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TitleDate of ProductionProducer(s)Accession NumberDescription
TitleYearProducerDurationDistribution Statussort iconAccession Number
Two Bad Daughters1988Paula Levine12:00In Distribution1708
Ads Epidemic1987John Greyson4:00In Distribution1709
Death of the Lotus1989Laurie McDonald5:20In Distribution1710
Short History Of Water1989Gary Kibbins16:00In Distribution1711
Cory Cory2018Jumpstart13In Distribution1714a
Zero To The Power1989Scott Robinson80In Distribution1714b
Raven Mad1990Randy and Berenicci6:30In Distribution1715
Snow Job: The Media Hysteria Of Aids1988Barbara Hammer8:00In Distribution1716b
Stiff Sheets1989John Goss19:00In Distribution1615
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds1987Cathy Busby11In Distribution1718
Holy Cow!1987Tomiyo Sasaki12In Distribution1719a
Red Star 1984/861988Ernest Gusella100In Distribution1722
Red Star 1984/861988Ernest Gusella100In Distribution1723
Connecticut Papoose1981Ernest Gusella50In Distribution1725
Kids In China1990Elizabeth Vander Zaag15:00In Distribution1738
Who Killed Professor Wordsworth?1990Andrew James Paterson19:00In Distribution1740a
Immortality1987Andrew James Paterson28In Distribution1740b
Great Divide1990Daniel Dion16:00In Distribution1741 Be Continued1989Sandra Tivy18In Distribution1743
Bodies Of Fate1988Sandra Tivy15:00In Distribution1744
Middle Child: Confessions of a Family's Home Video1989Mark Sawers20:00In Distribution1745
Other Prisoners1987Stephen Roszell59In Distribution1746a
Writing In Water1984Stephen Roszell30In Distribution1746b
Lull Before The Storm: Part 1 The Forties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1748
Lull Before The Storm: Part 2 The Fifties1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1749
Video Against AIDS: Program 11989John Greyson118In Distribution1750
Work Your Body2009Gay Men's Health CrisisIn Distribution1750b
Winning Of The North1989Eva Manly10:00In Distribution1751
Double Take1989Lynn Hershman28:00In Distribution1752
Desire Inc.1990Lynn Hershman26:00In Distribution1753
Shadow's Song1990Lynn Hershman33:00In Distribution1754
Some Eyes And Ears Operations1978Ernest Gusella55In Distribution1755
No Commercial Potential1978Ernest Gusella55In Distribution1756
Chinese Noodlemaking: Backwards And Forwards1990Skip Blumberg5:00In Distribution1762
New Music America #11980Skip Blumberg26:00In Distribution1764
Dancing Hands1988Skip Blumberg27:00In Distribution1765
New Dance2017Skip Blumberg25In Distribution1766
For A Moment You Fly: The Big Apple Circus1978Skip Blumberg29In Distribution1767
Women Of The Calabash1987Skip Blumberg18:58In Distribution1768a
Nine Person Precision Ball Passing1986Skip Blumberg8In Distribution1768b
JGLNG/Whistling1982Skip Blumberg28:00In Distribution1769
When I Was A Worker Like Laverne1975Skip Blumberg29In Distribution1770
Get Wet: The Synchro Swim Scratch Video1988Skip Blumberg5In Distribution1771a
Flying Morning Glory (on fire)1985Skip Blumberg4:00In Distribution1771b
Seoul Brother Report1986Skip Blumberg4In Distribution1771c
Earle Murphy's Winter Olympics1980Skip Blumberg29In Distribution1772
Contests USA1980Skip Blumberg38In Distribution1773
Furburger1991Mark Verabioff6:00In Distribution1774
Elephant Games1985Skip Blumberg34In Distribution1777
Airline Safety Film #4a1991Damaged Californians3:30In Distribution1778
Radar Of Small Dogs1989Damaged Californians15:00In Distribution1779a
Whitewash (JP)1990Jan Peacock14:00In Distribution1781
Spring1988Catherine Elwes8:00In Distribution1782b
Gunfighters1985Catherine Elwes6:00In Distribution1782c
Play1986Catherine Elwes4:00In Distribution1782d
With Child1984Catherine Elwes18:00In Distribution1782e
Post Card1986Catherine Elwes4:00In Distribution1782f
Mold Grows On Baby1988Shalhevet Goldhar50:00In Distribution1783
Bleachables1986Shalhevet Goldhar40:00In Distribution1784
To Tell Your Daughter1990Mary Alice10:00In Distribution1785
Kiyoko's Situation1990Mako Idemitsu25:00In Distribution1786
Straight Talk: Interviews With Women Of Colour1990Nicole Thompson31:00In Distribution1787
The Negotiating Table1983Mona Hatoum20:00In Distribution1792
West1990Celine Godberson14:00In Distribution1793
Doing Time1991Lorna Boschman27:00In Distribution1794
Muqaddimah Li-Nihayat Jidal (Introduction to the End of an Argument):1990Jayce Salloum45:00In Distribution1796
Pure Sin1990Tanya Mars22:00In Distribution1799
Lull Before The Storm: Part 3 Women of Wood1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1800
Lull Before The Storm: Part 4 Community Acts1990Sara Diamond48:00In Distribution1801
Imagined Self1990Nikki Forrest5:00In Distribution1803
News World Order1991Deep Dish TV Paper Tiger TV30:00In Distribution1804a
Story To Tell You1990Eva Manly45:00In Distribution1806
Threnody: A Wailing Song For Carl1991Ken Anderlini20:00In Distribution1809
Seize In Love1991Estate of Art McP13:00In Distribution1810
In the Wake of Stars1991Scott Robinson7:00In Distribution1811a
Dinosaur Daze1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811c
Ambling Through Green1989Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811e
S.O.S.2024Scott Robinson3:00In Distribution1811f
Dave1991Joe Sarahan12:30In Distribution1812
Childhood Ghosts1991Susan Harman5:00In Distribution1813a
Torch1990Dean Haglund6:00In Distribution1816
Fictions1989Vern Hume9:00In Distribution1817
In The Beginning1991Scott Robinson4:00In Distribution1811b
Hot Flash1989Barbara Hammer21:00In Distribution1819
No No Nooky T.V.1987Barbara Hammer12:00In Distribution1820
T.V. Tart1988Barbara Hammer10:00In Distribution1821
History of the World According to a Lesbian1987Barbara Hammer12:00In Distribution1822
Alma House Anthropology Museum1977Jean Irwin [Twin Rainbows]28:00In Distribution1823
Talkin' Bout Droppin' Out1989Teenvision Posse46:00In Distribution1824c
What's Up?1987Branda Miller33:00In Distribution1824d
Birth of a Candybar1988Henry St. Settlement35:00In Distribution1825a
That's It- Forget It1985Branda Miller4:00In Distribution1825b
L.A. Nickel1983Branda Miller8:00In Distribution1825c
Conspiracy Of Silence1991Lynn Hershman15:00In Distribution1826
Seeing Is Believing1991Lynn Hershman58:00In Distribution1827
Drawing The Line1992Lorna Boschman7:30In Distribution1828
Passing1992Susan Harman38:00In Distribution1829
Jaws1992Susan Harman9:00In Distribution1830
Subject In Progress1992Susan Harman4:00In Distribution1831
Wohosheni1992Susan Harman7:00In Distribution1832