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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
You Must Remember This1979marshalore27:00In Distribution0925b
Orpheus In The Nether Land1979marshalore18:00In Distribution0925c
Invasion Des Espaces Avoisinants1980Marshalore25In Library Only0976d
Dutch Light-Textual Action1981marshalore22:35In Distribution987
Ravel Returns1975Marsha McQuillan10In Library Only0631b
Three Towers Of Osaka1984Marlin Oliveros0In Library Only1253
Ati-Ati-Han1986Marlin Oliveros8:30In Distribution1489
Five Visits to the Doctor1997Marlene Madison9:00In Distribution2448
Black Shiny Shoes Opera1996Marlene Madison8:00In Distribution
Sap Ads2000Marlene Madison2:00In Distribution2450
Little Miss Mira2000Marlene Madison43:00In Distribution2455
The Suicide of Laura C.2000Marlene Madison22:00In Distribution2456
Split Screen Test2002Marlene Madison1:33In Distribution2714a -d
Hollywood Story2003Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714b
Star2002Marlene Madison15:00In Distribution2714c
Chiclette- The Posh Urban Piglet1998Marlene Madison4:30In Distribution2714d
Simulate/Desire1984Mark Verabioff2:00In Distribution1296a
Crossing The 49th1985Mark Verabioff10In Distribution1296c
Killing Time1985Mark Verabioff5:00In Distribution1296d
Stickshaker1987Mark Verabioff4:20In Distribution1473
Furburger1991Mark Verabioff6:00In Distribution1774
Lashout1992Mark Verabioff7:15In Distribution1775
Middle Child: Confessions of a Family's Home Video1989Mark Sawers20:00In Distribution1745
Raw Talent2004Mark Peacock22:00In Distribution2785
Ice Skate Canada2007Mark Peacock1:57In Distribution3005
Canada's Next Top Showgirl2007Mark Peacock5:09In Distribution3006
Sergio Moyano: Living the Dance1997Mark Oliver35:00In Library Only2372
Klip1997Mark Oliver123In Library Only2375
Designer Gays2004Mark Kenneth Woods2:45In Distribution2780
Thank You Kate Bornstein2000Mark Kenneth Woods3:20In Distribution2742
Heterosexual Agenda2001Mark Kenneth Woods11:40In Distribution2743
Pimp & Ho : Adventures in Queersploitation2001Mark Kenneth Woods9:00In Distribution2744a
Pimp & Ho : License To Queer2002Mark Kenneth Woods18:00In Distribution2744b
Pimp & Ho : Queer Fashion Crime Models2002Mark Kenneth Woods13:00In Distribution2744c
Public Gender Announcements2002Mark Kenneth Woods3:05In Distribution2745
Praise The Marys2003Mark Kenneth Woods3:00In Distribution2746
6pm in America2003Mark Kenneth Woods4:00In Distribution2747
Holy Matrimony Billy2004Mark Kenneth Woods4:30In Distribution2777
Get It Together Girl2004Mark Kenneth Woods5:30In Distribution2802
Mark Kenneth Woods compilation DVD2004Mark Kenneth WoodsIn Distribution2803
White(ness)2005Mark Kenneth Woods2:00In Distribution2806
Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy Hills2005Mark Kenneth Woods10:00In Distribution2837
Pimp & Ho: Sissy Sins2005Mark Kenneth Woods10:00In Distribution2853
My Heart Belongs To Data2005Mark Kenneth Woods3:45In Distribution2878
Deb and Sisi2007Mark Kenneth Woods81:00In Distribution2998
Shop Until We All Drop2003Mark Kenneth Woods5:00In Distribution2751
Extraction1972Mark Kendzioreck23In Library Only25
Extracts From Different Programmes- 19811981Mark Kaplan30In Library Only1191
Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1982
The Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1983c
Aspects Of Temporality2016Mark Gilliland21In Library Only0445a
Supermarket Aesthetics1976Mark Gilliland7In Library Only0445b
Catastrophe Theory1983Mark Gilliland23:00In Distribution1089
7 Works2000Mark CurryIn Distribution2523 a-b
Two Brides and a Scalpel1999Mark Achbar55:00In Distribution2446
Two Brides and a Scalpel (TV Version)1999Mark Achbar55:00In Distribution2446b
Dress2002Mark Peacock15:00In Distribution2645
Elevator2003Mark Peacock15:50In Distribution2713
Toronto- Toronto2004Mark Peacock4:16In Distribution2788 B
Degrassi B Girlz High2005Mark Peacock4:35In Distribution2881
Rape Is A Social Disease1975Marion Barling28In Library Only468
Wallflower Order1982Marion Barling59In Library OnlyW0114
Karen: Women In Sports1977Marion Barling15In Library OnlyW0115
Half More/than A Half1985Mario Paoli29In Library Only1264
Big Wake1984Marilyn Wulff6In Library Only1285a
I Dream...of Dreaming1981Marilyn Wulff4In Library Only1285e
Strings And Vectors1984Marilyn Wulff15In Library Only1285f
Dance Soap1973Marien Lewis54In Library Only208
Barby Nai:Native American Barbie2023Marie Humber ClementsIn Library Only2347
Barby Nai Live Street Improv1994Marie Humber Clements25:10In Library Only2352
Pour Une Civilisation Creditiste1973Marie Chamberland20In Library Only156
Gang of Souls1989Maria Beatty58:00In Distribution1690
Back Up1978Margret Dragu38:00In Distribution1005
Aren't You Lucky to Have Brought Your Own Chair1999Margaret Scott16:00In Distribution2415
Pearls: Bright- Beautiful- Glorious & Blue1994Margaret Gallagher15:00In Distribution2014
Breath1985Margaret Dragu16:00In Distribution1304
Dance Reading1985Margaret Dragu23In Distribution1671
Yo Soy Eine Kleine Shopkeeper1993Margaret DraguIn Distribution2021
Sleeping Tape1985Margaret Dragu13In Library Only2066
Bardo Gap1994Margaret Dragu18:00In Distribution2148
Deconstructed Dollhouse1996Margaret Dragu20:00In Distribution2151
Living Art2001Margaret Dragu7:00In Distribution2638
Lady of Shallot - A Surveillance Player2002Margaret Dragu3:30In Distribution2639
More Cleaning and Loving It2002Margaret Dragu13:00In Distribution2640
Festivale De Musique Traditionelle1973Marcus Pons31In Library Only0165
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [2/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only553
Festival De Musique Traditionelle [3/3]1973Marcus Pons30In Library Only554
Salut2004Marco Dube3:20In Distribution2773
Edited Messages1981Marcella Bienvenue49:00In Distribution1295
Autocriticas1980Marcela Serrano5:00In Distribution1508e
La Cage1983Marc Paradis20In Distribution1455
Object Collection 19741974Mao Komura20In Library Only0486
Dancing For The Gods2004Mandala Arts and Culture51:00In Distribution2816
Make-up1977Mako Idemitsu12In Library Only812
Shadows1980Mako Idemitsu28:00In Distribution896
Shadows Part 21982Mako Idemitsu42:00In Distribution1059
Hideo, It's Me, Mama1983Mako Idemitsu23:30In Distribution1162a
Great Mother Part 1: Harumi1983Mako Idemitsu13:00In Distribution1162b
Great Mother Part 2: Sachiko1984Mako Idemitsu18:00In Distribution1460
Marriage Of Yasushi1986Mako Idemitsu23:00In Distribution1461