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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducersort iconDurationDistribution StatusAccession Number
Bodies Of Fate1988Sandra Tivy15:00In Distribution1744
Influences of My Mother1982Sara Diamond26:00In Distribution1052
Heroics: Definitions1984Sara Diamond36:00In Distribution1268
Heroics: A Quest1984Sara Diamond16:00In Distribution1388
Heroics I: Creativity1984Sara Diamond22:00In Distribution1389
Heroics II: A Shining Example1984Sara Diamond20:00In Distribution1390
Heroics III: Survival1984Sara Diamond38:00In Distribution1391
Heroics IV: To Trumph Over Misfortune1984Sara Diamond40:00In Distribution1392
Heroics V: A Conscious and Difficult Choice1984Sara Diamond35:00In Distribution1393
Keeping the Home Fires Burning1988Sara Diamond49:00In Distribution1570
Keeping The Home Fires Burning: Part 11988Sara Diamond29In Distribution1571
Keeping The Home Fires Burning: Part 21988Sara Diamond25In Distribution1572
Ten Dollars or Nothing1989Sara Diamond12:00In Distribution1680a
Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The Forties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1748
Lull Before The Storm: Part 2 The Fifties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1749
Lull Before The Storm: Part 3 Women of Wood1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1800
Lull Before The Storm: Part 4 Community Acts1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1801
On To Ottawa1992Sara Diamond53:00In Distribution1843
29/921992Sara Diamond17:00In Distribution1844
Lull Before The Storm (part I & II)1990Sara Diamond98In Library OnlyW0005
Influences Of My Mother1982Sara Diamond25In Library OnlyW0122
Fit To Be Tied1995Sara Diamond24:30In Distribution2152
Gathering Evidence 1/71996Sarah Butterfield10In Distribution2212
Seeing. Believing. Compilation1994Sarah Butterfield57:00In Library Only2241
Mother's Son2003Sarah Butterfield25:30In Distribution2705
L'actualite1984Saralee James12In Library Only1277
Xenophobikk1979Scott MacEachern43In Library Only1213
Visual Race1987Scott Robinson6:00In Distribution1529a
Geovid1985Scott Robinson3:00In Distribution1529b
Between The Light And The Dark1987Scott Robinson5:00In Distribution1529c
Zero To The Power1989Scott Robinson80In Distribution1714b
In the Wake of Stars1991Scott Robinson7:00In Distribution1811a
Dinosaur Daze1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811c
Ambling Through Green1989Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811e
S.O.S.2023Scott Robinson3:00In Distribution1811f
In The Beginning1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811b
Wasted2002Scott Russell20:00In Distribution2684
Snow Storm2002Scott RussellIn Distribution2688
3 Videos2002Scott RussellSpecial2688
Purcell String Quartet1976SFU Video Workshop60In Library Only546
Would It Move You2004Shafin Karim7:36In Distribution2819
Mold Grows On Baby1988Shalhevet Goldhar50:00In Distribution1783
Bleachables1986Shalhevet Goldhar40:00In Distribution1784
Shani Mootoo Compilation 91-94 1991Shani Mootoo42:00In Library Only2276
View2000Shani Mootoo6:45In Distribution2507
English Lesson1991Shani Mootoo3:00In Distribution1845
Lest I Burn1991Shani Mootoo4:00In Distribution1846
Paddle and a Compass1992Shani Mootoo10:00In Distribution1854
The Wild Woman In The Woods1993Shani Mootoo14:00In Distribution1926
Her Sweetness Lingers1994Shani Mootoo12:00In Distribution2011
a.m.1996Shani Mootoo30:00In Distribution2147
Guerita And Prietita1995Shani Mootoo20:00In Distribution2153
Grease: Car Repair For Women1976Sharon Lovett15In Library Only0505
Broken Dolls1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only669
Broken Dolls (part 2)1977Sharon Lovett80In Library Only670
B.c. Bowl Busters 19771978Sharon Lovett20In Library Only674
Letter To My Goddaughter1983Shawen Preus0In Library Only1158
Far Reaches1998Shawn Chappelle8:00In Distribution2285
Unclean Wiener (A)2023Shawn BristowIn Library Only2341
XXXSpacejunk1996Shawn Chappelle9:00In Distribution2238f
Shawn Chappelle Compilation1990Shawn Chappelle52In Library Only2238
Red, Blue...1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238A
Servicing The Target1991Shawn Chappelle10:00In Distribution2238B
Ozone1994Shawn Chappelle27:00In Distribution2238C
Probe1994Shawn Chappelle7:00In Distribution2238d
Trans 1995Shawn Chappelle5:00In Distribution2238E
Objects Are Larger than they Appear (SC)2000Shawn Chappelle7:00Special2503
Natalie of Wood2001Shawn Chappelle2:45In Distribution2587
California, MEXICO2002Shawn Chappelle7:30In Distribution2652
Natalie Without a Cause2003Shawn Chappelle4:00In Distribution2725
Children Learn What They Live1973Shawn Preus19:00In Library Only7
Gretchen1974Shawn Preus25In Library Only222
Contact Lens1978Shawn Preus3:00In Distribution0450a
Belly Dance-ymca1975Shawn Preus23In Library Only568
Ferron At Co-op Radio1976Shawn Preus30In Library Only0592
The First Step1977Shawn Preus11In Library Only0593
Pesticides: The Hidden Assassins1979Shawn Preus29:00In Distribution845
For the Unpersuaded: An Interview With Marge Piercy1980Shawn Preus40:45In Library Only846
Am I Happy?1979Shawn Preus31:00In Distribution882
To Smoke Or Not To Smoke - Is This Your Question?1980Shawn Preus9:00In Library Only893
Recycle Your Garbage1977Shawn Preus8:13In Library Only0836a
Kathleen's Closet2005Sheila Jordan13:09In Distribution2836
Unmapping Desire1999Sheila James6:51In Distribution2397
She's a Diva1998Sheila James3:55In Distribution2410
Orphan Dyke2002Sheila James15:57In Distribution2700
Interviews2023Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062a
Street Scenes2023Sheila Smyth28In Library Only0062b
Building Demolition2023Sheila Smyth3In Library Only0082a
Evelyn Roth2023Sheila Smyth20In Library Only0082b
Whales: Dr. Paul Spong1974Sheila Smyth13In Library Only260
Discussion [1/2]2023Sheila Smyth30In Library Only458
Discussion [2/2]2023Sheila Smyth30In Library Only459
Me, Myself, I1995Sheila Urbanoski4:30In Distribution2181
Most Glorious Salvation of a Corporate Icon1992Sheila Urbanoski3:30In Distribution2182
Once This Land Was Ours1991Shikha Jhingan18:30In Distribution1834
Form Function Fashion1975Sid Morozoff60In Library Only0370
Tribal Vision1974Simon Riley15In Library Only189
Yours For Abundant Health [1/3]1978Sister Theresa28In Library Only0993
Yours For Abundent Health [2/3]1978Sister Theresa29In Library Only994
Yours For Abundent Health [3/3]1978Sister Theresa29In Library Only995