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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
Titlesort iconYearProducerDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Transition (caroline)2024In Library OnlyW0026
Transient Men1971Diane Lemire30In Library Only0060a
Trans-sexual Lifestyle1971Roberta Kalargirou60:00In Library Only0116
Trans 1995Shawn Chappelle5:00In Distribution2238E
Trades1972Fifties Room Video24In Library Only66
Traces of Absence1999Tamara Vukov4:30In Distribution2447
TOXIC (Yellow River)1996Peter Courtemanche5:00In Distribution2297
Towards the day... we are all free (textless version)2007Meg Torwl90:00In Distribution2947B
Towards the day... we are all free2007Meg Torwl90:00In Distribution2947A
Towards Location Markings (moyetsukita Chizu)1978Don Druick20In Library Only808
Tournesol1974Terry Mcglade17In Library Only71
Tourist/film/video1980L. Lazer55In Library Only1173c
Touei1984Luc Bourdon4:00In Distribution1361c
Touch1972Optic Nerve17In Library Only0037b
Totem Talk1997Annie Fraziér Henry22:00In Distribution2196
Tory- Tory- Tory1984Hummer TV35:00In Distribution1219
Toronto- Toronto2004Mark Peacock4:16In Distribution2788 B
Torch1990Dean Haglund6:00In Distribution1816
Topesthesia1970Les Levine20In Library Only173
Tooth Fairy1986Joshua Blakney10:23In Distribution2079c
Tooth Deafaery2002Gordon P. Hoeppner12:30In Distribution2629
Too Poor To Live Here1975David Kasper25In Library Only515
Too Bad- Eh!1979Jim Cummins3In Library Only0799b
Toni Latour: Selected Video Work2000Toni Latour30:00In Library Only2706
Toni Latour Compilation DVD 1999-20052005Toni LatourIn Library Only2999
Tongue Tied And Twisted1989Joyan Saunders22:00In Distribution1672
Tomorrow's Leaders1975Women In Focus30In Library Only510
Tomorrow's Leaders1975Women in Focus29In Library OnlyW0043
Tom Konyves Video Sampler1982Tom Konyves43In Library Only1183
Tom Dean In Performance1975Vehicule Art19In Library Only0454
Tokyo Kid Brothers In Rehearsal1972Michael Goldberg25In Library Only0075
Toilet Mouth1999Velveeta Krisp4In Distribution2420
Toc Storee1992Ming Yuen S. Ma20:00In Distribution2136
to the living, the dead, and those yet unborn2004James Nicholas10:45In Distribution2830
To Tell Your Daughter1990Mary Alice10:00In Distribution1785
To Smoke Or Not To Smoke - Is This Your Question?1980Shawn Preus9:00In Library Only893
To Return: The John Walkus Story2000AM Productions Ltd.45:00In Distribution2472
Titanic Blues1972Video Poing34In Library Only0039
Timeless/toussaint Overture1977Goddamatch15In Library Only632
Timeis1977Bob Kearney7In Library Only622
Time To Time1986Rob Milthorp5:30In Distribution1518
Tilted2003Kai Ling Xue3:23In Distribution2832
Thundering Scream Of The Seraphim's Delight1987Reynold Weidenaar14:30In Distribution1516
Through The Holes1981Elizabeth Vander Zaag3:00In Distribution0981a
Through Deaf Womens' Eyes2002Leanor Vlug13:30In Distribution2627
Threnody: A Wailing Song For Carl1991Ken Anderlini20:00In Distribution1809
Three Worlds- Part I: WaveformsCorrosion1985Laurie McDonald23:00In Library Only1459
Three Woman Sculptors1975Leigh Deering30In Library Only389
Three Waltzes1998Monique Moumblow7:00In Distribution2452d
Three Video Dance Poems1976Paul Wong30In Library Only905
Three Towers Of Osaka1984Marlin Oliveros0In Library Only1253
Three Things My Mother Never Told Me2001Lisa G5:27Special2560
Three Musicians1979PumpsIn Library OnlyPMP2
Three Mile Island1979Metro Media45In Library Only1196
Three - A Compilation2007Oliver HockenhullIn Distribution2930
This Street1978Gerry Gilbert23In Library Only715
This Line Is Not In Service1981Amelia Productions25In Library Only940
This Isn't Wonderland1981Helen Doyle57In Library OnlyW0117
This Is What1984Jane Wright26In Distribution1418
This Is The Picture1983Dean Winkler4In Library Only1283c
This Is Not Beirut: There Was And There Was Not1994Jayce Salloum48:00In Distribution2007
This Is Nada1975Steve Dilkus22In Library Only478
This Aliennation1992Nicole Thompson12:00In Distribution1860a
Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird2024Rose Gerry24In Library Only629
Thirteen1973Jan Zimmerman19In Library Only0118b
Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1982
Third Avenue: Only The Strong Survive1980Jon Alpert58:00In Distribution928
Thinking of You2001WG Burnham9:30In Distribution2574
Think2000Meesoo LeeIn Distribution2483
They Dance Alone2005Juli Saragosa5:00In Distribution2969
These Schools - Children's Future1975Indian Cultural College32In Library Only477
There's a Dog in the Field1995Gerry Kisil15In Library Only2357
There is Something Wrong1997Christof Migone2:44In Distribution2396c
Theme Song II2001Tricia Middleton3:30In Distribution2570
Their Hands1987Michele Waquant6:00In Distribution1563
Theft of the Agony of St. Pengui2001Nikola Marin9:00Special2592b
Theater Piece2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM231
Theater Co-op2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM150
The Yellow Pages1994Ho Tam7:45In Distribution2131
The World Is Sick (sic)1989John Greyson38:00In Distribution1706
The Women's Suffrage Movement In Canada1975Women in Focus30In Library OnlyW0074
The Wizard of Deaf Way1999Cheryl Winter10:00In Distribution2493
The Wild Woman In The Woods1993Shani Mootoo14:00In Distribution1926
The Walk2006Terry Haines3:30In Distribution2903
The Typist1976Rodney Werden18:00In Distribution0775
The Troubles. An Artist's Document of Ulster1972Les Levine54In Library Only0169
The Thoughts of Mary-Jane / Rock n Roll Fantasy2005Meesoo Lee4:18,In Distribution2823 A-B
The Thoughts of Mary Jane 2005Meesoo Lee4:18In Distribution2823 A
The Third Mind1994Mark Handley4:00In Distribution1983c
the tea party2006Asa Mori1:45In Distribution2912
The Tantrum Project2005S. Saii5:05In Distribution2843
The Suicide of Laura C.2000Marlene Madison22:00In Distribution2456
The Students Voice: Organizing for Students Rights1975Essential Idea28In Library Only0480
The Strange and Terrible Fate of Sir Robert Scott2000Nicholas Johnson18In Distribution2562
The Storm2006Meesoo Lee3:38In Distribution2888 A
The Spirit of Humanity2001Venus Soberanes6:00In Distribution2913
The Sea's Children1974Elizabeth Walker22:00In Library Only0259
The Rolling Stones2024Metro MediaIn Library OnlyM070
The Rites Of Everything1974Gregg Simpson60In Library Only0842
The Red Paper1996Dana Claxton13:30In Distribution2466