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Date of ProductionProducerCountry of ProductionAcquisition DateAccession NumberTitleDescription
TitleProducerYearsort iconAccession NumberDuration
RavenKenneth Doren1995223214:00
Trans Shawn Chappelle19952238E5:00
Re:Vision Kenneth Sherman199522825:00
GiftAkram Zaatari19952262c4:00
ReflectionAkram Zaatari19952262d10:00
Family PortraitAkram Zaatari19952262e10:00
LetterTom Gedalia1995215730:00
CountdownAkram Zaatari19952262b7:00
Petrus et LupaClark Nikolai19952257e2:48
Terms of Engagement: DocumentationKen Anderlini19957023
Reframing the Montreal MassacreMaureen Bradley1995239127:00
MiracleJoel Baird19952438c2:45
The Nukes and Golf CoincidenceAriella Pahlke19952426 c10
Kiss My Swollen TheoryJonathan Wells1995253511:00
Forever Jimmy!Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691V6:00
Love Letters 1&2Nguyen Tan Hoang19952691X4:00
Confirmation of My SinsZachery Longboy1995269612:00
Double VisionsJean Lamarr1996186320:00
Cancer VideoLorna Boschman1996215423:00
a.m.Shani Mootoo1996214730:00
Deconstructed DollhouseMargaret Dragu1996215120:00
Blending Milk And Water: Sex In The New WorldPaul Wong1996215528:00
Lotus SistersWayne Yung199621615:00
It's Up To UsCamp Salish Students199621637:00
TwalaCathy Sisler1996216916:00
Nothing To Be Written HereWendy Oberlander1996217247:00
Awakening of Elizabeth ShawEva Manly1996217425:00
Everybody Loves Nothing (Empathic Exercises)Steve Reinke1996217911:00
Spanking MarshaMelodie Calvert1996218020:00
ForeverMaureen Bradley199621841:30
Kae- Act Like A Girl!Mako Idemitsu1996219747:00
Sad Story of a Gay SkaterJonathan Wells199621995:00
Corpse And MirrorTony Allard1996220725:00
Curse Of The HomoJoe Sarahan1996220917:00
Gathering Evidence 1/7Sarah Butterfield1996221210
Lullaby For The Almost Falling WomanCathy Sisler1996221521:00
I Against ITate Shimozawa1996221610:00
Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship ChillMaureen Bradley1996221928:00
Boulevard Of Broken SyncWinston Xin199621463:00
Comfort SuiteRae Staseson199622259:40
o/cAndrew Power199622297:20
All Night Till Next MorningKenneth Doren199622317:00
XXXSpacejunkShawn Chappelle19962238f9:00
Fresh Blood: A Consideration of Belongingb.h. Yael1996226555:00
Colonization: the Second ComingTJ Cuthand199622723:30
Dead Weight of a Quarrel HangsWalid Ra ad1996218316:54
Teach MeAkram Zaatari19962262a6:00
TOXIC (Yellow River)Peter Courtemanche199622975:00
VermeerJocelyn Robert19962306a7:00
SnowmobileJocelyn Robert19962306b2:00
ColvilleJocelyn Robert19962306c2:15
AndySteve Reinke19962308c8:30
With the Good WitchJoel Baird19962438g1:40
Black Shiny Shoes OperaMarlene Madison19968:00
Joan and StephenMonique Moumblow19962452b12:00
The Red PaperDana Claxton1996246613:30
AscensionJohn Boehme19962499
Women Down Prospect: Final ReportAriella Pahlke19962426 i9
Maybe Never (but I'm counting the days)Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691U15:00
Forever Linda!Nguyen Tan Hoang19962691Y12:00
7 Steps to Sticky HeavenNguyen Tan Hoang19962691Z24:00
Forever Bottom!Nguyen Tan Hoang199626914:00
SniffMing-Yuen S. Ma199721855:00
Buffalo Bone ChinaDana Claxton1997219412:00
Totem TalkAnnie Fraziér Henry1997219622:00
CondolaJonathan Wells1997219811:00
Empty OrchestraKira Wu1997220013:30
Miss ChinatownPaul Wong199722144:30
Window/FenêtreNelson Henricks199722173:00
Surfer DickWayne Yung199722303:20
Si'Elu'taxwFirst Nations Video Collective1997223525:00
HerMaureen Bradley1997223610:00
Death & Love: A Rhythm MythTerence Anthony1997224326:40
In Living MemoryAmy Gottlieb1997224614:00
Boys From EasyRuby Truly1997224821:00
Look Honey...a Guerilla GirlDana Claxton199722492:00
Diasporama (Part I): Dead AirYau Ching (a)1997225087:00
Star Trek: Disco GenerationGordon Wong199722605:00
Crazy of YouAkram Zaatari1997226326:00
Myth(s) of CreationMing-Yuen S. Ma1997226617:00
All is Well on the BorderfrontAkram Zaatari1997226443:00
Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross Generational BarriersTJ Cuthand199722733:00
UntitledKenneth Sherman199722845:00
Season of the BoysHo Tam19972294e3:30
Night LessonsGuillermo Cifuentes1997231035:00
Vereca NebuloClark Nikolai19972258a14:00
Keeping TimeLiz Tevaarwerk199723263:00
Discover Oral HygieneTagny Duff199723826:00
Sometimes Stitches are NecessaryChristof Migone19972396a9:34
Sometimes the Memory is EnoughChristof Migone19972396b3:43
There is Something WrongChristof Migone19972396c2:44
Charlie's ProspectAriella Pahlke19972426 a10:00
V.L.T.k.g. Guttman199724298:00
Bone DanceJoel Baird19972438b1:28
Pretty Pink SweaterJoel Baird19972438h1:03
Five Visits to the DoctorMarlene Madison199724489:00
PlugMonique Moumblow19972452c4:00
Would You Rather Be a Cyborg?Carla Wolf19972471
Albert's DinerDavid Clark1997248710:00
Day in the Life of a Parking Ticket OutlawAriella Pahlke19972426 f2