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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducersort iconYearAccession NumberDuration
Womyn WarriorsPatrice Leung1999242248:20
La Gallinita CiegaPatricia Navarro19871505b8:19
Klwn Cntnl ClbrtnPatrick Connelly200528603:43
6-6-6- O'Clock NewsPatrick Hughes1986144212:00
Slices Of My LifePaul Dhillon1993209117:45
FootprintsPaul Manly199923156:00
P4 Promo ReelPaul Manly2001253113:30
Upgrade Beta Version 1.1Paul Manly200125464:00
SombrioPaul Manly2006289660:00
Canadian Artists And TelidonPaul Petro1984206220:30
New Era MarathonPaul Wong197424954:00
Earthworks In HarmonyPaul Wong197428732:00
Amass/composite 1976Paul Wong197661618:00
GutterPaul Wong19760773a8:00
RotundaPaul Wong19760773b8:00
In Ten SityPaul Wong1979086724:00
Mainstreet TapesPaul Wong197687230:00
Seven Day ActivityPaul Wong1978102313:00
Murder ResearchPaul Wong1977102417:00
4Paul Wong1978105845:00
Support Modeling (installation)Paul Wong197710765:00
Subway Loop (installation)Paul Wong1975107911:00
Rock Garden (installation)Paul Wong1976108210:00
Amass (installation)Paul Wong1976112030:00
ConfusedPaul Wong1984129452:00
HomelandsPaul Wong198613737:00
Body FluidPaul Wong1987149222:00
Confused Sexual Views (compilation Edit)Paul Wong1984158929:00
Ordinary Shadows/Chinese ShadePaul Wong1988162145:00
Ordinary Shadows/Chinese Shade [2/2]Paul Wong1988162244
F.L.V.: Feature Length VideoPaul Wong1989170460
Paul Wong: VideoclipsPaul Wong1992183760:00
Chinaman's Peak: Walking The MountainPaul Wong1992184925:00
So Are YouPaul Wong1994207428:00
60 Unit BruisePaul Wong19760872a5:00
Blending Milk And Water: Sex In The New WorldPaul Wong1996215528:00
Temple Of My FamiliarPaul Wong1995218720:00
Miss ChinatownPaul Wong199722144:30
Born Under SurveillancePaul Wong199923242:00
Class of 2000: Unite Against RacismPaul Wong20002524
SmashPaul Wong2002297455:00
Running In A MazePaul Wong200730002:15
Perfect DayPaul Wong200730017:25
EatPaul Wong200330023:45
Is Your Mother Living?Paula Levine1984124220:00
Moon's New FuryPaula Levine1985135311
We Want Moshiach Now! Portrait of a Chassidic CommunityPaula Levine1985147760:00
Wa/Ran (Order/Chaos)Paula Levine198614785:00
Mirror, MirrorPaula Levine198714793:00
Give it to HimPaula Levine198816016:00
Two Bad DaughtersPaula Levine1988170812:00
How To Survive In A Hostile EnvironmentPaula Levine1991207714
One Year Of MourningPaula Levine1994218611:00
Coyote CowPaula Levine199422104:00
The Legend of Buck KellyPeggy Anne Berton2006290272:00
More Than Hair Care ProductsPendra Wilson2004277113:30
TOXIC (Yellow River)Peter Courtemanche199622975:00
SovereignPhilip Napier1995216212:00
More Home SomePia Massie1991198926:30
No Words Will Ever DoPia Massie1992199021:00
EspacePierre Andre Sonolet2005284056:00
Untitled #1Pierre- Andre Sonolet200227168:20
Commercial CulturePopular Projects19851371b5:00
AbodePortia Priegert200528595:14
ImmersedPortia Priegert200729933:50
Dollhouse DiariesRae Staseson199923927:11
Comfort SuiteRae Staseson199622259:40
StainRae Staseson199422264:00
SlangRae Staseson199422275:00
Welcome To OgopogolandRandy Grskovic200528585:57
Queer DNARandy Lee Cutler200428223:00
VideageRandy & Berenicci1981123534:00
Unbashed HeroicsRandy & Berenicci1982137820:00
Once Upon a TimeRandy & Berenicci1982137917:30
Lost City FoundRandy & Berenicci1979138520:00
HistoryRandy & Berenicci1986139410:00
Raven MadRandy and Berenicci199017156:30
saltysatedradiantRandy Lee Cutler20022709 a
TransportationRandy Lee Cutler20022709 b5:30
Video Out Queer Sampler 2006Randy Lee Cutler, et al20062885
Cow Tipping-the Militant Indian WaiterRandy Redroad199118629
TekhnRemi Lacoste1999247345:00
Out of PlaceRenee Poisson2001253211:00
I Hate HouseworkRenee Poisson199924348:00
Love of Line- of Light and Shadow: The Brooklyn BridgeReynold Weidenaar1982110610:00
Thundering Scream Of The Seraphim's DelightReynold Weidenaar1987151614:30
Expo ForeverRich Romell1987152816
Musn't TrembleRichard Layzell19810999a26:00
WoodRichard Layzell19810999b6:00
FloorRichard Layzell19801000a15:00
GuideRichard Layzell19811000b15:00
Soap And WaterRichard Layzell1983115017:00
Revealed SilenceRick Amis19831359b10:00
Marie AntoinetteRick Amis1983136210:00
Tear-JerkerRick Phillips19932009b4:00
WISTARJ Tuna19992431a6:00
RelentlessRJ Tuna199924325:00
Out of AirRob Milthorp198715178:00
Time To TimeRob Milthorp198615185:30
Robert Hamilton - 4 Videos / DVDRobert Hamilton20042826 A - D9:38