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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Mythological ProcessNeil R. Armstrong1982103130:00
Window/FenêtreNelson Henricks199722173:00
A Horse- A Filipino- Two Women- A Soldier and Two OfficersNguyen Tan Hoang200528527:20
Pirated!Nguyen Tan Hoang20002690 U11:00
Cover Girl: A Gift from GodNguyen Tan Hoang20002690W18:00
The CallingNguyen Tan Hoang20002690x8:00
Forever Jimmy!Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691V6:00
Love Letters 1&2Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691X4:00
Maybe Never (but I'm counting the days)Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691U15:00
Forever Linda!Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691Y12:00
7 Steps to Sticky HeavenNguyen Tan Hoang19962691Z24:00
Forever Bottom!Nguyen Tan Hoang199626914:00
K.I.PNguyen Tan Hoang200226924:00
Crimson (NH)Nguyen Tan Hoang20002690V4:00
The Strange and Terrible Fate of Sir Robert ScottNicholas Johnson2000256218
Notes from Diamond Z: Videos from AntarcticaNicholas Johnson2002260459:00
Queer Things I hate About You Nickolaos Stagias20012518b5
Queer Things I Hate about YouNickolaos Stagias20002518a4:36
EasyNickolaos Stagias2000252113:51
FemmeNickolaos Stagias200125634:30
Out and AboutNickolaos Stagias1999256725
The Kiss and Other MovementsNickolaos Stagias2003271116:00
ButchNickolaos Stagias200327126:30
How to Lose a GuyNickolaos Stagias200327195:36
ChinaNickolaos Stagias200327205:15
Drag On a FagNickolaos Stagias199427575:00
Recollect Nickolaos Stagias20042788 A5:38
ClosureNickolaos Stagias20042788 C2:44
ElevatorNickolaos Stagias2003271315:50
ScatNickolaos Stagias200427892:44
Straight Talk: Interviews With Women Of ColourNicole Thompson1990178731:00
This AliennationNicole Thompson19921860a12:00
Acid TearsNicole Thompson19911860b7:30
Danielle T- D or PNicole Thompson1993190630:00
Imagined SelfNikki Forrest199018035:00
StaticNikki Forrest199521657:00
What's News Representations of Take Back the NightNikola Marin200226369:00
Going (and Coming) to ParisNikola Marin2003271516:50
supra-national prayer wheelNikola Marin200428092:45
Mom On the SkytrainNimi Langer200427958:30
In The Northwest CornerNimi Langer200528113:30
The Class From 9 to 5Nimi Langer2005285012:50
My First CigaretteNimi Langer2006288316
SybarisNina Skogster1987151916:00
Native Youth Movement: Vancouver ChapterNitanis Desjarlais2001258949:00
Warriors on the WaterNitanis Desjarlais2002262427:00
Skwelkwekwelt Protection CenterNitanis Desjarlais2002265628:19
Take Back the Land - Spirit LakeNitanis Desjarlais2002265728:00
Native Youth Movement (Secwepemc Chapter) RoadblockNitanis Desjarlais2002265829:51
Nobuo Kubota At The Western FrontNobuo Kubota1991183914:00
Out Of ControlNoel Harding198196415
C'Žtait un Jeu de MŽmoireNora Hutchinson197788420:00
Go Away HeartNora Hutchinson197888516:00
I Heard Her Angry OnceNora Hutchinson197988621:00
Granny and MeNora Hutchinson1982105115:00
Salem IINora Hutchinson1981114810:00
TV Translate WaitingNorbert Brunner1982102520:00
Body of SoundOliver Hockenhull2000245323:00
Building Heaven- Remembering Earth trailerOliver Hockenhull20232398a
AbstractOliver Hockenhull20232758
Persistent Opacity: Malevich's Black SquareOliver Hockenhull2004275968:36
Building Heaven- Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen ArchitectOliver Hockenhull19992398 1104:0
Building Heaven- Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen ArchitectOliver Hockenhull19992398 2104
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of LightOliver Hockenhull19962516ab78:31
Ò6ÓOliver Hockenhull2001255715:00
Boilt PixelsOliver Hockenhull200125588:00
Please Sir can I have Some MoreOliver Hockenhull200226314:00
Ode to Galactic TrafficOliver Hockenhull200226324:00
E V OOliver Hockenhull200226551:17:
Beautiful JewOliver Hockenhull20022689 a-b1:45:
Mother- Father- Son Oliver Hockenhull200427533:00
Elementary PartsOliver Hockenhull2004275417:00
One's Own SnoreOliver Hockenhull2005283821:00
Shane RemediatedOliver Hockenhull2005283915:00
8 LoopsOliver Hockenhull2005284730:00
Bio-electric PatinaOliver Hockenhull200729295:00
World BriefingOliver Hockenhull20072923insta
Three - A CompilationOliver Hockenhull20072930
Bit PaintOliver Hockenhull20072932
Lovely Corruption (After Edison)Oliver Hockenhull200729332:00
Somos +Pablo Salas1985151012:00
Vancouver Co-op Radio C.R.T.C. ApplicationPalladin Portapacks1974018220:00
Womyn WarriorsPatrice Leung1999242248:20
La Gallinita CiegaPatricia Navarro19871505b8:19
Klwn Cntnl ClbrtnPatrick Connelly200528603:43
6-6-6- O'Clock NewsPatrick Hughes1986144212:00
Slices Of My LifePaul Dhillon1993209117:45
FootprintsPaul Manly199923156:00
P4 Promo ReelPaul Manly2001253113:30
Upgrade Beta Version 1.1Paul Manly200125464:00
SombrioPaul Manly2006289660:00
Canadian Artists And TelidonPaul Petro1984206220:30
New Era MarathonPaul Wong197424954:00
Earthworks In HarmonyPaul Wong197428732:00
Amass/composite 1976Paul Wong197661618:00
GutterPaul Wong19760773a8:00
RotundaPaul Wong19760773b8:00
In Ten SityPaul Wong1979086724:00
Mainstreet TapesPaul Wong197687230:00
Seven Day ActivityPaul Wong1978102313:00