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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationsort iconDistribution StatusAccession Number
front1995Andrew Power20:00In Distribution2166
Spanking Marsha1996Melodie Calvert20:00In Distribution2180
Temple Of My Familiar1995Paul Wong20:00In Distribution2187
Couples Photo Album1994Vivan Sundaram20:00In Distribution2188
Electronic Sunsets1975Jane Wright20:00In Distribution935
Le Recit D'A1990Esther Valiquette20:00In Library Only2344
Animaker1982Kou Nakajima20:00In Distribution1084
On Hypochondria1998Judy Jheung20:00In Distribution2417
Oral Currency TM2024John G. Boehme20:00In Distribution
Prime Cuts (WF)1981Western Front Video20:00Special1030
Wasted2002Scott Russell20:00In Distribution2684
Still Lives (In the Americas)2003Ho Tam20:00In Distribution2752
Meesoo Lee 4 Videos2004Meesoo Lee20:00In Distribution2798A -D
Murder and UFOs2005Brian MacDonald20:00In Distribution2845
Canadian Artists And Telidon1984Paul Petro20:30In Distribution2062
Reveil De Peuple (notre Dame)1972Charles Picot21In Library Only19
Junk Sculpture1972Matthew Speier21In Library Only0057b
Women In The Arts1973Reel Feelings Media21In Library Only0232b
Artists of the Kootenays - Alex Kowalski: Batik1974Mike McMann21In Library Only0285
Video Archives Intro/ Klas Verboom1974The Video Centre21In Library Only373
Aspects Of Temporality2016Mark Gilliland21In Library Only0445a
Portrait1977David Moore21In Library Only0697a
Four Imposters1983Maury Peterman21In Library Only1209a
Written In The Stars1984Rosie Kovexdi21In Library Only1211
Excerpts From Solide salade Tour1984Michel Lemeiux21In Library Only1244
Artifacts1986Woody Vasulka21In Library Only1302
Confused Sexual Views: Colin1984Jeanette Reinhardt21In Distribution1329
It's Not Your Imagination1980Women in Focus21In Library OnlyW0084
I Heard Her Angry Once1979Nora Hutchinson21:00In Distribution886
Mmmmmm1981Anne Ramsden21:00In Distribution1032a
Hot Flash1989Barbara Hammer21:00In Distribution1819
No Words Will Ever Do1992Pia Massie21:00In Distribution1990
Land Use1993Cleo Reece21:00In Distribution2002
Lullaby For The Almost Falling Woman1996Cathy Sisler21:00In Distribution2215
Boys From Easy1997Ruby Truly21:00In Distribution2248
Sex + Sadness2001Brian MacDonald21:00In Distribution2641
Memories of Earth2004Brian MacDonald21:00In Distribution2767 A-G
One's Own Snore2005Oliver Hockenhull21:00In Distribution2838
The Love That Won't Shut Up2007Ivan E. Coyote21:00In Distribution2985
The Opening of The Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre1972Linda Johnson22In Library Only0059
Mierda Los Patrones [3/3]1972Alain Ambrost22In Library Only155
Camden Housing Finance Act1973Inter-Action Community Media22In Library Only214
Evel Knieval Spoof1974Gary Greenspoon22In Library Only301
Highlights1975Ross Gentleman22In Library Only371
Community Radio 751975John Mondello22In Library Only0473b
This Is Nada1975Steve Dilkus22In Library Only478
Sonovovitch1975Miriam Adams22In Library Only518
Taxi Drivers1977Geoff Wheelwright22In Library Only714
Pour Moi- Vous Etes Aussi Exotiques1979Patricia Plattner22In Library Only771
Message To China1979Susan Britton22In Library Only0800
Buried Artist Event1972John A. Stascak22In Library Only875
Renaissance Fair 19801980Andrew Krumins22In Library Only0913c
Sunshine Coast Arts Festival 19811981Andrew Krumins22In Library Only954
Journey To The Gates1982Anne Lewison22In Library Only1068
World Of Hiroshi Hori1984Michael Goldberg22In Distribution1193
Geisel (the Hostage)1983Gabor Body22In Library Only1230
Aniputer Demo #11985George A. Lessard22In Library Only1316d
Work-11988Haruo Higuma22In Distribution1677a
Blood Risk1989Michael Balser22In Distribution1924
Rume1974Don Druick22:00In Library Only0177
The Sea's Children1974Elizabeth Walker22:00In Library Only0259
Spots Before Your Eyes1977Eric Metcalfe22:00In Distribution678
Vancouver New Music 1978-801980Ed Mowbray22:00In Distribution0944
Paradise Lost1981Kim Tomczak22:00In Distribution1054
Em1982James Seligman22:00In Distribution1125
Kawthulay: The Unknown Revolution1982Portes Bryant22:00In Library Only1214
Heroics I: Creativity1984Sara Diamond22:00In Distribution1389
Sisyphus1984David Rimmer22:00In Distribution1426
Body Fluid1987Paul Wong22:00In Distribution1492
Kipling Trilogy: Kipling Meets The Cowboys1985John Greyson22:00Special1511c
Dogmachine1981Elizabeth Chitty22:00In Distribution1565
Tongue Tied And Twisted1989Joyan Saunders22:00In Distribution1672
Pure Sin1990Tanya Mars22:00In Distribution1799
Totem Talk1997Annie Fraziér Henry22:00In Distribution2196
The Suicide of Laura C.2000Marlene Madison22:00In Distribution2456
Ocularcentrism and Its Relationship to Oral Tradition2024John G. Boehme22:00In Distribution2500
Raw Talent2004Mark Peacock22:00In Distribution2785
Shattered2007Karin Lee22:00In Distribution2994
Here in the Southwest1984Joyan Saunders22:30In Distribution1238a
Dutch Light-Textual Action1981marshalore22:35In Distribution987
It's Magic1972Roy Turner23In Library Only0006
Mobility1972Bob Phillips23In Library Only0023
Extraction1972Mark Kendzioreck23In Library Only25
Matrix Tape1973Leni Goldberg23In Library Only69
Interaction Sampler1974Phil Shingler23In Library Only229
Serendipity1972BC Assn for the Mentally Retarded23In Library Only363
Something! Ah!1975Matthew Speier23In Library Only455
Grid1974Graham Metson23In Library Only0481a
Mona Lisa1975Toshio Matsumoto23In Library Only484
Video Journal 11974Sue Hall23In Library Only0558a
Belly Dance-ymca1975Shawn Preus23In Library Only568
Noisy White Fever2020Michitaka Nakahara23In Library Only0572
This Street1978Gerry Gilbert23In Library Only715
Rape-blossoms/devil-fish/irony1975Hitoshi Momura23In Library Only818
Grand Mal1981Tony Oursler23In Library Only1210c
Ada1983Teri Chmilar23In Library Only1276
Confused Sexual Views: Tony And Tina1984Jeanette Reinhardt23In Distribution1347
Confused Sexual Views: Terry And Walter1984Jeanette Reinhardt23In Distribution1348
E-12 Native Students Demonstration And Protest1988Monitor North23In Distribution1626
Dance Reading1985Margaret Dragu23In Distribution1671