Woods81:00In Distribution2998
Broken Dolls1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only669
Broken Dolls (part 2)1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only670
Zero To The Power1989Barbara Bourget80In Distribution1678b
Zero To The Power1989Scott Robinson80In Distribution1714b
Paper Shoes1972Walter Wright8In Library Only0032
Chinese New Year1973Optic Nerve8In Library Only79