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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Slasher1998Frederick Cummings5:00In Distribution2433
Sleeping Car2000Monique Moumblow5:30In Distribution2452a
Sleeping Tape1985Margaret Dragu13In Library Only2066
Sliammon Program1976Yves Langlois30In Library Only580
Slices Of My Life1993Paul Dhillon17:45In Distribution2091
Slow Dazzle1976Terry McGlade12In Library Only0607a
Smash2002Paul Wong55:00In Distribution2974
Smell1999Donna Szoke5:00In Distribution2437
Snack Pack 11975Paul Wong30In Library Only288
Sniff1997Ming-Yuen S. Ma5:00In Distribution2185
Snip1998Terence Anthony4:30In Distribution2302a
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria Of Aids1988Barbara Hammer8:00In Distribution1716b
Snow Storm2002Scott RussellIn Distribution2688
Snowback Caper1980Byron Black12In Library Only1103
Snowmobile1996Jocelyn Robert2:00In Distribution2306b
Snuff Flick1982Stokely Seip4:40In Distribution1072
So Are You1994Paul Wong28:00In Distribution2074
So Much I Want To Say1983Mona Hatoum5:00In Distribution1655
So, You Want To Be Popular?1988Jeanne C. Finley19In Distribution1642
Soap And Water1983Richard Layzell17:00In Distribution1150
Social Workers2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM139
Soft Pallet1979Woodland Video20In Library Only869
Sol Gordon - Sex Issues On Trial1974Rick Holyoke60In Library Only442
Solstanz1975Kalli Paakspou18In Library Only413
Sombrio2006Paul Manly60:00In Distribution2896
Some Call It Bad Luck1982Lisa Steele50:00In Distribution1239
Some Eyes And Ears Operations1978Ernest Gusella55In Distribution1755
Some of the Stories: a Documentary about Trans Youth2001Jacob Simpson33:06In Distribution2693
Some Of These Days1980Elaine Velazquez58In Distribution1138
Some Real Fangs2005Desiree Lim34:00In Distribution2799
Something! Ah!1975Matthew Speier23In Library Only455
Sometimes Stitches are Necessary1997Christof Migone9:34In Distribution2396a
Sometimes the Memory is Enough1997Christof Migone3:43In Distribution2396b
Somewhat True1995Leslie Gering3In Library Only2338
Somewhere In Between2005Gina Pei Chi Chen3:00In Distribution2951
Somos +1985Pablo Salas12:00In Distribution1510
Song for the City with Music in its Bones2007Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk13:00In Distribution2996b
Songs Of Praise For The Heart Beyond Cure2006Emily Vey Duke14:40In Distribution2906
Sonovovitch1975Miriam Adams22In Library Only0518
Sounding Queer Space1998Kris Zalite5:00In Distribution2304
Sounds Of Silence: The Voyage1977Lin Bennett15In Library Only605
Sounds Of The City1975Double Helix Corporation11In Library Only0475a
Sour Grapes: Patriarchal Heritage1972Women s Involvement Program16In Library Only0056a
South Africa1977Leen Oosterling15In Library Only723
South Hill Daycare1973Metro Media15In Library Only257
South Hill Daycare Presentation2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM058
Southall On Trail1984Southall Campaige Committee30In Library Only1146
Sovereign1995Philip Napier12:00In Distribution2162
Soviet Onion1981Michael Morris19:00In Distribution1262c
Space as State of Mind and the Work of Rita McKeough1993Rita McKeough15:00In Library Only2331
Space Circus - Homemade Baby1973Michael Goldberg19:00In Library Only0091b
Space Walk1974Les Levine35In Library Only168
SPACESHIP 20002004Meesoo Lee3:20In Distribution2798 B
Spag1998Lynne R. Kamm26:00In Distribution2288
Spaghetti 82002Terra Poirier2:30In Distribution2673
Spaghetti: Une Obsession1984Martin L Abbe5In Library Only1223i
Spalding Gray's Map of L.A.1984Bruce Yonemoto28:00In Distribution1402
Spanghew Decorum1983Clark Nikolai7:00In Distribution2257a
Spanish Tragedy1975Don Druick20In Library Only364
Spanking Marsha1996Melodie Calvert20:00In Distribution2180
Spawning Salmon - Channel 21982Tomiyo Sasaki60In Distribution1400
Spawning Sockeyes - 2 Channel Installation1982Tomiyo Sasaki60In Distribution1399
Speakeasy1978Judith Marcuse20In Library Only0770
Spirals1972Annabel Nicholson35In Library Only87
Spiritual Animal Kingdom1998Steve Reinke28:00In Distribution2307
Spit2000Jeremy Drummond2:27In Library Only2637a
Spleen De Paris1981Daniel Dion9:00In Distribution1013g
Split1981Ardele Lister20:00In Distribution1273
Split Screen Test2002Marlene Madison1:33In Distribution2714a -d
Split Seconds Of Magnificence1984Lydia Schouten15:30In Distribution1287b
Spontaneous Music Workshop2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM093
Spoon Carver: John Zmaeff1974Mike McMann30In Library Only0028
Spots Before Your Eyes1977Eric Metcalfe22:00In Distribution678
Spring1988Catherine Elwes8:00In Distribution1782b
Squamish Five1983.12In Distribution2076
St. Francis Park Party2016Bob Phillips15In Library Only0240
Stain1994Rae Staseson4:00In Distribution2226
Stairs1977Ross Gentleman6In Library Only0636b
Stallworks Act 21999Jeremy Drummond2:20In Library Only2441b
Stallworks Act 31999Jeremy Drummond2:15In Library Only2441c
Stallworks Act I1999Jeremy Drummond1:00In Library Only2441a
Stallworks: Act 11999Jeremy Drummond1:06In Library Only2637j
Stallworks: Act 21999Jeremy Drummond2:16In Library Only2637k
Stallworks: Act 31999Jeremy Drummond2:32In Library Only2637L
Stan Persky2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM097
Stand by Your Man1998Minnie/Stefan St-Laurent10:45In Distribution2314
Stand Up Cop1971Les Levine60In Library Only171
Star2002Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714c
Star Trek: Disco Generation1997Gordon Wong5:00In Distribution2260
Star Trek: Generation Spice1998Gordon Wong5:00In Distribution2289
Starling Man1982Cornelia Wyngaarden8:00In Distribution1099
State Of The Arts1985Gary Marcuse9In Library Only1351
States Of Being1981Joyan Saunders4:00In Distribution0950e
Static1995Nikki Forrest7:00In Distribution2165
Statics Of An Egg1975Fujiko Nakaya11In Library Only309
Steel And Flesh1980Eric Metcalfe12:00In Distribution1210b
Steel And Flesh (version français)1980Eric Metcalfe12:00In Library Only1210a
Stickshaker1987Mark Verabioff4:20In Distribution1473
Stiff Sheets1989John Goss19:00In Distribution1615